Monthly Archives: May 2010

To Josiah, My Love


Crazy that I wrote this on February 13th…only 4 days after first talking to Josiah and before I ever met him in person!!

Is it strange to feel our hearts are being knit together
That it seems so easy to think of us together forever
I have yet to meet you face to face so this is a little crazy
But I think it’s possible you’re feeling the same way – just maybe

I’ve enjoyed our conversations and getting to know you more
But there’s this lingering feeling that I know what you’ve been put in my life for
Your heart for the Lord has done nothing but draw me closer to Him
I can’t believe the turn things have taken – we’re going out on a limb!

As I’ve looked back on the series of events that led us this day
I’m amazed, astonished, inspired, encourage, and absolutely blown away
I’ve boldly approached His throne and laid it at His feet
As I’ve delighted in Him, He’s given me desires – true and deep

I’m grateful for the restoration that Jesus has so graciously done in us
That has led to lives of freedom, victory, and righteousness
I’m astonished by His grace that has lavishly been poured out
Taken away all the condemnation, guilt, shame and doubt

As I grow to know you more, I’m drawn closer to the Lord
Amazed by the eagerness I have to know His heart more
I’m thankful that He has used you teach me about Him
As I’ve made the commitment unwilling to compromise again

I’ve diligently sought Him and He has been faithful to reward
This is above and beyond anything I thought to ask for
So this is my prayer – to glorify Him in all that He may do
Being steadfast, immovable, and set apart as we continue to pursue