Amusing Myself


howard.jpgSo I woke up this morning and instantly thought about Howard.  Who is Howard, you might ask.  Well, let me start from the beginning.  When I say that I ‘woke up’, I am using this phrase very loosely.  Really I was just streaming back and forth between consciousness and a deep REM-type sleep.  I have a friend in town and it was light outside so both of us were getting kinda restless.  You know the sleep I speak of.  I was in the middle of some sort of weird dream.  The details escape me now, but I’m sure they’ll vaguely come back to me throughout the day or through some sort of deja vu experience.  Regardless, I woke up and instantly thought of Howard.

Howard was a man in my dream.  If memory serves correct, he had been in some sort of car accident that resulted in the rest of us driving being rerouted.  I am not sure who I was with, where I was going, or exactly where I was; but, at some point, I found myself on the side of the road with this man Howard.  We had some sort of meaningful or trivial conversation (I am leaning towards the latter), once again no details are being recalled, but I remember thinking: I need to blog about Howard.  He needs to be the person I write about today for the page in my blog about ‘The People I Meet’. 

As I reached a more stable level of consciousness, I remember asking myself if that would be weird.  Would it be weird if the second entry of 2008 was regarding a man that I had met in my dream.  The general consensus was yes.  Yes, that is weird.  No, he will not be the man that I meet today that is worthy of working towards my ‘meeting a new person everyday’ goal on my 101 list.  (Speaking of 101 lists, I cannot wait to see the movie The Bucket List which is based on a concept like the 101 list.  I am calling for an FCA reunion to watch this together).  Despite determining it was weird to write about him on my ‘People I Meet’ page, I apparently have not sat with myself long enough to talk myself out of blogging on him in general.  So there you go.  Meet Howard.

For those of you utterly confused, click on the thing in the upper right corner of this page that’s called soemthing like ‘The People I Meet’.  Things might make more sense.  No guarantees.


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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