Escaping to El Paso


This weekend I got the wonderful luxury of being able to go visit good ol’ G&G out in El Paso.  Really, it was my grandma’s birthday last Monday that spurred this thought-and the option of getting to go spend some time with them that made it a reality.  I absolutely love visiting my grandparents (both sets, but I’ll focus on Haskin G&G right now since I just came from there-and I’ll talk about the Martin’s when I visit there in January).

When I was little, I remember going to my granparents pretty often considering we never lived very close (Arizona was the closest at a six hour drive–the drive my dad made this weekend to join me and my grandparents in El Paso).  The things I remember about their home are plentiful.  I remember getting there and being excited to go into “our” bedroom to see how the beds were made, which stuffed animal was on our bed, and there was inevitably going to be a little gift to surprise us as well.  They also always had gumdrops out on the kitchen counter to grab as you walked by-I never particularly like gumdrops, but I always liked to have them at their house.  I remember watching 101 dalmations while sitting on their little stools they had in the den.  I remember looking at the miniature Christmas tree full of all sorts of miniature ornaments-each holding a story that was so wonderfully told by grandma.  I remember going out to their pool where there were always at least ten colorful bouncy balls floating in the deep end.  I remember cleaning the sides of the pool with my grandpa, trying to swim laps with my grandma as she counted with her rocks, and competing with my dad with cannonballs off the diving board (until he cracked the board and I became frightened).  I remember the Christmas lights out on their patio where we would eat every meal-usually joined by the Pataky’s, their dear neighbors.  I remember going to this Warehouse to buy things like dreamcatchers, Mexican Jumping beans, and dried scorpions.  I remember looking through their scrapbooks full of pictures from different crazy places all over the world and hearing all the fun stories accompanying them.  I remember just having a good time.

The same holds true for this past weekend-I definitely had a good time.  While there are no longer gumdrops (they’ve been replaced by a chocolate jar in the den), surprise gifts on the bed upon arrival (this is now saved for a departing gift), the pool isn’t a daily activity-nor are there many colorful balls left in the deep end, and the Pataky’s no longer live across the street.  Yes, things have changed-but so have we.  So, this weekend, I got to enjoy a grown up weekend in El Paso.  One that consisted of the following:

  • Arriving Friday afternoon-having grams and gramps pick me up to bring me to Jack in the Box to enjoy an Oreo shake together
  • Taking a quick little nap on grandma’s chair before getting ready for dinner
  • Meeting my dad for dinner at the Steak House-YUMMY!
  • Returning home for conversation, dessert, and laughter
  • Saturday-a lazy wake up to enjoy breakfast: eggs, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad
  • Time out in the yard-trimming trees, getting hit in the face by branches, trying to use the electric trimmer thing myself, cleaning out the pool, clearing out the gutters, etc.
  • Followed by a nap and the drinking of 4 Nalgene bottles of water-eventually ate lunch
  • Played games: Mexican Train (I won), Rummikub (I won), Boggle (I won), and Quinto (no, I did not win.  Although please note the trend here) 🙂
  • Somewhere in there took another nap and ate dinner, had dessert, and played more games
  • Woke up Sunday for breakfast (at this point still having yet to have changed out of my pajamas from Friday night)-played more games (I believe dad won) and then sent him on his merry way
  • Went to the mall with G&G for lunch-ran into some of their friends (surprise, surprise-they know EVERYONE!)-and returned home for games, football watching, and another nap.
  • Enjoyed a drive back to the airport (with grams sitting in the back seat with me so I wouldn’t be alone)-and was sad to part-but eager to return!  Had a lay-over in Phoenix where my pops met me and treated me to dinner!
  • Upon arriving in San Diego, I was greeted by my room2mate Caitlin–a fabulous weekend overall!

I definitely left refreshed and renewed-ready for this busy week of learning, working, tutoring, hanging out with friends, and typing!  Thanks, G&G, for a GREAT time in El Paso!  Hopefully you’ll remember I added my blog to your ‘favorites’ and you’ll be able to check this out 🙂  I love you both dearly!

What do you remember most about visiting your grandparents?


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. OMG where are the Patakays Are they lost without them? any cookie memories, The shop was El Paso Trading company, Glad you had a fantastic visit ILY

  2. lots of memories at grandma’s… over the river and through the woods.

    many holidays spent there, thanksgiving (mounds of mashed potatoes!) and christmas. having to sing at church on christmas eve (grams has a stellar soprano). having to sleep with my older sis on the pullout couch– she always stole the covers and i would wake up freezing. sledding down the driveway. sitting in front of the fire, then running to the couch and pressing the hot sweatshirt against my back. walking on the greenwood road after christmas/thanksgiving dinner, so we have room for dessert.

    easter egg hunts in the snow. mom’s famous bunny cake, that always falls over and loses its ears.

    roasting hot dogs. clearing brush on the trail up to the top of the mountain. sleeping on the deck. fishing at the neighbor’s house.

    you know how grandma’s just always smells like grandma’s? looking forward to thanksgiving there this year.

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