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Memorial Day Weekend Festivities


The original intention was to have Steph and KD drive on down to San Diego to get a few days of QT in – and, of course, Steph wanted to meet Kalyb.  Thursday I received a relatively panicked (is that how you spell that?)  phone call – Kristen was feeling slightly overwhelmed.  After getting stuck in Kansas a few extra days due to weather, getting to have her mom and brother come into town, and needing to pack by Monday – she wasn’t thinking a trip to SD was really going to be enjoyable, much less doable!  As we talked through it, I realized that perhaps I could just drive up there since the Hubs was working most of the weekend anyways!  What a GREAT thing this turned out to be!

Unfortunately/fortunately my Mom and Jim were out of town (unfortunately because it would have been fun with them there…fortunately because we took up every bed in that house and kind of made a mess in the process….hopefully we cleaned it up okay!) and we decided to do the rendezvous at their house.  So, Friday night, I packed Kalyb and I up and off to Orange County we went!  The little one fell asleep about twenty minutes before arrival, but quickly woke up and was ready to go when he realized new people were coming to meet him.  Steph arrived at about 8:30pm and Kristen followed not much behind her.  We spent the first part of the evening ‘playing’ Hide N Seek with Kalyb – which consisted of him letting us know he was going to hide in the best place ever and that we would never find him, proceeding to show us where that spot was, then requesting that we forget where he showed us and leave the room to count.  Needless to say, it was quite the nail-biter.  We calmed down and Kalyb headed to bed on the ‘balloon bed’ (aka blow-up mattress) while Kristen, Steph and I stayed up to about midnight chatting and carrying on about life and all the upcoming adventures each of us have going on.  I tell you what – serving the Lord is not boring business! 

We all slept in until about 9am on Saturday and woke up to enjoy some scrambled eggs and monkey bread – YUM!!  Heather even got to make her way into town and bless us with her presence!  We relaxed at the house until Bekah came over around noon – you would have thought Kalyb and Bekah were long lost friends the way that Kalyb greeted her.  We realized it was because Bekah = pool time in Kalyb’s mind.  So, off we went on the walk to the pool.  We had the area all to ourselves and had fun lounging, playing frisbee, talking some more, swimming with Kalyb (ok, that was just Kristen), snacking, etc.  Heather had to go at about 3 – so we closed up shop, went inside so that I could nap and watched a movie.  Around 4:30 we started getting dinner ready (thanks, Mom and Jim for offering us to make ourselves out home – we enjoyed quite the fixings!) and Steph, KD and Kalyb went off to the store.  We enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner followed by a celebration of Bekah’s 30th birthday with a funfetti cake.  Yum, yum!  Kalyb wrapped the evening up watching ‘Bolt’ while we played a riveting game of Spades (good work, Bek and Kristen – I still think Steph and I were a stellar team!).   We put the little one up to bed and didn’t last much longer ourselves!

Sunday morning we really slept in!!  I made it to 9am again – but Kalyb was asleep til 10 and he went and jumped in bed with Steph and Bekah at 10:30.  We decided a Starbucks run was in order, loaded up the car, and headed out.  37 minutes later, we finally all received our drinks and were back in the car.  Note to self – choose a different starbucks when there is a soccer team in line ahead of you.  We returned to enjoy some breakfast and some more lounging around.  Then began clean up central.  We went on a cleaning frenzee and then sent Bekah (BIRTHDAY GIRL) and Steph on their way.  Kristen stayed a little while longer before heading out and Kalyb opted to watch Bolt again while I took a little nap!  We wrapped up around 3pm and drove back down to San Diego where we took turns saying the word ‘lemur’ about 10 times each (that lasted close to ten minutes), and then spent another twenty minutes or so playing ‘hide n go seek’ in in the car.  That was also a thriller.  😉  It was HILARIOUS when he cried out, ‘Lord, speak to me for I am listening!  I can’t find Karolyn!’  I was dying – and of course made him repeat it on video. 

We came home, got to spend some time with Josiah/Daddy before bed and I’m pretty sure Josiah and I fell asleep before Kalyb!  WORN OUT!  This morning (Monday), Josiah was up at a God-forsaken hour (aka 5am) while I slept in til about 7:30 and cleaned up a little and finally Kalyb woke up around 9:30am.  Guess this weekend wore him out as well!  We ate some breakfast and went and picked up Ha for a little get together.  We got to spend a few hours a cute little tea shop while Kalyb amused himself and at the end joined us in prayer (even repeating, ‘yes, Lord’, ‘yes, Father’  SO CUTE!).  We drove back home to pick up Josiah and then head to the beach to meet up with some of Josiah’s friends for church.  FUN TIMES (minus one minor melt down that was remedied) – hot dogs, snacks, cake, sand castles, etc.  Oh, yes, and I also got buried.  ENTIRELY.  Obviously I was a willing participant, but it sure was sandy! 

We’re just getting home and settling down.  About to put Kalyb in bed to prepare for another FUN week (school tomorrow, field trip on Wednesday, family picnic on Thursday afternoon and my best friend Lindsay flies in on Thursday to join in!).