Tremendous Times in Texas!


A few hours ago, I returned from the fabulous state of Texas (please no derrogatory comments here in regards to my personal opinion…ahem, J-Jax).  I had hoped my sister would be able to pick me up, but due to the call of work, she was unable to do so.  Thankfully, my supervisor from The Kelter Center picked me up and we headed up to work.  I wouldn’t want to have any downtime!  🙂

The plane ride was relatively uneventful.  Due to being totally knocked out, I missed all opportunities for any drinks and/or snacks which was somewhat disappointing.  However, I did exchange one email address with the lady I sat next to.  I am expecting a copy of her wedding vows emailed to me shortly.  🙂

So, a little recap of the trip to Texas that was wonderful, busy, fun, and always a little sad while taking a trip to the gravesite. 

  • Lady Eagle Reunion Friday night:  Seriously, these girls all live within a 30 mile radius but hardly ever get together!!  Made for lots of laugh while drinking, eating, and catching up with some teammates (Natalie, Vilma, Shannan, Deedra, Karen) and Coaches (Slinker and Dziuk)
  • Late Nite Friday with Didi and Beth coming to Natalie’s for some talk time! 
  • Early morning Saturday at Cracker Barrel with Beth, “Joshie”, and Aidan…followed by a pedicure with my new buddy Aidan on my lap!
  • Saturday Wedding!!!  Monica and Terry tied the knot…and I caught the bouquet!!!  Surprise, surprise   😉  My FIFTH one!  Haha!  (Thanks for the pep talk, Becky)
  • Headed to Aubrey Sunday…saved a turtle’s life in the process and got some quality time with Alisha including church, lunch, guitar hero, watching her senior portfolio, and picture taking!
  • Good times wandering back through Denton (thanks to my personal driver, Natalie) and then visiting with Erika and meeting baby Danae!
  • Finished the night at Ginny and Kingsley’s BEAUTIFUL home-complete with games, ice cream, talking til 2am, and Monkey Bread in the am!

It was so great catching up with everyone and creating more wonderful memories of my times in Texas.  That place will always hold a very special place in my heart!  I love and miss all of y’all!


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. I’m so glad that you caught the bouquet and I can still be your friend. I wouldn’t have wanted to disown you and kick you out of The Coolest Bridesmaids in the World club… JK! Glad you had a fun time and I want the details so we can start writing up the How to Catch the Bouquet chapter :).

  2. It is really all about the age old phrase: location, location, location! Now, granted, I have a very obvious height advantage. However, two of my wins had nothing to do with height at all. Strictly strategy.

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