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Christmas 2010


I’m shocked at the minimal amounts of pictures that I’ve taken the past few months of my life…but I can promise you, with the arrival of Kalyb in less than 8 hours, there will be a revival! 

All that being said, I’d like to documented our Christmas Celebrations thus far!

  • Drove up to Oceanside on Saturday the 19th to start the festivities!  Josiah spoiled us with dinner and we had our gift exchange with Lynn and Rudy.  It was a great time of hanging out with the fam, as usual!
  • After church on Sunday, we drove up to Garden Grove to meet up with my mom and Jim.  Despite consistent fire alarm shortages, we had a great time of relaxation, a delicious meal, and a great time of opening gifts and stockings (complete with Josiah and Jim’s names as well) then enjoyed chocolate fondue for dessert (a first for my husband!!). A GREAT time!
  • My mom, Jim and I drove over to Arizona earlyMonday morning.  We hung out and ate dinner with my sister that night and saw her throughout the week which was nice.  More gifts given!  While in Arizona, I also got to see Lindsay, Desi and MOST of her family!, Lyndsey, Jen and Taylor, and Cindy & Jen & Family (and Josiah drove himself over on Wednesday).  Didn’t make as many rounds to people as I wanted nor did I see everyone that I wanted, but it was a valiant attempt with everything else going on!
  • Christmas Eve, my Dad, Josiah, and I went to see ‘Little Fockers’ (a decent movie…not great, not horrible) then ate at Carraba’s before attending a candlelight service at 9pm at our standard La Casa de Cristo!  We headed home to play games, watch the news and HGTV, and then head to bed.
  • We woke up early Christmas morning to celebrate Christmas with my Pops (mark this down as #3) – had a nice time opening gifts and enjoyed breakfast (made by my dad) outside under the warm Arizona sun!  So nice!  We were on the road by 10am and arrived in Oceanside by 2:30pm (we gained in hour in the drive, don’t worry!)
  • We joined all sorts of people over at Lynn & Rudy’s (Jennie, Gma and Gpa Cerullo, Marc & Mona and kids, and Carla).  It was an AWESOME time of food, family, fun and fellowship.  By about 5pm, we were exhausted and ready for bed.  However, we stuck it out and enjoyed time with everyone there – even played some Nab It with 84 year old Grandpa Cerullo and Taboo with 6 year old Giuseppi!  Not too shabby!  Ten of us spent the night over there which was a sight to be seen!!  Josiah and I were on an air mattress in the kitchen!!!  We woke up Sunday morning to go to church together and listen to Grandpa Cerullo preach and then went to a family lunch at Garcia’s in Carlsbad afterwards.  SO FUN!

We spent yesterday unpacking, organizing, eating, playing games, and relaxing.  We were in bed by 9pm in order to wake up at 5am to get Josiah to the airport!  He has safely arrived in STL and been united with Kalyb!  I’ve checked all weather reports and airport flight status updates and it looks like they are set to arrive on time!!  I have less than 8 hours before I’ll be meeting Kalyb for the first time!  I’ve had excited butterflies all day!!  Now, back to reading ‘Parenting with Love and Logic’ and completing some posters for his arrival 🙂  There are certain to be plenty of pictures to follow this week…

God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  May you be filled with His peace, love, and joy this season!!


Last Weekend In Review (and with unnecessary detail…)


So last weekend was such a sweet time of friends, fun, and fellowship! Right after work, Steph and Heather arrived in town from Orange County. We ran in the house, reminded my husband who they were and that they were staying the weekend, and got changed to head up to Escondido where Jen and Sam Jacobs had a timeshare for the weekend. We got up there a little bit after 6 and started the festivities – other than the previously mentioned, Jamie, Lucy, Ruth, Rachel, Tyler, Ruth, Shanon, Christina, Jon, Sasha, and Matt were all involved! We browsed wedding pictures, enjoyed some snacks, ordered pizzas, and spent time at the Rec Center (some of us chatting, others playing pool and foosball). It was such a fun evening with the Jacobs back in town. I miss that Jen so much!!

We headed home pretty early since Josiah had to work in the morning. We enjoyed our ride with Steph, Heather, and Jamie and on the way up there even introduced Josiah to where we looked up and were amused by the definitions for each of our names (I would urge you to do so as well – just weed out the good and the bad!) Josiah went straight to bed and Heather, Steph and I got to enjoy some girl talk until about midnight when we were all about to crash. Somehow, I slept in til 10 in the morning and woke up to two girls jumping into bed with me telling me it was time to wake up! We enjoyed a lazy breakfast together then Dave came to pick up Heather and Steph got ready for a friend’s wedding. Josiah got home from work and we enjoyed a nice time together just talking and laughing. We felt like we really hadn’t seen each other all week since each night we hadn’t been home til close to 10. Not fun!

