Monthly Archives: September 2009

City Living


Okay…so lots going on in the last few weeks!! Including: a staff retreat, a visit from cousins, a new job, a move downtown, a visit from sister, a camping trip, etc. Now, the words ‘move downtown’ don’t fully convey the amount of work and effort that went into this process – we had about 10 people come and help us at Casa Schneple: load the vans, clean the house, rent a uhaul, etc. More met us down at ‘Casa Camden’ in Little Italy as we dominated the elevators moving stuff up three flights. Thirteen hours later, everything was cleaned out of Casa Schneple and literally heaped in piles at the new place. It’s still a work in progress – hard with all of us working! Overall, SO excited to be downtown! SO excited to be living with these amazing girls! SO excited to get our house all unpacked and decorated. SO excited to have our first guests (Desi and her lab partner coming from Georgia), dinner parties, etc. Life is good!

Living downtown has brought its fair share of adjustments as well. As I type, I’m currently suffering from minor shin splints due to all the concrete stair and dog walking I’ve been doing. Trying to remember to do my shin exercises as I sit to help alleviate this problem. I realized I forgot to bring my phone to work today, but that was after I’d already been up and down the stairs twice (I had already forgotten my breakfast), so decided to go with no phone today. Also, I turned down a one way street heading the wrong direction. Thankfully a car was slowly approaching so I quickly realized my mistake and was able to reverse and get back on course. Third, while looking for a parking spot in an alley behind our apartments, I turned onto the actual traintracks – this, too, was quickly rectified. Speaking of trains, the french doors of my bedroom open right over the tracks so I’m able to hear the comings and goings of all the train/trolley activity in SoCal. Whoever thought this method of transportation is a lost art, come stay at our home for a night!

On the up side, I am able to walk to church (tried biking last night, got lost, but was able to walk my bike home while catching up with an old friend I haven’t talked to since high school!! There’s been a lot of that going on lately too; getting reacquainted. San Diego seems to be quite the vacation spot so I’m able to see many people this way and LOVE IT!!) Also, we live one block from Yogurtland (also very dangerous). Parking hasn’t been nearly as difficult as anticipated. Our house is adorable and we know so many people living within walking distance. I’m going to attempt to bike to work this weekend to see how feasible it will be during the week – need to appropriately gage the hills and the sweat factor before I try on Monday.

So, point of this post is – LIFE IS GOOD! GOD IS GREAT! And, come visit San Diego anytime you want (preferable after next Wednesday because that’s my goal in getting stuff done).