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A Surprise (whirlwind weekend)!


Okay, so it all started a couple of months ago. My mom and I were talking about our ‘early Thanksgiving Plans’ for 2009 (it has become a real holiday in our book) and chose a weekend in November. I decided what better thing to do than to fly my sister in town to surprise my mom at early Thanksgiving?! So, my sister and I planned her trip kept it under wraps for a little bit – until a comment on a friend’s page about being excited about coming down here gave it away (darn technology). The story goes that my mom went downstairs pretty upset that Becca would fly in town without telling her until my mom realized the dates and discovered we were trying to surprise her…well, she wasn’t going to have it! Fast forward a few weeks…

Becca flew in town on Friday afternoon – Nikki picked her up and they headed over to work to meet us for lunch and check out the school. As we finished up at work, they explored downtown San Diego and Bec got a hair cut. Friday night, we got ready and headed out to Ra for our sister tradition of this delicious Sushi! We had a great time at happy hour and then were able to walk home before I drove them out for the night. Saturday morning, Becca and I got up to head to the Farmer’s Market for some ingredients for all we were supposed to be preparing for Thanksgiving (Heaven forbid I plan ahead these days and actually get something done!). Upon returning and walking back towards the apartment, we spotted my mom. I think our conversation went something like, “What is mom pushing?” as Becca said, “Is that Aunt Lisa?!” SURE ENOUGH!! My mom flew my aunt and Grandma in town from Michigan to surprise US for Early Thanksgiving!! HOW FUN! AND WHAT A SURPRISE!!! We both screamed and ran towards them…probably quite the site to be seen! (sight? site? darn homophones…or homographs. Whatever)

The weekend was ABSOLUTELY perfect!! We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the family, the roommates, Jenny (and baby), and Jessica (and two beautiful kids!). Saturday we walked them back to check them into the hotel and after dropping Becca and Nikki off in PB, I ended up with Jessica and her husband up in north San Diego after he was stranded at the bus stop in La Jolla – long story, but it ended up well as Jess and I got the chance to catch up a little bit!

Sunday morning we started with breakfast over here at Casa Camden and then headed to Coronado to find some more of those sand dollars previously mentioned. The weather was absolutely gorgeous as we cruised the beach successfully searching for shells and such. Afterwards, we drove out to Jamul where we grabbed a bite to eat and then went to Maness Winery to get a tour and enjoy some wine tasting! How fun! We walked around looking at turkeys, pigs, dogs, bottles from over 50 years ago, and lots of vines. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After spending a few hours out there, it was time for mom, Jim, Grandma, and Aunt Lisa to head back north while Becca, Nikki, and I wented to church.

Monday, Nikki and Bec got some together time as I headed back to work (I tell you what…having a job really impacts your social life!). As soon as I got off, I came back and Sister and I walked down to Little Italy to grab some dinner and then it was time for her to go 😦 We had SUCH a great weekend and we’re all hoping to pressure her into moving here by February!!


A Whirlwind (surprise, surprise!)


So the fun started a few weeks ago!! My dad came out here and visited at the end of October. We had a great time walking the dogs (two-hour walks each day he was here with only a few minor altercations), visiting Seaport Village and Balboa park, frequenting Little Italy restaurants, playing Bananograms, and trying to get a budget set up for me. He also came and witnessed some of the craziness Monday morning at work before driving back to AZ. LOVED having him here!!
me and dad

That week it was “Jenny from work”‘s birthday – Jamie’s co-worker who we’ve all befriended and love! We headed down to Old Town for some cheap tacos from Fred’s – yum! And then, off to Balboa’s Haunted Trail or whatever. Perfect night to go with no waiting. And it was pretty scary! (Secretly, I enjoy being scared but only when there are people there who are more scared than me that are counting on me to not be scared, then somehow I’m not as scared. Codependent tendencies? Probably. But, I’m pretty surprised with how ‘scaredy cat’ I was as a child that I don’t get more scared.)

That following weekend was Halloween weekend – which, as you know from the previous post, included lots of adventures for Raggedy Anne. I also hopped on the train and headed up to the OC on Saturday afternoon to enjoy some mother-daughter time with mom (obviously.) We went on a walk, paddle boating, got a pedicure, and headed to Target. Afterwards, I headed out to help celebrate Irene’s birthday with some of the crew! So fun to see everyone and try to catch up and head back to the Anderson’s for some more laughs and games (and some curriculum ideas from Mrs. Anderson!) SO MUCH FUN!!
me and mom



Sunday morning, I got up early to meet KD and Cookie for breakfast at the newlywed’s pad. It included a Diddy Reese cookie and some scrambled eggs. Delish!! We also got some time to talk before I ran out and met my mom and Jim for a beach meeting followed by some shopping. Unfortunately, I felt really sick on Sunday and spent most of the day sleeping but was able to muster up the strength to head to Lazy Dog Cafe for a FABULOUS pizza. Seriously. Best pizza ever. Bar none. Then, it was back on the train to get some work done and head back to San Diego to see Mistie and Bri.

Monday, it was back to work! And by Wednesday, Andrea (a friend from college days) arrived for some fun in the sun!! She has some time off of work (while looking for new work) and decided to head out west! We had a great time hanging out, going to the beach (we collectively found 85 – yes, read it again. 85 – sand dollars!! it was a gold mine at Coronado!), eating yummy food, lounging around, reading, riding our bikes around town, going to the farmer’s market, watching movies and TV, talking, and even meeting up with Texas’ own Amber Angell! It was like Denton reunited 🙂
me and andrea




Monday night Andrea, Jamie, and I headed up to Los Angeles for an Imogen Heap concert (which, by the way, we have been waiting for over the last two years!! And she was WELL worth the wait – and the 250 mile round trip. And the 4 hours of sleep!) We picked up Acosta and met Heather, Erin, Stacey, Lauren, and her beau at the venue. Absolutely fabulous.

All this in the midst of absolute craziness and chaos at work – but so it goes. Keep on keepin’ on! And the fun is just going to continue!! My sister heads this way this weekend for an early Turkey Day celebration with my mom. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch to post about this trip! Next week, Lauren Stamatis – friend from high school basketball days – is heading to town because her team plays out this way. Then, it’s off to San Antonio for frolicking with friends before heading home to Arizona for Thanksgiving festivities with dad, G&G, Aunt Lin and Colby. Then it’s December. Where has 2009 gone?!?!