Beautiful Birthday Buddies!


Saturday got the me and the troops back at 6am from gorgeous Applegate and ready for a fabulous day!! The Andersons joined us around noon (although Jamie and I were out running errands when they arrived…) I was greeted by them and a fabulous fruit bouquet compliments of my sister and Andie! YUM! Received a surprise call from a friend from way back when stating that she was in Anaheim with a free evening -so Nicole jumped on a train down south to come join the festivities!!! We all went to Ra in downtown San Diego for sushi and drinks…delicious! We returned home and despite unsuccessful attempts to get me to go out, we enjoyed a “Karolyn” night in-full of: games, laughter, face shaking and photo taking, talking, and the reading of a poem – a tribute to my fabulous friends joining me for the fun! Megan and Kristen showed up at 1am to share their love and it was much appreciated! Kristen and I enjoyed a run together before making breakfast for ten beautiful ladies! I am incredibly blessed….here’s the poem that attempts to share some of the gratitude I feel:

Not long ago my life essentially was kind of a mess
Nothing I thought it should be, I must confess
I left my life in Texas for something brand new
And within a year, the Lord had brought me most of you.
From a city of ruins with walls destroyed ad ablaze
I’d been living a life of captivity stuck in my own maze
Summer 2006 brought many answers to prayer
As I begged for Him to break my heart and saw Him do it there
With the tears freely flowing, the joy came readily
He knew I needed a group of Godly friends in my life steadily
So, with trepidation, I approached FCA camp late
Right along with the Anderson sisters- this was fate!
Steph, I thank you for your sweet spirit and gentle soul
Always willing to listen, help out, and console
Bekah, you are flourishing in this life He’s given you
As you embrace the Truth and encourage me to do the same too
Somewhere along the way, Jamie and I crossed each other’s paths
On the massage table I was introduced to Kristen
Full of questions, love, affirmation, and ears to listen
Church together, conversations, many tears, and lots of laughs
The years went on and friendships continued to grow
And through each of them, the love of the Lord flowed
Each in their unique way confirmed His love for me
As I began to see what it meant to be free
At one point in time, prayer had began to be lifted up to Him
For a special girl the Lord had brought back in my life again
Within a few months, Jojo was added to the fabulous crew
Brought love, laughter, joy, music, and encouragement too
What a blessing at FCA 2008, I met my Cookie in a game
Despite Megan’s initial reservations, she’ll admit her life isn’t the same!
Pretty soon we were San Diego-bound
With some roommates, a dog, and a house found
The Lord reacquainted me with friends from the past-
What a restoration that had happened since I had seen them last
There was Jen Douville who blessed me with morning conversations
Full of prayer, honesty, and challenging questions
Pretty soon Ruth was back in the mix
What a beautiful life I’ve seen the Lord do a wonderful work with
And just when I thought my life was so complete
The Lord continued to bless me with people to meet
Rachel came in with a bang- so much laughter and spunk
Being around her makes it difficult to stay in a funk
And now around my birthday, a celebratory time of year
The Lord brought some other people in my life near
There’s Laci who called an early end to friends, partying, and fun
To come back and celebrate with us until her time in Cali is done
And a surprise phone call led to an exciting revelation
Nicole came to town – this enough is cause for celebration!
So please know how much it means to me
That out of all the places, this is where you’ve chosen to be
I’ve been so encouraged and blessed beyond measure
He most certainly has brought some sweet treasures
So, consider this my thanks for all you do!
And know my prayer is I can impact your lives just as each of you



About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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