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Turkey Time!


Just needed to post something to remind myself of Thanksgiving 2010 – because my, oh my, how quickly I forget things!! Since I had the whole week off, I decided to fly home to Phoenix on Saturday night. Pops picked me up and we headed home. Sunday, we had ambitious plans of tackling his warehouse; however, he ended up really sick and in bed for 27 of the next 33 hours. Not fun for him! I made the most of my time, finishing the book House Rules (really good and pretty intense at times and, of course, I found myself crying at several points), napping, and researching ideas for next year.

Monday, after several more naps, we finally made it to the warehouse, but still weren’t quite as productive as hoped. I just really enjoy the mundane tasks of warehouse work – counting, organizing, sorting, etc. And there is no facetiousness in there, I promise! I love it! Lindsay met me up at the warehouse after work and we headed to Home Depot to find some paint swatches for her. We went to a birthday dinner at Applebee’s which was YUM! And, as always, I enjoyed a great time with my tried and true BFF 🙂 I just love that girl!

Tuesday, it was up and back at ’em. Got some stuff completed at the warehouse and then headed to the Huff household that evening. Grace is absolutely hysterical as usual, and I got some good talk time in with Lynds and even got to see Kevin! As I sat down with them for dinner to eat a salad (I was meeting my grandparents afterwards for actual dinner), Grace set the table and announced, ‘Karolyn, I gave you the big fork cuz you are big’ – then we saw that she had given me a SERVING fork!! HAHA!! Too cute. Too soon, it was out the door to meet G&G for dinner as they had just arrived into town. We went to Chompie’s and enjoyed a hearty meal -I opted for walnut waffles. YUM! We got home late that evening and I assessed my dad with a formal assessment from work. Long story, but basically I would not let it go that I had scored ‘very superior’ on many of the subtests (let’s be honest, I work in the education field daily and have had recent access to most of the information it tests on…) and needed to see what he was capable of. Overall, we’ll give him a superior

Wednesday, we were up early for dad to head to work and G&G and myself to enjoy a good breakfast before they too fell victim to the standard assessments! HAHA! I spent the next two hours administering these tests – grandma ended up a solid ‘high average’ and gramps a ‘superior/very superior’ combo – I could not believe the math he was able to do; guess teaching math probably helped in that score! And grandma was awesome in her writing fluency and passage comprehension – all of her note writing and book reading paying off!! After grandma took a quick nap, we got ready to head out. We went up to Desert Ridge to enjoy a lunch at Paradise Bakery and then we were off to Hallmark Creations, who can resist?!?! We went to town in that store and absolutely LOVED it – I had to leave two boxes with my dad to have my mom drive back next weekend! Afterwards, we met Dad back up at the warehouse where we were devastated by the fact THREE BOXES of delicious candy were RUINED and had to be discarded. Grandma and I tried hard to salvage it, but it just wasn’t working! That evening, we met Aunt Lin and Colby up at Charleston’s for a DELICIOUS dinner and GREAT time together! We’ve been able to spend 5 out of the last 6 Thanksgivings together, I believe! After nearly freezing to death on our way back to the car, we made it back home. I headed out at about 10 to meet Natalie and her boyfriend, Chris, in town from San Antonio down in Tempe! It was so great to meet Chris and it was AWESOME to get to see Nat! I love that girl!

