A Really Random Day…


rubber-ducky.jpgAs many of you know, I am one for randomness.  One of my favorite quotes even happens to be, “that’s random”.  Although, when I’ve analyzed the root of me saying this quote or even in analyzing the things I am referring to as random, I have often found out they are not random at all.  Whether it be internal dialogue, a sight, or a smell that sparks a memory and leads to something spoken aloud, although seemingly random to the outside word, really is not so.

That being said: yesterday really was random.

1. I started off the day by heading to a training.  At some point between South Central and West LA, a man allowed me to get in front of him when my lane came to an abrupt end.  Apparently it was meaningful to him that I accepted the gesture (something not experience often amidst LA drivers) or that I waved a polite ‘thanks’ after doing so (also something not frequently observed here).  Regardless, at first I found it nice that he made his way beside me just to wave and mouth the saying ‘how are you?’ through both of our closed windows.  Once again, I waved and smiled a little more reserved this time.  Yet, through the 4.8 miles on the bumper-to bumper traffic, he kept appearing.  Weird when I parked and he drove by honking and waving out his window and yelling ‘bye!’.  Creepy when I turned the corner and he was in the parking lot waiting for me.  Offered a business card with a name scratched out and his name and cell phone number scribbled on it.  Random.  Walked quickly inside at this point.

2. After the training, I have time to go to the gym, eat, clean the house, nap, and get ready to go tutor.  As I finished cleaning up the house, somehow I ended up with four large white trash bags of garbage.  Rather than haul them individually out to the dumpster, I opted to place them all on top of my car and drop them off when I got to the end of the long driveway.  Problem arose when I forgot.  Somehow between the ten seconds it takes to make it out of my driveway, it totally slipped my mind.  I proceeded to leave, drive down my street, enter the main road, and get onto the freeway.  As I looked in my backseat wondering why it sounded like my window was rolled down, I realized it was the bags flapping freely on my roof.  Enter another man driving beside me pointing to my roof, I just waved and put my hands over my head trying to convey, ‘I’m such an idiot, I forgot!’ as I exited the freeway in search for an inconscpicuous trash recepticle.  Despite all of my anti-polluting antics, I lost two bags somwhere between my house and South Central.

3.  I am way over my 200 word limit and I realize this, and I apologize.  This upcoming event kind of put the icing on the cake though.  I will try to be brief.  However, unlike random, brief really is not my thing.  So driving home from tutoring.  Talking on the phone.  Enter a thought into my mind: wouldn’t it be weird if I got rear ended right now.  I wonder if I would get hurt.  Less than one minute later, enter a man going to fast and crashing into the back of my car.  Ooops.  So we get off to the side of the freeway, I get off the phone, and get out of my car.  Quickly he has apparently surveyed the damage and demands, “There is nothing wrong.  There is nothing wrong.  There is nothing wrong.”  Repeatedly.  I ask him for his license and insurance so we can exchange information.  His reply to this is, you guessed it, “there is nothing wrong.”  At this point, I call Patrick who happens to be at the next exit and sees my hazards.  He comes up right at the point where I’m in the guy’s window explaining what is, in fact, wrong in this situation, and I quote, “Yes, as a matter of fact there is something wrong.  A.  You ran into my car and haven’t even apologized and B.  Even though there is nothing horribly wrong physically with my car, in the off chance something is wrong with my sore neck, I am not paying for the physical therapy I will need for something that you caused.  That is what’s wrong.”  He still refused.  Luckily, or not so luckily, there was another accident 1/4 mile ahead, so I just ran my merry self along the freeway (reminiscint of the time when I ran out of gas) and approached the policeofficers.  They were able to help me get the license and insurance information off of the man, although he continued to adamently proclaim there was nothing wrong. 

So, I am off to dinner with some friends.  My neck and back are definitely sore.  It could be from my first week back at the gym.  Or from whiplash.  Who knows!  Coincidentally, I already scheduled a massage (pre-accident) for tomorrow at 9a.m.  I’m really looking forward to that! 


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. the trash bags story is so funny!
    and random about the accident, because recently i have been having a premonition about some sort of accident with my car (i think it has something to do with the SNOW we’ve been getting!) luckily nothing has happened yet. i’m glad you and the car were ok though.

  2. i’ve always wondered as i drive down the freeway, how the lone trashbag or shoe got to it’s current resting place…now i know…people with short term memory loss like you! ok, this is the winner…this one is my new favorite blog! you crack me up k-hask. i love your randomness and how you just embrass it as completely normal! i love it.

  3. So coming out of this weekend I realized that I’m seriously lacking in my social life because my blogging skills are so poor….how will I ever connect with anyone socially without becoming a blogger!?! Thank Jesus for His revelation this weekend….I mean, it could’ve got to the point that I became totally incapable of forming sentences and words and locked myself in my room away from all social interaction because my communication skills became so depleted and all I could do is grunt at rocks!! So, today is the day of salvation…..thank you, Jesus.
    That being said….
    I, of course, had no time to read the entire little note you left for the world….I’m sitting in 7th period economics class and want to shoot myself for boredom…which only means the students for barely breathing and checked out before they even walked in the classroom. My “CT” (cooperating teacher….just to make things clear for you!) is…..I have no idea what he’s doing….

    Just saying hey!

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