Costa Rica!!


Alright, good people – I am back safe and sound!  And what a fabulous week it was!  I know you all are just dying for details – or is it just me anxious to get up the pictures?!  We got to experience some pretty sweet things down in Central America…and I’m particularly grateful for the extended time with my dad and sister!  Without further adieu, here you go!  (See extended version on facebook…I’m going to try to keep this down to ten!)

1This is my farewell crew.  They all came over to Casa Schneple (ok, let’s be honest…most of them belong there anyways!) to watch me pack, catch up, and send me off!  I’m blessed with amazing friends (who stay friends with me even though I’ve been gone so much!)

2Thurdsday, January 22nd – This is me, my dad, and sister at the airport.  Ok, in the parking lot!  This is us arriving 7.5 hours ahead of time because my dad’s worried about missing flights 😉  It was a pretty short and uneventful flight over!  We got through customs with no problems and the Marriott shuttle was waiting right outside!

4Friday, January 23rd.  This is the view from our hotel room – beautiful!  We spent all day at the pool (thankfully didn’t get TOO burned…but did take in a little too much sun) reading, relaxing, eating, napping, etc.

8After our day of r&r, we got cleaned up and headed into the city (San Jose) to wander around and get some dinner.  We got to the city center and immediately ran into a street evangelist (of course I took a picture of this too) and were constantly getting stared at by all the locals.  We found our way to a restaurant our taxi driver suggested (my dad and sister forced me to speak in Spanish)…and other than the slug we found on our avocado salad, it was great!

14Saturday, January 24th.  We got up early and rented a car to head to Miguel Antonio beach on the Pacific side (about a three hour drive).  We made a view sight-seeing stops and then arrived at the HOT, HOT beach.  Becca really wanted to horse back ride…so we found a place where we could, swam in the ocean until it was time to go riding, and then ended up on a wild goose chase with some ‘tour guide’ (we’re thinking he might have been on a drug run and used us for transportation).  Thankfully, we were safe and did end up riding horses – through the jungle and then on the beach at sunset!!!  Surprisingly, I had no incidences with the horse, Chipita, this time around (I will use another post to discuss all the ‘incidences’ I have experienced with these creatures!)  It was an awesome day!  Followed by a somewhat crazy drive home in the dark through the curvy roads and all the locals that act like the freeway is a sidewalk!  Glad I wasn’t driving!

18Sunday, January 25th.  We were up REALLY early to catch a tour bus to Tortuga Island….absolutely breathtaking!  Our guide, Mariella, was adorable and we had a great time on the boat ride (I napped, dad drank coke, and Becca laid out) and a fabulous time on the island – including snorkeling, eating a live-music filled lunch, laying out on the beach, and taking in the scenery)

221This is a picture of Isla Tortuga as we arrived on the boat!

26This is the amazing sunset we got to see on the way home.

28Monday, January 26th.  Another tour!~ This time off to the rainforest for some ziplining!  This picture is just about as far as Becca got – she couldn’t bring herself to get off the stable ground.  So, just dad and I went flying through the forest – on 18 different ziplines, over 3 miles worth, and even a tarzan swing!  At one point, we were on a tree 60 meters above the ground and we were glad Becca opted to stay on the dry land where she took in the scenery and enjoyed a restful day!

31Every evening was full of cardplaying (both liverpool and demon)…while my sister and I usually came out victorious, this was my dad’s victory dance on the rare occassion that he did win!  😉

33Tuesday, January 27th.  We spend the last day lounging around the hotel again – we laid out by the pool, we read some more, slept some more, ate some more (we took full advantage of the free snack lounge in the hotel, frequenting it up to six times daily!).  We really became a staple around the joint…this is the three of us at the hotel gift shop where we also spent much time and money (sunscreen was $20!!)

Wednesday, January 28th – it was back to the United States!  We had an awesome time full of laughter, relaxation, adventure, and fun!  I’m ready to move back there to really work on my Spanish and actually become fluent!  One day, one day… (Lord willing and prompting, of course!)



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  1. I was on the same Tortuga tour on that same day. It’s a small world. Mariella was an excellent tour guide.

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