Thursday, it was up early – 4:25am my time, to be exact. My flight left at 7am Phoenix time and got me back to San Diego at 7:10am. My hubs was right on time and we headed straight home to take an almost three hour nap! Five days might have been just a little too long to spend apart, but it was so nice to be reunited! The house was perfectly cleaned, the list completed, and a card left for his Wifey! Who could ask for anything more?! At about 10:30 we were up and down in the kitchen trying to get our sweet potatoe balls and green bean casserole prepared. I apparently did not plan too far ahead and didn’t think about the fact the sweet potatoes would have to be cooked prior to the recipe beginning. Oh well! At noon, I just threw all of the ingredients in the back of the car and spent our trip up to Oceanside rolling those balls! Then, when we got there Josiah went to Grandma and Grandpa Cerullo’s house to bake it all! We thought we were in a rush; however, mom and Jim got caught in traffic (THREE HOURS worth) on their way from Orange County and we got a later start, which worked out perfect! The meal was absolutely WONDERFUL! Enough salad to feed a small army, cranberry sauce in the appropriate turkey oranges, our sidedishes, yummy turkey and brisket, mashed potatoes/gravy, bread, and I think that might be it. After gorging ourselves, we went on a short walk down to the little pond aread where I impaled my hand with thorns trying to climb a tree. Not fun. But a good little walk nonetheless! Then it was back home to play games. The first one of which I was NOT a fan – the ‘Broom Game’ – oh my goodness, I got so frustrated – and thankfully, Jennie finally helped me out before I gave up. Then, it was onto Catch Phrase where the girls won quite a few in a row 🙂 My mom suffered a bruised lip, but all was well!

Then it was onto desserts where people got to choose between pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pumpkin dump cake, and something with cherries. YUM! After that, we gathered around the table to play a great game of ‘Fishbowl’ which is absolutely hysterical – particularly with so many devout Christians in the room making words like ‘Atonement’, ‘Sanctification’, etc. – try acting those out!! We had a great time, and the girls secured yet another victory 😉 (I say thise solely because the score card from our last game night is still hanging on our fridge announcing the boys’ victory). We wrapped up the evening in good conversation and headed home around 9pm so Josiah could get some sleep before working Friday. I spent the day straightening up and organizing my computer before spending time with him when he got home and then heading to the Friesen’s to babysit.

Saturday started with almost an hour Skype conversation with Kalyb, just wonderful! Can’t WAIT to have him here in December, I can hardly stand it!! Then, it was off to run errands for me – post office, Salvation Army, Harley Davidson, and then to Belmont Park to play some football with some friends. Can’t believe we can be outside at the end of November so comfortably – it’s colder in our house than out there! Came home to have Raleigh come over for some conversation and some tea 🙂 I always so enjoy getting to have time to just sit down and chat with her!

And that brings us to Sunday….a lovely sleep in until 10:30 followed by a blog post and now onto some cleaning, reading, relaxing, and church later. FUN FUN! We really are blessed….happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


A Reflection


Recently, I was reading some commentaries preparing for a Bible Study on a chapter in either 1 or 2 Corinthians. I can’t remember exactly off the top of my head (surprise, surprise)…however, I do remember the commentary pointing out that we are created in God’s image. And how God created His creation to reflect Him. The author stated that like the sun, moon, and stars, we as Christians are designed to give light. In accepting Christ, we’re given His divine nature and can reflect Him – Him being the way, the truth, and the light. I liked the author’s analogy here. Similar to in Romans when the auther points out that none of us will be left without excuse because God has used His creation to point to the Truth and existence of Himself. The life cycle of plants, for example. The Bible talks about how we need to die before we live – similar to a seed dying and in that, creating the opportunity for a beautiful life to come forth.

However, something about this commentary also bothered me. The moon does not give off light. I actually didn’t realize this until three years ago when I was helping one of my students with his Science homework and came upon this piece of knowledge. I’m not sure how I never realized that, but I hadn’t. That night, I looked at the moon in an entirely different light (pun intended, I suppose)…it was interesting to look at the moon reflecting the light of the sun. You can literally see the shadow upon the moon and can picture the exact angle in which the sun is giving off its light in order to illuminate the moon.

I am reading a book right now and one of the characters says, ‘I remember storming out of the kitchen and sitting on the porch for a while, under the light of the moon, which isn’t really light at all, just a pale reflection of the sun.” This got me thinking about the commentary. That while the moon, in fact, does not give off light as the auther suggested, it plays an important role in God’s creation. While His nature has created us to give off light (which does not come naturally to most, thanks to the Fall), He has also designed us to reflect light. Similar to the moon. In order to reflect light, we must be in contact with the source of that light.

So a few questions remain as I think about this…
-Am I giving off light to those around me?
-Am I reflecting light to those I come in contact with?
-Am I in constant relationship with the Source of light?



