San Diego Shennanigans


So, my first “official” trip househunting in San Diego has come to a finish. I place “official” in quotations because there are some standards of “officialness”. To name a few: must arrive before midnight (the last trip was totally last minute and we didn’t go to bed until 4am) and must stay more than 12 hours (the prior trip lasted a total of about six hours yet included finding a home, falling in love with a home, and being rejected a home-a feeling that’s become all too familiar). Please, let me explain.

The breakdown of the past few days of my life begins on Sunday when-after church, breakfast, and tutoring-I came home, flushed the toilet, and toilet overflowed. I am talking major flow over. Disgusting. Not a good start to a day of packing-we put mom back to work reminiscent of her days of either Trauma ICU situations or of times over 20 years ago when Sister and I were in diapers. Thanks again, Mom. Thankfully, I had help from Acosta, Ladejeisha (child labor laws being broken here?) and my mom’s husband with the packing up of my portion of the house.

Sunday wraps up beautifully (despite crying meltdown over the prospect of missing my sister soon-quickly relieved by a sister trip to Yogurtland), Monday goes on without a hitch, and I hit the road on Monday. I begin by stopping at Togo’s to eat while driving a 14′ UHaul. I decide I should probably stop by my mom and Jim’s house because I won’t be able to do it regularly anymore ūüė¶ So, I stop by their home and enjoy a wonderful conversation with my mom before continuing the trek to Poway. On the way down, I feel very ‘adult’ in my ability to drive a Uhaul and even speed past the Truck Weigh In station while momentarily forgetting I was, in fact, in a truck. Ooops. I also unfortunately missed a call from Korea because I didn’t recognize the number and didn’t put two and two together. Bummer. Anyways, I arrived to the Boyd’s home about 10:30 and stayed up laughing and talking with Cindy until about midnight. What a delight!

I woke up early to head to the UHaul storage center-Ruth and Jen enlisted the help of two others and the Boyd’s came along for the joy of unloading fourteen solid feet of my life’s belongings-a task that was fueled by a steady stream of donuts, cart races, and laughter. Not much afterwards, I headed to 24 hour fitness for the sole purpose of showering. You should please keep in mind that since my triathlon debut, FCA Rugby and Water Buffalo Thursdays have been the extent of my workouts. So I was not even tempted to work out while there, but laughed as I confessed to the lady working at the desk that I was entering with a donut (not for me, but still, I was carrying it very clearly out in the open and had a lapse of guilty conscience)-I did not find the courage to also admit I was coming for the sole use of their shower facilities. I silently wondered what my life had come to that I was needing to shower in a public place-and was curious as to whether or not this would become a regular adventure). After having the girls pray for our day of househunting, we were off!

Jamie arrived on-time…and even a little bit early, if you can imagine that…to begin our day’s adventure. I feel the need to point this out and to give credit where credit was due. Funny thing was, the lady in charge of our first appointment had actually forgotten our appointment, so we got to spend some time wandering the neighborhood. And we fell in love. Immediately. Quaint, quiet, cozy, comfortable. Cole Court felt like home-but we had other appointments and continued on our merry way. We drove by a home having an open house-one we had seen on the previous trip, and were just as disappointed this time around-and went on to our second appointment. Thirty minutes south. I’m talking practically in Mexico here. We were not feeling it-although the house ended up being cute, the commute was not going to be appreciated by either one of us-or the environment. So we headed on back to our side of the world to look some more-found a really disgusting piece of property that we instantly rejected (and we’re not being overly picky at this point)-then found our way back to Cole Court to wander the neighborhood some more and we chatted with one of the neighbors, Gretchen, for quite some time. We decided to go by a reality service to see if we could increase our odds of finding a home–after being chastised by the not-so-pleasant woman working there, we headed back to the Clairemont area. We called Jill, the lady from the first appointment, en route to let her know we were interested-where do we sign? Only to hear those words we now dread-another application is being processed, I will let you know how it turns out. Well, naturally, we all know what that means. No house for you (similar to “no soup for you”, if you will).

