Weekend Recap


Okay, folks, it’s been another CRAZY weekend!  I had my little sister (from Big Brother Big Sisters) fly in town from Texas with her best friend, Brittney.  They got in town on Wednesday after much trepidation-it was Alisha’s first flight!  She thought this might have to be a progressive trip; where this week, she made it to the airport, next year, she sat on the plane, and maybe the following year she’d actually have the nerve to go into the air!  But, after a lot of prayer, some screams (I’m sure), and squeezing Brittney’s had, she made it!  So, our Cali adventure has included the following:


  • Arrive into LAX around 1:15 (but they are early and I am late…)
  • I have to go tutor in West LA-but they pal around the area: eating, ransacking Marshall’s
  • We drive our first trip to the O.C. to go to the David Crowder Band/MercyMe concert-and then sneak in a few rides after with a FUN group of girls (Irene, Steph, Bekah, Jess, Kayla, Chandi, and we ran into-The Boyer’s/Goodman’s and Bethany!  And then later, Jane!)
  • Drove home and passed out


  • I went to work at summer school-where I was ridiculed by my AP for missing so many days (something I would feel bad about if it weren’t for something like friends in town and my grandpa’s 80th birthday–and if I were doing more than sitting in the back of the classroom writing lists)
  • I came home to pick them up and then drop them off at Santa Monica because, yep, you got it!  I had to go back to work 🙂  They had a fabulous time laying out, riding rides, and taking pictures
  • After work, I picked them up and we headed BACK out to the O.C.  This time for the Water Buffalo game-another sweet victory following by a Birthday dinner for Kristen.  16 of us went-and I’m sure the restaurant has not been the same since.  Another GREAT night of fun and festivities. 
  • We spent the night at my mom’s-along with J-Jax, Jen and Ruth!  I love my mom 🙂


  • We wake up to head back to the house-complete with a stop at the Giant Donut Sign Donut Store 🙂 
  • I have my phone interview with H.S.E (regarding what I refer to as “next year” since I am on a teacher schedule-really it’s in, like, two weeks and I have yet to face this fact)
  • We get ready and gather up my sister and head to a live viewing of “Chelsea, Lately” (if you have not heard of her-she is hilarious; inappropriately so…but hilarious, nonetheless-and yes, we did already watch it on TV, and no we are not on it.  At all.)
  • We swing by Coffee Bean to get a little pick-me-up and start our search for a Tattoo Place.  We go by on that is less than inviting and then start heading back home.  Thanks to Google (you know you can text them for info?), we discover a place up in Huntington Park.  We fight traffic and car sickness episodes all the way there and arrive!  It looks FUN and the tattoo artists are apparently legendary (Tennessee Dave ring a bell?)  So we all got tattoos-me and my sister, Becca, got one on our foot that says Big Sister and Little Sister, respectively, on the top of our foot in Arabic.  She also got one on her bikini line that says “Love” real cute.  My little sister, Alisha, got on on her shoulder that is pretty and colorful, and Brittney got one on the back of her neck that stands for something like the infiniti sign or something-it’s a fun little design that has grown on all of us and I really like it.
  • After everyone successfuly got tattooed, we were STARVING.  So we ate at this cute little pizza place with GREAT service 🙂 
  • After dropping Becca off and attempting to straighten up-we head back out to Hollywood to go to an 18 & up club (Alisha and Brittney are about to turn 20 next week).  They do not let me in since I do not have a physical copy of my license*.  Since losing my license months ago, this is the first event I have been denied to.  And, really?  You can’t tell I’m over 18?  And I don’t want to drink so I don’t want your armband anyway?  After politely (really, I was polite) sharing my views on this, we headed back home to fall asleep.


  • We plan on waking up early-but really, we kinda sleep in.  Then get ready slowly.  And then leave for Universal Studios around noon.  Which includes stops for battteries and attempts at taking pics of the Hollywood sign.  Both successful. 
  • We arrive!  After waiting in three lines, we get in the park just to wait in more lines.  But we have a BLAST-it is not too hot, the lines aren’t more than an hour, and we get a lot done considering we arrived so late!  What a great day!
  • We leave when the park closes around 9:30 and meander around City Walk until we are about to starve.  So we grab a VERY nice dinner at The Daily Grill.  Then walk around some more-so much to see, so little time!  We pull ourselves back to the car a little after midnight.  Exhausted.
  • After everyone gets in bed, my sister lets me know she’s looking for a cab.  I offer to go pick her up from Manhattan Beach instead (it’s our friend, Lia’s, birthday-and they’ve been out all night).  I get there to see a bunch of my friends-Lia, her hubby, Acosta, Hawkins, and of course, my sister!  This leads to a desire for everyone to go out to eat together-at 2am.  I am the only sober one and am in my pajamas.  Yes, my pajamas.  No eating ever happens, but a whole lot of talking, planning on eating, and hugging goes on. I return home a little after 4am.  Still exhuasted.


  • Around 1, we head by the mall for several select stores of shopping for the girls
  • About 3, we arrive at Manhattan Beach to enjoy some sun, sleep, and surf!  We had a blast in the ocean-some pretty big waves involving disorientation and loss of swim suits in appropriate places, and a whole lot of unwanted sand! 
  • We headed home at about 5 to get ready for church.  We tried a new church together which was an interesting experience-then headed home to get my sister!
  • We swung by Torrance High School which is where they film Buffy, The O.C., 90210, etc.
  • We went to Ra-for their first sushi experience; and it was a success!  YUM!  Then stopped by Barnes and Noble for some late night shopping and enjoyment!  I love that place. 🙂
  • Headed home to pack and watch some videos and check them in online.  Passed out around 1am due to all the craziness over the weekend!  SO fun!  But, so busy!!


  • Wake up at 4am
  • Get to airport for flight at 6:30
  • I head to work and then to tutoring, etc.


  • Wake up at 9am–oh no!  We’ve missed their flight!  Call my dad in a panic, followed by Southwest Airlines–get them situated on a later flight so they go back to sleep, I call into work (worst summer school employee ever-now I’m understanding why my principal doesn’t like me), and get online-burn CDs of pictures, update blog, try to think about this impending move right around the corner!  However, I am going to El Paso tomorrow, will return Friday for our Going away party, and somehow have to pack before Sunday when I’m going to load up my UHaul to go down to SD.   WHAT?!?!

*I rationalize not replacing it by the fact I am moving soon and will need to get one with a new address anyways-I have a copy of it and my social security card and school ID for verification purposes.


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. good golly, girl. you up the ante every weekend. please note that my blog posting about my weekend was about 7 lines. you are a wonder!

  2. WOW!!!
    Every time I try to create a blog, I read yours and realize I am not going to be able to
    keep up with you, LOL!!!

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