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Casa Schneple Growing Pains


Well, it’s coming to that point of year – that time when a year has indeed passed 🙂 Our lease is up in the middle of August and we have extended it to the end of August – then we are all off to (I don’t know about bigger and better)…but definitely different, and we’re hoping bigger and better things as we seek to live in a community where we intentionally seek Christ. This has been an incredible year: full of ups and downs, challenges and encouragements, good times and some sad. I think we can all attest to the fact that we have grown a lot and learned even more!

Wednesday morning before the sun even thought about smiling down on us, Jojo had her UHaul packed and ready to go – and her, Lacey, and Ryder were off on their 18 hour trek back to San Antonio. We sent her off with some monkey bread, so far the only thing she has forgotten is Alfred, her fish, and we wrote her a little journal which included not only a Top 10 list of things learned from living with a Texan, but also this list (and we all know I’m a sucker for lists):

10.) Returning home from anywhere, to find 3 little dogs feasting on underwear, shoes, tampons, sunglasses or whatever else they could get their paws on in the living room
9.) Using a leaf to wipe because we are ALWAYS out of toilet paper
8.) Climbing into bed and finding empty crab leg shells underneath my pillow courtesy of JoJo
7.) JoJo’s consistent interest in any and every Disney Channel television show, movie, and Miley Cyrus program
6.) Rachel saying, “you walk right past Crazy Nail, you no say hi me?” on repeat for the week JoJo’s roommates visited from Texas
5.) Dodgeball @ USD…need we say more!
4.) Every Thursday night coming home to Karolyn, JoJo, and Homeless balling their eyes out to Grey’s Anatomy. Really?!
3.) Making Good Choices…like going to Sports Bar every night of the week for 1 month straight….sorry!
2.) Karolyn cooking Monkey Bread and everyone else eating it!
1.) RYDER and Homeless Jen!!

Traveling 343a


My New Position


HI!! Many of you may already know about this, but if not – here you go! I have been offered a position as a Resource Specialist Teacher at King Chavez Elementary. It is crazy how it all came to be…in a nutshell: back in April, I went to a job fair and submitted a few resumes. After this, I decided not to worry about life after HSE anymore (I tend to be a planner, so you know this was tough!). As time went on, I began to receive calls regarding positions, inquiring about my availability, etc. Nothing really came through. A group of us roommates have decided to move downtown in August, so I decided maybe it’d be best to just sub part-time as I continued work with the church.

Last week, I received two calls leading to interviews. One for a position I didn’t feel very confident about and the other for this Resource position. Friday morning, I went to my first interview and knew immediately this would not be the position for me. At noon, I met downtown at King Chavez headquarters which happens to be a cute, quaint little home. I interviewed with the CEO of the Charter School and the director of Special Education. As the interview progressed, I was offered the position and was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED! This position truly will be utilizing all my experiences:
-UNT basketball (I’ll have the opportunity to have a bball club after school once a week)
-Studying in Spain (98% of the population is hispanic, so I’ll have my Spanish fluent in no time!)
-Teach for America (a lot of the administration and some teachers are TFA alum)
-Gompers (I’ll be starting a Learning Center again at this school to service the entire population, as needed)
-Kelter Center (We’ll be using the same research-based programs I used here for teaching reading)
-Health Convictions (they believe that a healthy body is as important as an educated mind and desire to help kids learn how to lead a healthy and fit life)
-‘Green’ Desires (the school has recently started a garden for fruits and veggies that the students help with)

The school’s mission statement is to “seek excellence in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics from the Foundation of Love”. YES, PLEASE!! Check it out at

In addition, it has been on my heart to have where I live, work, and worship to be in the same community. I wanted this in LA and then Becca ended up moving in and she wasn’t feeling Watts 🙂 So, now, I’ll have the opportunity to live downtown, work downtown, and worship downtown. Mellow Yellow is currently at the bike shop getting fixed up because he’s about to get a lot of use riding around town! Praise the Lord, downtown San Diego, here we come!!

Horizon School of Evangelism, Alumna


It’s been a fabulous year here in San Diego and as of last Thursday, June 25th, I am officially a graduate from the Horizon School of Evangelism. What a blessing it has been! I thought I would share a little bit with you:


5 Favorite HSE Things
5. Having opportunity to take time off work to pursue the Lord
4. The sweet break in between semesters to see people in my life
3. Being affirmed in my faith and in the Truth
2. Receiving a sense of calling and direction from Him
1. Meeting great people and experiencing Him daily through them

4 Favorite HSE Memories
4. Love out Loud tour – particularly ‘Cabin of Chaos’ and Jessica’s salvation
3. Prayer Meetings with assorted people – Candace, Beth, Becca, Josephine, Kathleen, Abbi, Jess, etc.
2. Casa Schneple – not directly an HSE memory, but opened up the opportunity to be here!
1. Having my family here to help celebrate the graduation! It was AWESOME!

3 HSE Trips
3. Catalina aka ‘Wilderness’
2. West Coast road trip aka ‘Love out Loud’ Tour
1. Applegate, Oregon aka ‘Nehemiah’

2 Things Next
2. Potential to go back to teaching for work (had great interview, but waiting on budget situation)
1. Mentorship program at Horizon Park Chapel (help create it)

1 Greatest Thing Learned
1. There is great freedom in chosing to follow Christ daily rather than giving into my own flesh – He is able to change the desires of my heart! Praise the Lord!