I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling lately except for encouraged. It has been a good couple of weeks. I love feeling challenged – I love growing and learning and trying to become more like Christ. I love that my husband and I now wake up around the same time (he always tries to beat me out of bed so I can be responsible for making the bed 🙂 ) – it’s so sweet to start the mornings with him in the family room and me in the kitchen reading. I love that. I love ending nights reading together, talking together, laughing together. I love going to work and being surrounded by friends that have become like family – that make me laugh, that encourage me, that teach me, that love me. I love that this week has been ‘Mission reconnect with friends’ and that I’ve been able to connect with quite a few. I love that in less than six weeks our home will be filled with the laughter, chatter, excitement and attitude of Kalyb. That I’ll have one week to cover him in penguin hugs and start building our relationship. I love that in the past three weeks, we have eliminated 10% of our debt – only 90% more to go! I love that my husband is motivated by my excitement about Mission ‘GOOD’ (Get Out Of Debt) and has his budget documented to the CENT! I love that he is able to spend Tuesday nights connecting with a group of godly men while I get to spend the evening in a clean home – our home – catching up with friends on the phone, reading, wandering through blogs blogs, listening to Pandora, writing a blog, and thinking of how encouraged I feel. I almost want to burst! I am so grateful for how FAITHFUL my GOD is!!

Adventures of Hubs and Wifey


It has been three months. And I must say that the third month has been the sweetest so far, and it just keeps getting sweeter. I have a husband who is in love with Jesus and keeps falling more in love daily. I have a husband who is committed to allowing me to experience His love through him. I have a husband who is diligent, hardworking, and determined to grow. And it has been so sweet.

He has a wife. A wife that adores him, but says the wrong thing sometimes. A wife that desires to build him up and encourage him, but can do a lot of damage with her words. He has a wife who is friendly, outgoing and loving but has a desperate need for alone time. He has a wife who says one thing and then a day later changes her mind. He has a wife who is desperately in need of the Holy Spirit’s transformation and comfort and guidance. And he is so patient with her.

I have said this time and time again, but the truth remains. Marriage has very obviously (and painfully) revealed how desperate I need the Lord to reign in my life. And, I heard a great sermon the other week that reminded me if the Lord isn’t the Lord of the small moments of my life, He is not my Lord. So – those moments that I do something that I wish I could say are ‘so out of character’ – nope, they just reveal my heart. Those things that I say that I claim I didn’t mean, nope, I meant them and it just revealed more stuff I need to deal with. I need the Lord to be the Lord of my LIFE! Not just big decisions or moments where things to be going my way. I need Him in all of those hundreds of thousands of little moments where it can become so easy to forget about Him and then becomes so obvious that I have, indeed, chosen to do things once again out of my own strength rather than depending on Him. Make sense to those wives out there?! Please let me know I am not alone 🙂

It has been a FUN three months! We have been BLESSED beyond measure and it is SO awesome to be sharing life with my best friend – someone who makes me laugh and laughs at me, someone who sees me in my darkest moment and tries his best to convince me that I’m not crazy, someone who is seeking so hard after the Lord and learning so much, someone who is so patient, tender, and loyal. It just warms my heart to think of what a gift the Lord my God has given me in my husband. I just want to treat him like that each and every moment.

Praise Reports:
• Josiah got a job as a lead cook with an awesome new company and has the opportunity to help them open their first restaurant
• Josiah was blessed with a trip to the Rock’s Men’s Retreat and was encouraged, inspired, and used by the men he was surrounded by
• Josiah had the opportunity to visit Kalyb for a long weekend. And Kalyb has kindly requested that when we finally get to meet in person (DECEMER 27th!!!), I will cover him with penguin hugs
• Karolyn had the chance to drive Maria up to LAX and send her on her way to Israel to share the gospel
• Karolyn is still absolutely loving her job and the people and students that surround her (the fact that there is a week Thanksgiving break and a 3-week Christmas break quickly approaching help that situation)
• We got to spend time with our families this weekend and that was so sweet