By this point we needed some ice cream-nothing like a little culinary comfort in the middle of a discouraging day. While eating the ice cream, Jamie and I both realized we were solely eating to be eating and rather than being satisfied became a little disgusted with ourselves and decided our next course of action would be to visit the local library to utilize some free internet to search some more. This is when the sarcasm set in. Man approaches us in the parking lot asking if either of us have considered going back to school to which Jamie responds “I already work at a university” while I simultaneously state “we are not interested in going back to school, but we are interested in finding a home-do you know where any are available? Preferrably a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, over 1000 square foot masterpiece that accepts small animals?” I really didn’t add all of the details-but he said he’d be willing to have us take over his lease up the road (of a one bedroom apartment).

We made it to the library finding ourselved discouraged, full of sarcasm, and highly amused. The first library was infested¬† full of small children, so we opted to drive two miles to the nearest library.¬† We were successful in this endeavor-and even found another home to drive by.¬† Lucky for us, the door was left open on this pink home-complete with a nativity scene and Christmas lights adorning its castle-esque entryway and quickly found out that one of the rooms was equivalent to a walk-in closet.¬† Not going to cut it.¬† By this point, my phone had died and I had naturally left my charger at the Boyd’s.¬† So we searched for¬†a Verizon to buy a car charger and upon checking out, sarcasm again slipped through my lips, “Would you like a receipt?”¬† “No, sir, but we most certainly would like a home…”

So, there you have it.¬† We were done.¬† Eight hours and a half a tank of gas later, Jamie and I were spent.¬† So we headed to Jen and Ruth’s place to enjoy some down time.¬† Okay, I napped while Jen and Jamie went looking some more.¬† I woke up to enjoy a lovely dinner and a night of watching highly entertaining shows on TLC.¬† Jamie and I headed back to her place around 11pm-when the shows started repeating-and enjoyed a ride in complete silence.¬† But we knew what we both were thinking.

We were up at 6:45am to bring me to the Greyhound station to head back up to LA.  I sat by Ed.  A 27-year old aspiring artist who is currently living in Seattle but has moved over 100 times in his life.  After my day, I find it hard to fathom that anybody would voluntarily do this to themselves.  Okay, I suppose I did too-but 100 times?!  We enjoyed a lovely conversation-about Christ, church, Christians, music, family, work, school, etc. and then we both napped.  We said our farewells and I waited at the station for my sister.  After calling 14 times and sending 5 text messages I realized my dear sister was still sound asleep.  So I caught a cab home.  Disgruntled.

Between our “limited renting history”, the fact three of us are not employed in San Diego, and the reality of a bad market-househunting has become quite the exhausting undertaking!¬† But, it is official folks: I have been accepted to and will be attending Horizon School of Evangelism (H.S.E.) and living with Jennifer “Jojo”¬†Rogers, Jamie “Jazzy Miss J/J-Jax” Jackson, and Caitlin “Soon-to-be roomie¬†of the year” Ewing.¬† We are all excited, slightly stressed (okay, Jojo¬†is¬†suffering from panic attacks and went to see the cardiologist late last week), and very much looking forward to the day we find a house we can officially call home.

In the meantime, I remain encouraged by conversations with my mom, my sister (“You have to trust God, Kar”), my student Ladejeisha, and my fabulous future¬†roommate, Caitlin.¬†

However, I am definitely looking forward to all¬†four of us being together on this search.¬† We will keep you updated on the debut of our new¬†post-to be announced shortly.¬† Until then, please keep us in prayer ūüôā


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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. Wow, what a day! The most unbelievable part to me is that J-Jax was on time. My goodness. Anyhow, I’m stoked to have a fun place to stay next time I’m in SD. Good luck with the moving shennanigans and call me if you need anyone to relate. ūüôā

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