A Wonderful Weekend!


Wow-what a fabulous weekend!  I really don’t think it could have been much better, so I felt the strong urge to come on here and write about it to share a little piece of all this goodness!  We’ll start from the very beginning-a very good place to start (feel free to sing the tune while reading that…)

Wrap up my second week of summer school (I am a ‘Faculty Advisor’ which means I merely sit in the back of the room to observe, assist, and-you got it-advise. More on that at a later date). Spent some time with sister in the afternoon running errands. Took Ladejeisha to her last night of Vacation Bible School preceeded by a little snack and some tutoring. She is incredible.. Met my dad, two of his friends, and two other acquaintances (now friends), and my friend, Amber, for a DELICIOUS dinner at Yang Chow in Chinatown. The conversation consisted of each of us going around and sharing a little bit of our life story while others offered questions, comments, and other fun tidbits. Finished the meal by reading aloud the fortunes followed by ‘in bed’. We are easily amused. After dinner, once the elderly persons headed back to bed, Amber and I searced for a place to sit and chat. No such luck in downtown LA. We opted for a relatively well-lit parking lot and spent two hours enjoying a wonderful chat. I love that girl. Finished the night at home with my sister-always enjoyable!

Woke up relatively early so I could drive out to Upland. Got to talk to another dear friend, Jenn McCormick, on the way out there on my hands-free cell phone. It worked much better than the speaker phone in the lap I’ve been resorting to before my mom so graciously exchanged my Blue Tooth for one that worked. Arrived in Upland 54 minutes later to meet Kristen (and her wonderful younger brother, Billy), Heather, Stephanie, Bekah, and Irene-just in time for some fabulous eggs and banana pancakes! YUM! Spent the day by the pool coordinated a synchronized swimming performance, listening to music, laughing, telling stories, and relaxing. Went to Golden Spoon and Bekah and I (who both just donated 10″ of hair last weekend) decided we needed to dye our hair. So we went back to Kristen’s house to do just that! She is now Almond or something like that and I’m Chestnut. 🙂 Drove back to LA to get some down time before going to dinner with my sister, dad, and Keri at LA Food Show. We enjoyed another delicious dinner full of laughs, stories, heckling the waitress, and even ran into our family friend, Elizabeth Engle, before we left! (A funny quote of the night was as we were sharing different bad decisions we’ve made in our lives and I said ‘I got myself into $17,000 of credit card debt-to which my sister responded, ‘Well, I developed myself a drug problem’. Oh, the Haskin girls-what a duo! Thankfully, we’ve both now recovered from each of our respective problems!) We finished the night off with a few games of Boggle, which naturally, I dominated (although part of that might have been due to the fact they were both falling asleep while playing!)

I woke up early-yet again-to go pick up Ladejeisha for church. We went to a new church since my friend is on their Praise Dance team, so we got to see her dance and enjoyed a very energetic, passionate, and lengthy message! Dropped her off and headed to downtown LA where I met my dad and Keri at the Gift Show to spend some time browsing the shops, eating, rubbing each other’s wenises (sounds sick, I know-but go ahead and google it, it’s actually quite amusing!), and more story telling. I’m a sucker for story telling. My mom, Jim, and Becca came and picked me up and we were on our way to see Wicked up in Hollywood. Wicked was all that it’s cracked up to be-I’ve heard nothing but raves about it, and I was highly impressed! We then headed to the Melting Pot for a four course dinner which was A-MAZING! I feel more equipped to be Chocolate Fountain Master in my friend’s wedding next month and had a great time eating, laughing, and eating some more with the fam!

Becca and I are now back at home on our respective computers–she just entered the room asking me “What would you do if I just came up to you and sucker punched you in the head?” To which I obviously had no response-but to blog about it. I’m not sure where all of this built up anger is coming from, but I better go spend some time with her. A massage usually loosens her up. And our time is limited! We both decided we’re going to sit on the couch and read our books we’ve recently purchased. Mine, ” The Year of Fog” and Hers, “Are you there, vodka? It’s me, Chelsea”.

Needless to say, I’m tired-it’s been a fun-filled weekend sure to be followed by a fun-filled week! I have two friends coming in town from Texas (my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alisha, and her best friend, Brittney)-so we have plans for lots of sight-seeing, a Mercy Me/David Crowder concert at the state fair, going to see a viewing of Chelsea, Lately, going to get tattoos, time at the beach, an amusement park, a Water Buffalo game, etc. And, yes, I’ll still be working and tutoring somehow between all of this 🙂

Only a few weeks left here in LA-might as well make the most of it!


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. Dear Karolyn,

    It was sooo good to run into you on Saturday night. You guys always make me laugh and it was so nice to see your dad after so many years. We must hang out before you and Becca leave! Your blog is such a pleasure to read, by the way! I love it!

    xoxo, Elizabeth

  2. Definitely a fun fun weekend. I will miss you when you move! this has been quite a gift of a year with both my darling daughters close by and living together. Absolutely on my gratitude list forever!
    Today’s lunch special too love you MOM

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