Josiah got ready and headed up to San Marcos to meet a friend and go to the Sho’ Baracka (I’m probably butchering his name) concert and was THRILLED he even got to meet him in person and talk to him for a little bit! I headed out to San Diego state where a group of us went to the SDSU vs. USD Men’s Basketball game. First half was great, but I felt so bad for USD in the second half. Valiant effort, boys! It was still a good time 🙂 Headed home and enjoyed a good heart to heart with Lucy before going back home to meet Steph and stay up to all hours of the night chatting some more!

Sunday, we woke up a little bit earlier, ate some breakfast, and then joined Jamie and some of her friends for church at Horizon. Afterwards, we headed up to Stone Flats for lunch and enjoyed hours in the sun talking and catching up – reminiscing on how much more often we used to be able to see each other! But, so thankful for Christ at the center of our friendship that always makes it exciting and fun to catch up and see what He is up to! Steph headed out about 3pm and I had full intentions of a nap when Josiah got home early. I kept him downstairs watching TV while I enjoyed a power nap before church that night. We headed to church and stopped by the grocery store on the way home in order to get some dinner to enjoy while watching the Cowboys game. A disappointing ending for the Cowboys, but a fabulous weekend for me! Although, I did thoroughly miss my husband. Our fourth month anniversary even came and went with us being too busy to even remember it! It is so sweet to be married to a man that I love spending time with. He makes me laugh. He challenges me. He encourages me. And no matter how many times he tells me he loves me, and I ask why – he always comes up with a list of answers without hesitation. It is a sweet feeling to be loved and I am thankful for the glimpse of the Lord’s love for me that I receive through him.

Happy mid-December everyone!!

A Weekend In…


So here I sit on a chilly Sunday morning bundled up in my big red robe.  I’ve already just about finished my bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch and am reminiscing on this weekend, this week and thinking about the things I should get done today…It has been a sweet weekend to end an emotional week.  Friday night, I got home from work and tutoring to be greeted by a Hubs to hug me and tell me, ‘whatever you want for dinner, I’ll make it – just point’.  Are you serious?!  Where’d this guy come from?  We ate dinner and headed over to celebrate Gabe’s birthday around a bonfire – enjoyed some hot chocolate and some story telling before heading home a little early since Josiah had to work in the morning.

Saturday, he was up and off to work.  I’d prefer if he only had to work one weekend day personally.  I do like one solid 8-hour chunk  by myself – I do bills, make lists, do laundry, clean up, read, relax, etc.  Sometimes I’ll catch up on phonecalls or other random errands.  It’s always a pleasant start to the weekend.  I do apologize to friends – sometimes motivation to get out and about truly does elude me.  Saturday night was lovely as well.  Hubs came home with a bundle of lillies – to which I woke up to their scent this morning – and I was preparing dinner while he came in to create a dessert.  We quickly ate dinner and jumped in the car to head down to December Nights at Balboa Park.  Valiant attempt.  After realizing we would have been better off parking at home and walking there (a solid ten mile walk), we opted to turn around and come home for movie and that aforementioned dessert!  Besides me choosing a rather morbid and depressing movie (he wanted ‘Up’, but it wasn’t on ‘On Demand’ – and I chose ‘All Good Things’), we still enjoyed a nice evening cuddling on the couch indulging in a S’mores Surprise type pie – something I’m trying to resist the urge of eating right now!!

Today, he’s back at work again.  And I’m up again – heaven forbid we sleep in around these parts!  I might go try to get my oil changed – yesterday was a failed attempt.  I might just sit here and read (into a great one called ‘The Promise of His Protection Under His Authority’ by John Bevere).  I might drive up to Orange County.  I might just stay in and watch football.  I actually think having too many options is where things become slightly overwhelming.

I’m so grateful that there’s two more weeks before a three week break.  I’m so thankful that in a little more than 3 weeks, Kalyb will be with us.  I’m so grateful for this life that I lead – and I don’t take it lightly.  We’re studying through the book of 2 Corinthians right now and just went through the third chapter.  Whew – some great food for thought!  What am I doing to be a good ‘Letter of Recommendation’ for Christ?  What are you doing?