In the Heavenlies


heaven2.jpgheaven-1.jpgMaybe it’s a little naive or me to still envision heaven as a place filled of endless fluffy (are the cumulus?) clouds and crystal blue skies–but I do think at least part of heaven will have thie somewhere.  I mean, this picture and idea must have started somewhere, right? (Okay, I know there’s no scripture backing me up here persay-but none directly rules it out-or so it seems from my limited understanding).

Regardless, I woke up from my plane ride nap today (now yesterday) and looked out the window and it took my breath away as I envisioned heaven–or maybe just a park or something in heaven–looking like this. (Sidenote: I am currently writing from the friendly skies for a post-which puts a little pressure on me as I’ve never “premeditated a post” before-yeah, that’s right-all posts are posted due to rash decision making on my part.  I should probably keep all of this out of the post as well so there isn’t an elevated hope of the outcome of this particular post).  I was inclined to wake up the woman next to me* and share in this breath-taking beauty.  I mean, I’ve inadvertantly awoken somebody by my massive twitching-before-I-fall-asleep on a plane–wouldn’t this be a little more well-received?  I finally decided it’d be better not to-but I’m carefully keeping my eye on her (not in a creepy way, well…I don’t think-her husband’s next to her and might be concerned if that were the case) for an opportune time to share this with her*.

Okay, I’ve received confirmation.  Lady next to me* concurs in my understanding of how beautiful this is and she added to it that it must be part of what heaven will look like.  Oh, sweet sigh of relief.

Speaking of crazy things, I feel I have an online confession to make.  I have stalker tendencies, but in the nicest, non-creepy way possible–particularly when it comes to google and blogs.  I’ve found blogs through friends of friends of friends’ sites and gotten really invested in their lives (yes, and even posted anonymous comments) and find myself curious as to what is going on and what God is doing through them now (kinda reminds me of when my dad confided in me he stopped watching soap operas-All My Children actually, since it was my mom’s favorite-when he found himself concerned at work about the characters in the show.  He couldn’t believe it was actually entering his mind outside of watching it.  So he stopped.  Cold turkey.)  Well, that happens to me quite a bit (the part where it occupies my thoughts during work)–luckily JP’s information about the website “Bloglines” (if you don’t know what it is, go check it out.   Now.  You can link all your blogs there to know when a new one’s been posted rather than searching each site to be undoubtedly disappointed when someone hasn’t posted) has drastically cut down on this tendency-although I do have a few blogs on there of people who don’t know me but I appreciate reading their blogs.  Strange?  Maybe.  Reality?  Yes.

It’s crazy when we think of all the information at our fingertips–I’ve definited “found” (stalked?) old boyfriends when trying to contact them out of curiousity–or seeking forgiveness.  I’ve discovered long-lost friends via the world wide web (some searching even require more persistancy-such as calling the workplace they were linked to, etc.)  And, actually, a good friend, as prompted by a classic “Sex in the City” episode, discovered the “secret life” of her current boyfriend/dating interest  and ended the relationship based on the findings of a quality “gooogle search”.

Really, I’m just nosey.  It used to be a problem on my college basketball team, but even Roz came to appreciate it (okay, maybe “accept” would be a better word) as she realized my intentions were not ill (is that a good incorporation, Raleigh?)-I really just want to know to learn.  I am drawn to people-and I’ve been told the reverse is true of me-that people are drawn to me.  I pray it’s the Jesus in me that they see and are drawn to.  But, really, maybe it’s just my height and dimples.  Whatever it is, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things because everyone has a story to tell.  Anyways, the original intention of this blog was to share two things:

  • My growing questions, thoughts, and feelings on this Christian walk of mine I am so enjoying
  • The details of two great trips I’ve just returned from

But, now that I’m well over a reasonable word limit and will be lucky to have any readers-those snipets will just have to wait.  So, for you fellow stalker-er, nosey-uh, overly-interested people out there: this should be a week chalk-full of high interest (or no-interest, it really depends on what you’re interested in) blogging from Kar’s Korner.  Keep your eyes peeled (I’ve ended with two phrases I don’t even entirely understand–maybe you can enlighten me “chalk-full” and “keep your eyes peeled”-were they even used appropriately?)

*So, after further conversation with the lady next to me and her husband…they are actually from Scottsdale, follow baseball, their son played with my first friend in AZ’s (the sister of Brandon Wood) now-husband and now their grandkids and my friend and her husband’s nephews (follow that?) play little league together.  SMALL WORLD!  And, really, how do you find those connections out?

About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. “You crazy….it’s like a movie. Your blog sounds like a TV show sitcom. Or is it just how you read it that makes it sound so commercial? I wouldn’t hear you talk to your friends like that. Record yourself and then you’ll understand it.” -Leo

    “It’s not like a regular book because it sounds more interesting to me and I think it’s good…that’s what I think about it.” -Brinda

    “I would like to say it’s a nice site and you can learn much stuff about people” -Aidan

    Yes, I made my students listen to me read this post during their lunch break today. I mean, really, if they’re gonna hang out with me during lunch they might as well listen to me!

  2. very nice use of ‘ill.’ i approve, and i approve of using your captive audience. maybe they’ll start their own blogs some day!

  3. It may be the dimples that draw them in, but it’s Jesus they’ll see, regardless. You are such an amazing example of allowing oneself to be transparent for Him. I love you!

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