Monthly Archives: October 2007

God is working!


three.jpgI must share about an incredibly awesome story that just goes to show God’s providence in all the craziness that abounds!  Last Friday at church, I really felt a stirring in my heart about potentially moving within the next year or two and really feeling a leading to go out of the country (something out of my comfort zone even after the experience in Spain).  I kind of dismissed it to just getting restless here and wanting a change, etc.

Enter Bekah’s invitation to a women’s night with her church!  I knew when she asked it was where I needed to be.  I received such encouragement, direction, affirmation, prayer, enlightenment, etc. that my thoughts have been confirmed.  The thoughts, dreams, and visions are from God!  I am excited about embarking on this journey to see where it may lead!!  Please keep me in prayer as I desire and strive to follow His will for my life!  Seven years later (I became a Christian on 10/27/00), I think it’s about time to follow His lead! 

I would appreciate prayer for:

1. Direction

2. Finances (getting out of debt, paying off loans, etc.)

3. Commitment

Thank you so much!  God bless you all!!!


Hello world!


a-me-and-tubby-la-la.jpgSo, as I endlessly search through friends’ blogs and updates, I constantly wonder how they get theirs to look so cool!  I’ve tried starting a blog before, but failed.  With over one year of taking the first step and less than five entries, I came up far short of my overly ambitious blogging dreams!  So, I will start again with the same lofty dreams, but a different approach!  I am going for short and sweet; something that, those who know me well, is quite difficult for me.  I especially appreciate that there is a word count holding me accountable as a speak…or type, rather!  So under 200 will be my goal.  I will now type a list (surprise, surprise) of some things on my mind:

1. I really want to learn to speak Spanish…fluently (so I’m listening to the Spanish channel and debating a move to a Spanish-speaking country)

2. I made the tough decision of breaking up with my boyfriend this week.  Heartbreaking, but something that needed to be done in order for us to grow.

3. I am excited to take this time to fall more in love with Jesus and get back to where I want to be spiritually!