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Not too long ago (ok, ok…it was almost five years ago!), I moved to Los Angeles from good ol’ Denton, Texas not really sure what to expect. I was quickly thrown into a whirlwind of activities between Teach For America, my first year teaching, expectations at the job, the meeting of new people, church hunting, and trying to heal. Needless to say, it was one crazy year. Grew a lot, learned a lot. But was so relieved when it was over!

That summer (2006), I had the opportunity to work at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Sports Camp up in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. For whatever reason, I arrived a little bit late – games were already underway and I felt that everyone was already well acquainted. I walked in right as two other girls did and remember feeling immediately intimidated. Seriously, what was I doing there?! Sure, I was 6’3’’, but I am by no means the most agile or athletic creature out there – especially compared to everyone else I encountered! I think the thought even crossed my mind to just leave before I embarrassed myself. Thankfully, the Lord calmed my heart and gave me confidence and I stuck it out. The Lord MIGHTILY used that camp, those campers, and those Huddle Leaders to begin a work of restoration. I felt loved, challenged, encouraged, edified, and uplifted. I knew life as I knew it would never quite be the same. I had found a group of friends again.

As soon as camp was over, the LA and OC FCA crew headed home and joined a Women’s Rec Basketball league. This led to us getting together every Thursday night to play basketball (I use the term ‘play’ here lightly as really we were just getting together to enjoy fellowship, Chipotle, game nights, and creating memories!). I think it was through that team, the Water Buffalos, that the Lord really solidified those friendships. We could laugh together, cry together, encourage each other, challenge each other. It was a pretty incredible dynamic. The friendships were sustained throughout the school year with little ‘FCA Reunions’ – we’d get together in Orange County, San Diego, or Santa Barbara. And it was always right back to a camp experience. It was glorious! Experiencing Jesus’ love through people is an incredible thing.

The summers would come again and it was off to Santa Barbara to work the camps. New people were added, new challenges encountered, new staff welcomed, etc. Changes were happening, but friendships were growing. The Water Buffalo continued on. More memories were created. People started dating, people got married, people graduated, people got new jobs, people moved. But I could always count on that group of girls to lift my spirits!

This weekend, I was just as blessed as I was that first year at camp. Stephanie, Bekah, and Kristen drove down to San Diego to enjoy some QT. They arrived Saturday evening after my mom and I had an eventful day and my mom greeted us all with wine and smiles! We enjoyed the first few hours on the couch catching up on each other’s lives and commenting on our story telling and summarizing abilities (or lack thereof!). My mom headed out and the four of us headed to dinner in Little Italy. We enjoyed a delicious meal with an entire dinner conversation revolving around the game ‘Highs and Lows’  Afterwards, it was back to Casa Camden to catch up on scores, play cards, let Bekah nap, enjoy a group phone conversation with Josiah, and hang out with Jen, Sam and Rachel. We headed over to Yogurtland and stayed up until 1 in the morning carrying on.

Sunday morning, we woke up and leisurely got ready. We walked down to Seaport Village where we enjoyed breakfast (more for the company than the quality of food) and then wandered around taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful day. On the walk home, Stephanie noticed a cute little café where we stopped for some coffee and conversation. An 89 year old man even approached us asking if there was a Beauty Contest that weekend and to make us aware of the fact that he was the judge and there was a FOUR WAY TIE (he was incredibly animated and interesting…) Sitting outside, we reminisced, laughed, talked, and discussed. I was and am truly blessed by these girls. Even though times have changed and not all of us work the camps anymore, the friendships are solid. There are ebbs and flows as with anything in life, but I am so grateful for the foundation to return to.

Thank you, my little FCA crew! Near and far – I am incredibly blessed by you!
To all the FCA-ers out there: please leave a comment about your favorite FCA memory!!


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. Reading things like this make my day. I struggle wondering if I finished the work … And I’m reminded that I didn’t…I may have played a part in starting it, but it is God who is and does the finishing … Which will hopefully last a lifetime. I kind of hope my best FCA memory is yet to come.

    • JP, what incredible work He has done through you! So blessed by your leadership, diligence, persistence, and heart for the Lord. I would have to agree that the best is yet to come…and so sweet to reflect back on all of the things that He has already done. And SO grateful He is faithful to finish all of this work!

    • Well, mom, I’d have to say you were one awesome, faithful, and loyal team mom!!! So awesome to have your support and encouragement during those seasons…and beyond!! I LOVE YOU!

  2. There are so many, but I think one of the best FCA-related memories I have is the weekend of JP’s wedding.
    Wine tasting, open mic night, celebrating JP and Garth with tears and laughter (thanks to the amazing wedding MC’s they hired), Campus Point at sunset (remember all those dolphins and that crazy teenage boy who kept hitting on us?) and then Afterglow (of course!) at JPs. It was like FCA camp condensed — minus 400 campers and that dreaded meeting we always had to have telling us the appropriate way to hug campers.

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