Up in the Air


For some reason, flights on planes are often where I feel closest to the Lord (I suppose this is a good thing as I spend so much time up there!), and this trip to Detroit continued to show that to me. First, almost immediately upon sitting down, the girl in the seat ahead of me realized we were headed to the same place (Detroit by way of Kansas City and Chicago) so we struck up a conversation and decided we would make our way to sit next to each other on one of the next legs. Turns out Miss Hanna was in her first year at SDSU, has lived in Los Angeles her entire life up until then, and absolutely loves the Lord! We had a fabulous time laughing, listenening, sharing, encouraging, and fellowshiping up there in the friendly skies! (And look forward to reuniting once we both make it back to San Diego)

As we were about to land in Kansas City, I was staring down at the ground and noticed all of the crops below. From the sky, I could notice all the details in their harvests and the intricacies (sp?) of which it had been – harvested? mowed? cut? (I’m not a farmer here so don’t know the appropriate terminology). I started thinking about how interesting it was that the people mowing probably had no idea that anybody would be able to see the details – some were done perfectly all around, but most, you could see the areas where the turns weren’t exactly perfect and in some cases they were just plain messy looking! I started thinking about how this is much like our lives as Christians. I have not realized more than this year how closely our lives our looked at and inspected by the outside world, that we truly are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses watching our actions, thoughts, and words that we sometimes do so carelessly without realizing the impact. This was yet another gentle reminder for me to continuously live a life of integrity so that I can walk securely. I am working on the continuously and consistently part 🙂 But I am so grateful for His grace and mercy!

-Hebrews 12:1
-Proverbs 10:9


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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