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Casa Schneple Summer Camp


Raleigh is just so clever. And she was here this weekend and dubbed our home ‘Casa Schneple Summer Camp’, CSSC. I really can’t disagree with her here- our home does have the comforting (well maybe not ‘comforting’, but familiar nonetheless) environment of a summer camp lately.

-Late nights, early mornings
-Worship/guitar sessions distracted by anything and everything
-Unhealthy eating – and plenty of it (pizza, yogurt, pazookies, etc.)
-Teenagers running around (Ladejeiasha got to spend two weeks down here…more on that later!)
-Lots of game playing (uno, monopoly, life, sorry, clue, dominoes, to name a few)
-A plethora of people bustling about at any given moment
-Much laughter, conversation, and fellowship

So, even though some of us missed out on the FCA camp experience this year (others of us opted to just crash the experience instead!) – we are getting our fix here in San Diego! My summer officially started on Thursday at noon when I finished working with my last client (bittersweet!) and headed home to take a two hour nap. Raleigh came in Thursday evening and we spent all day Friday lounging around CSSC. Absolutely lovely!

I will be posting soon about the two fun-filled weeks I got to spend with Ladejeiasha! 🙂

Until then….What has been your most memorable experience from summer 2009?