Halloween Weekend!


Okay, so I had a fabulous Halloween weekend I would love to share about 🙂  Friday was a lovely day of school, meetings, etc.  Then, my dear roommate, Ha, from what I refer to as my “freshman year” of teaching came down from LA and we went to lunch.  What a wonderful time catching up, laughing, talking, reminiscing, etc.  Then came Friday evening-the first trick-or-treater came at about 5:45.  40 more followed for a total of 41.  Amidst watching Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, playing Tetris, eating a majority of the candy, and baking a cake-Jen and I would often hear a faint ‘twick-o-tweat’ coming from the front door we left open and would have to resist the urge to steal small, costumed children.  It was precious!  We closed up shop around 8pm.  We have yet to carve our pumpkins, but rest assured, we still plan on doing so before Thanksgiving creeps upon us.  Later that evening we were surprised by a guest visitor, Jen Vargas-our second short-term guest here at Casa Schneple back in town for a weekend visit!  She surprised me with a beautiful scarf and I felt spoiled 🙂

I awoke the next morning before the sun came up to meet my mom and her husband at IHOP before they departed for their Jazz Cruise Honeymoon in the Carribean.  It was delicious (they now have Pecan Streudal Coffee Cake Pancakes…really?!) and we had a lovely time!  I saw them off and headed up to Los Angeles, just to find out that despite birthday plans, Ladejeisha had gotten grounded for losing her keys.  Not that I can complain that her cousin is disciplining her–but, really?!  So, I quickly snuck her off to the mall where we got matching bracelets and took advantage of Claire’s 10 for $10 sale!  ldj

I had already promised a few other students, though, that I would take them to Santa Monica.  I was kinda hoping the rain storm would move in and I’d be able to take them to a movie instead so I could sneak in a quick nap (seeing as I’d fallen asleep approximately 7 times on the drive up-rationalizing it was okay that I closed my eyes for a few seconds since I was on a straight stretch–not okay.  Ever.)  But, good weather prevailed and off we went-Donnie even convinced Acosta to come along!  We had a great time eating, laughing, riding all the rides, feeling nauteous (spelling?), and trying to win a basketball-good job, Donnie!  Seriously, I miss those kids!  I’m so grateful for the fact they still want to stay in touch with me though!  boys

After distributing the children back to their respective locations and spending some time with Acosta, I made my way out to Orange County.  I once again used my rationalizing powers to invest in an Oreo Shake to keep me awake while driving.  I arrived at my mom’s house just to realize that the spare key was not where I left it and Kristen and I went straight to Kayla’s house-me sans shower and still utterly exhausted.  There we waited for Irene’s arrival to her surprise 25th birthday party!  Kayla had friends come and hand make sushi, Kayla had made spinach artichoke dip that was TO DIE FOR-I kid you not.  Amazing.  Then, we anxiously patiently awaited the arrival of the guest of honor!  It was an awesome time full of laughter, food, pin-the-tail on the donkey, wrestling, and somehow I ended up asleep on the floor of Kayla’s room.  The rest of them chose to go out on the town, whilst Kristen and I opted to go back to the Anderson’s for a night of catching up and early bedtime-always an enjoyable experience!n187700074_30929113_2820

After gaining an hour’s worth of sleep–who knew it could make such a difference-I made it up in time (by my own, no alarm) to drop Caitlin and Kristen off at church and head to Stephanie and Jojo’s first Muddy Buddy experience.  While I don’t get muddy buddy pal of the year award (that goes to Jamie for actually making it up in time to head out with them!), we had a fabulous time cheering them on-and Irene and Bekah even made it for the final obstacle!  It was awesome and we all can’t wait to participate next time, save Irenefor fear of germs and being dirty.  la-oc-wknd-594

Please visit Jojo’s Facebook for corresponding video footage 🙂

We all headed back to the Anderson’s-where I enjoyed a nice nap on the couch and Bekah spoiled us with burgers from somewhere.  And, off I went back to LA to take the girl I mentored last year, Rosalyn, out to Manhattan Beach.  Someone we both ended up soaked in the water, splashing around, racing waves (and losing) and having our own little photo shoot.  We had such a great time together-even though it was extremely limited and I’m so proud of how mature she’s becoming!  What an amazing girl she is!


So, there you have it!  I headed back to the OC to pick up J-Jax-enjoyed some more conversation with Irene and Kristen, pretty sure I committed to training for a marathon, and then headed back to San Diego to join my HSE group for a prayer meeting for our upcoming mission trip.  We leave on Friday the 14th-like eight days from now.  Absolute craziness! 

Needless to say, I was exhausted.  Particularly because I had spent the previous three days the past week pretending I was 21 again and could function on four hours of sleep (Marlena had a concert Wednesday, I went out with friends from high school/college on Thursday, and you read the rest!)-even though I wasn’t even capable of functioning on four hours of sleep at 21, muchless 5 years later.  So, there you have it-another whirlwind weekend in the life of me!  How blessed I am 🙂


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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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