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West Coast Tour


Over the course of 10 days (252 hours to be exact), I was able to travel 1367.7 miles, for a total travel time of 24 hour and forty six minutes, and a maximum speed of 98.1 mph (probably too high to mention – it was only hit during  a futile attempt to make it to 100 and I chickened out).  It was such a blessing to get to visit so many friends and so much family!  I’ll do my best to summarize (definitely has never been my forte) and post a few pics (keep in mind this is one of those posts that is more for me down the line when I want to look back on the traveling I’ve done…but maybe you’ll enjoy it as well)

-Depart at 9am to meet my mom for her lunch break in Costa Mesa
-Met with Acosta and one of his former students who is now in HONORS student (see photo)!
-Visit former student in the hospital
-Play Wii for an extended period of time with Acosta. Such a work out!

-Head up to Ventura for time with Becky – got to walk around, talk a lot, run errands, etc. Drew came home to get a massage, take us to dinner, and enjoy some conversation 🙂

-Stopped by Santa Barbara to meet Bethany for some Blenders and fabulous talk time
-Met my cousin Heather at school (she’s a teacher too – runs in the family) and got to meet some of her students, take part of a Foods Lab (chocolate mousse – yum!), and recycle some stuff. We then headed to spin class, the Farmer’s Market for dinner, and I gave her a massage that evening. Forgot to take pics other than this one:

-Drove up to Santa Cruz! I got to spend the weekend with Jen and Jenny. It involved: a crazy pizza parlor, lots of movies, fun friends of theirs, lots of snacking and some wine, a lot of boggle playing, and some rain. 🙂 (This is not a pic from this particular weekend – but we didn’t get one of the 3 of us)

-Drove up to San Fran. Met Ashlee and David and some of their friends for lunch, a walk through the rain, and some fighting of the traffic. So good to see them!
-Got to my sister’s house to see Andie and one of her friends then ran to the grocery store and talked with little miss Andie
-My sister got home and the following few days consisted of: some good food, sleeping, cleaning, laughing, talking, massaging, and running errands (buying her glasses, doing 12 – count them, 12 – loads of laundry, getting her car fixed, etc.). I LOVE that girl!
– Monday we got to go meet my Aunt and Uncle for lunch at Mimi’s where we livened up the restaurant with lots of laughs and catching up

-Left early and drove down to Bakersfield to see Kristen!! We had so much fun chatting picnic style on her front lawn, going to the grocery store, and laying low! We spent the night in with her hot tub, some food, some wine – and LOTS of talk and laughter (if you know me or KD, you know this is no exaggeration).

-Got up early for spinning, work out, breakfast, and chai tea with Kristen.
-Headed down to Los Angeles where I stopped by the beach for some Quiet Time – then went to Gompers to see old students and friends. That afternoon, I got to take Ladejeisha to ice cream and in the evening I met some fabulous ladies for dinner and dessert (Amber, Talia, Rachel, and Elizabeth). Then it was back to Acosta’s I went.

-Went and got my car serviced then gave Rachel a massage
– Met Courtney in Orange County for lunch and chat time – oh yeah, and some pinkberry.
-Worked out and then went to my mom’s where Heather and my mom’s friend Caroline joined us for dinner, boggle, and some catching up. Apparently my camera didn’t work during this time – I forgot to take pictures!

-Drove home early to go to USD to massage some of Jamie’s swimmers before conference
-Stopped by HSE to help clean up but arrived just in time for a lunch break and felt a little guilty 🙂
-Headed home to Casa Schneple for a weekend of birthday festivities for Jamie!!!! (We went to El Torito’s Saturday night with Bekah and Steph in town, then up to the casino with about 9 of us…on Sunday, we had breakfast together (LOVE IT), walked to the local carnival, walked home (had some interesting circumstances here), Bekah and Steph headed home, and we were off to church and then I gave Jamie a massage)–SO MUCH FUN to celebrate an amazing roommate and woman of God!

WHEW! I’m worn out just recounting it all 🙂 It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to do so much traveling over my break! Each day, I enjoyed being in His presence and also getting to experience Him more deeply through the people around me. I love all of you! Thanks for being in my life!


Reading Ramblings


Well, since December 18th, I’ve no longer had school daily…in fact, we don’t go back until February 24th!  So, this has left me with ample travel time (at the end of my break, I’ll have seen just about everyone I love…save my Colorado Crew) that has been full of visiting, relaxing, sleeping, working out, studying, spending time with the Lord, and reading.  Even though school is only from 8am-12pm daily, somehow my afternoons would slip away from me (between Casa Schneple happenings, basketball, tetris, homework, tutoring, reffing, napping on the roof, etc.), I decided I really wanted to take this break to not only spend time with the people I love, but to really solidify all that I had learned in my first semester.  Although I haven’t taken the time I wanted to reread and retype my notes, I’ve been able to get in plenty of reading to deepen my understanding of my sinfulness, my gratitude for salvation, my amazement of the work on the Cross, the beauty of living a Christ-centered life, and the freedom that comes along with it.  WHEW!  And, what a sweet few months it has been.  These are the books that I have had the chance to go through since graduation:

disciplineI really enjoyed this relatively easy read – just a gentle reminder to shift my focus with how I view things in my life and an encouragement to be disciplined with ALL the Lord has blessed me with.

living-the-cross-centered-lifeThis was a good one!  A humbling reminder of what a life looks like that’s focused on the work of the Cross…something that’s so overwhelming, inspiring, and integral to our life as Christians.

one-month-to-live My sister got me this one for Christmas – a 30 day devotional to help reprioritize relationships in your life rather than getting caught up in the to-do’s!

touching-godliness-through-submission K.P. came and spoke to our class this semester and I enjoyed what he had to say – this book was really eye-opening for me as I realized a lot about myself and submission that I hadn’t before.

theirs-is-the-kingdom I saw this recommended on someone’s blog awhile ago and it struck home to me.  After reading it, I’m more ready than ever to go move back into the inner-city and live out the gospel and learn more about the gospel!

why-were-not-emergent Another one I saw on someone’s blog…I didn’t know too much about the emergent movement before, but had read some articles that were of concern to me and my belief in the Bible…this was an informative look at the movement.  Might have been kind of harsh and a lot of name-dropping in parts.  But a good message to remain true to the Truth.

pilgrims-progressI hadn’t ever read this classic, and found it on my friend’s shelf to borrow…this is basically a story of my life as a Christian (yes, I know, I think that’s the point of this allegory)…but so much of it rang true for my walk and just gave me the encouragement to walk the straight and narrow consistently!


making-room-for-lifeOne I’ve started before through the recommendation of a friend…but kinda ran out of time 😉  Amidst my traveling, another friend brought it up and I thought – hmm. what better time to read it than now while I have unlimited time and am preparing to go back to living a more structured life?!

So, there you have it, folks.  A brief little annotated bib on each book I’ve had the pleasure of reading over the break.  And, don’t worry – I realize a lot of this can be heavy, so I’ve off-set it by reading countless blogs, enjoying People and Good Housekeeping (my favorite) magazines, and eating up Nicholas Sparks’ newest one (my favorite ever; I know – I am a hopeless hopeful romantic!)

Any good reads for you lately?!?!