Monthly Archives: June 2010



Just some randome things going on in my mind right now….

  • I got a text from Ruth today (who is my roommate and also my ‘assistant’ at work) regarding work stuff.  Her response was, ‘oh yeah, I forgot I have to go back to work’.  Mark that down for things not to say to your boss….
  • Josiah and I went shopping today to utilize my 30% off coupon at Kohl’s.  We found some GREAT stuff for him to bring on the CRUISE that his grandma blessed us with for our honeymoon (don’t worry, I already went on my shopping spree thsi weekend)!!  Yep, you got that right, CRUISE!!!  And, it was so surreal being in Kohl’s today shopping and thinking, ‘this is my life.  This is my husband…’  (not that Kohl’s is my life or Josiah is yet my husband…but you get it…)
  • The other day while walking back from the alley where I parked my car, I was multi-tasking and checking facebook statuses on my phone.  Within two feet of  a couple and their dog, I looked up and realized I was about to run into them.  Really?!  The man said he was just waiting to see how close I would get….here’s to not texting and walking!
  • These earthquakes are getting out of control.  OOC.  Out. Of. Control.  I had to grab Rachel’s dog and cover him while crouching next to my bed and praying out loud, watching my clothes and blinds shake.  Not okay.  Nor is the lingering seasickness I feel. 

The end.  I love my life.  I love Jesus.  I love my roommates.




5 Things I am Grateful For:

  • Having a month straight of together time with Josiah!! (hence the reason posts have been limited)
  • A three day weekend full of friends, family and fun (mom, LDJ, OC crew)
  • Time to get stuff done around the house – laundry, wedding planning, etc.
  • Waking up without an alarm this morning
  • The fact that I am looking out on the harbor right now from the comfort of my own home…I never cease to be amazed!!

2 Things I’m Looking Forward to:

  • I’m getting  a massage in 8 minutes
  • I’m getting married in 10 weeks from today!!