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Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…


We can’t believe it!  I cannot believe that tomorrow afternoon there will be a moving truck arriving at our home to load ‘er up!  I must tell you – this is the most pre-packing I’ve ever done with ANY of my moves (and, let me tell you, I’ve had quite my share of moves for my 29 years….in fact, I’m a number kinda girl and now I want to count: Concord-Encinitas-Carmel-Alpharetta-Scottsdale 1-Scottsdale 2-Denton/Dorm1-Denton/Dorm2 – Denton/Apartment – Spain (just a summer, but still)-LongBeach-Gardena-Torrance-Gardena-Casa Schneple-Casa Camden-Home with Hubs – back to Dallas~ going on my 17th move here!)  .

Anyways, my dad would be proud…I remember him showing up in Torrance to help my sister and I move to Gardena and we hadn’t packed one thing.  We didn’t even had a box – I just figured we could use bags and luggage and such.  Needless to say, he was not impressed.  However, when one is financially responsible for their own move and how much the pack determines how much they don’t have to pay someone to pack, it really lights a fire under ya!  Also, when Kalyb left it turned to be a good distraction to fill the quiet house and quiet my sadness.  I almost think it  would be harder to stay with all the memories the revolve around Kalyb now.

Another good thing is the fact that I’ve thrown all the tantrums that I could early on in this process.  So I went through the angry, feel sorry for myself, don’t wanna go fits throughout most of April and May.  I cried a lot thinking of moving and leaving my family and friends…even though my family is great and will do their darndest to get out there as often as they can…and my friends are awesome and they know they’re ‘lifers’ in my book and I’m not against a healthy dose of stalking someone in order to keep in contact.  So, it will be okay.  All is well with my soul.  I’m actually excited about our return to the Lone Star State…in fact, when I left there in 2005, I left with the promise I’d return in two years.  Well, six years later I figure it’s about time I make well on that promise!  (Is that even a saying?  I think it’s something like that, but can’t think of it for sure.)  Forgive me, part of my brain has ended up amidst all the boxes we’ve packed.

It is also a sweet, sweet thing to think of the Lord’s provision through all of this – we started praying specifically for $4,000 and for a full-time job for me back in February or so.  As you might know from a previous blog, the $4,000 was provided.  And then taken away.  So I doubted.  I questioned.  I really didn’t want to go and leave a job that I love.  ‘Maybe we’re supposed to go next year?’  Kinda shows my heart a little bit – I trust the Lord as long as circumstances are in my favor, but as soon as they change, I waver.  I’m praying about that – for that faith.  That faith that doesn’t waver – that knows the calling of the Lord and knows that He is mighty and sovereign and a Provider at His core.  Anyways, as we trusted and continued to move forward in planning to go – He provided.  We received part of our taxes back that became the money to physically move.  Josiah sold his SUV which became his money to pay for tuition (it’s been kinda fun this week playing taxi with each other as we navigate sharing one car).  And, off we go!  The last day of work here, I had my final interview and a job offer with Life School in Oak Cliff.  I will be teaching High School English for students in Special Ed and I will be coaching volleyball and basketball.  What a blessing!  I absolutely cannot wait to work for my principal and I’m thrilled that the campus is 1.5miles from where we’ll be living – and just so happens to be on the campus where Josiah grew up going to youth group!  Talk about full circle!  What an interview process that was though.  Wore.  Me.  Out!  I stalked the principal when I was in Dallas…she wasn’t there, but called asking me to come back the following day.  I obliged.  I showed up and she had been called to an emergency meeting but the office staff requested I return after lunch.  We went back and as I walked in I heard the office staff cheering that I had returned!  I then had a 45 minute conversation with the principal (who I grew to love over that period).  As other schools called and interviewed and skyped, I emailed her letting her know I really wanted to work for her and what should I do…she assured me I should keep praying and that if I was supposed to end up there, I would.  Yes ma’am.

So, after an informal phone interview with her, a formal phone interview with her, a formal skype interview with the Director of Special Education, an informal phone chat with the head basketball coach, an informal interview with the Athletic Director and a formal phone interview with the assistant Superintendent – I was hired.  Apparently they’re pretty thorough.  Obviously!  I was thrilled to accept the position – even if it means I have to be back in Texas a week early.  So, now, instead of a five day rendezvous in Colorado with Josiah’s family and some friends, it’s back to the Big D where I’ll be crashing on the couch of a teammate and getting my feet wet with this new endeavor!  I can’t believe the ‘Dicken Tour’ begins tomorrow!!  I’m still working summer school and we have a few more things to pack – but then we’re golden!

We’ve also been blessed finding out that Christ for the Nations just began offering a Bachelors program!  So, Josiah will be able to finish there in three years with his Bachelors in Practical Ministry!  I was looking at the course schedule and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist taking some classes for.  Just one or two!  They look AWESOME!  I can’t wait to learn what he’s learning and to live in a community with a bunch of other Christian families (it will be fun for a season) and to just learn, grow, and strengthen each other in our marriage, with our family, and most importantly in our own walks with the Lord.  Also, Josiah is still eligible for some of his money from the Army to go towards school – so we’re excited to see how much that will cover.

In the meantime, we’ll keep busy.  Here’s our schedule of events (I know you’re just dying to know):

  • Thursday – MOVING VAN
  • Friday – I finish work then we’re heading up to Orange County with my mom and Jim.  We’ll have a going away party here and we’ll be here until Monday
  • Monday – drive to Phoenix to spend some time with my Pops and my friends.  We’ll have round 3 of going away parties here and then head out on Saturday
  • Saturday – drive to El Paso where we’ll meet up with all my dad’s family to continue to celebrate my Gramps’ life as we have his military funeral on Monday
  • Tuesday – head up to Canyon where we’ll stay with Josiah’s sister and family until Thursday
  • Thursday – fly to Detroit to see all of my mom’s family and celebrate my Grandma’s 93rd birthday and many other things~I’ll be leaving a day early to return to Dallas
  • Monday – I fly home to Dallas to start work Tuesday morning
  • Tuesday – I start work as Josiah flies to Colorado to spend time with his family until Saturday at which time he’ll drive back to Canyon with Nichole and then Sunday he’ll drive back to Dallas to meet back up with me!!
  • Monday, August 8th – I continue with work and Josiah gets to check us into CFNI.  Perhaps we’ll have the moving truck drop our belongings off on this day?
Okay, I’m sure that’s way more information that anybody needs.  But, really this is more for me than you anyway 😉  I tend to forget major memories in my life…which is why I document via blog!  So, enjoy, best wishes!  Feel free to pray for our safe travels, our transition, and whatever else you feel led!

Sad times…Good Memories!


Kalyb’s been gone an entire day now. The house just isn’t the same – part because of his laughter, personality, and spunk and the other part because we’ve started the packing! What an incredible eleven weeks we had with Kalyb in our daily lives. Despite the heartache and devastation in August when we found out we weren’t going to have him with us, we are able to see the Lord’s hand in it all. We were at a much better place in our marriage (as far as getting to know each other and starting to figure each other out…I mean, when you only date for 6 months, there’s quite a bit left to learn!) when we were able to pick him up in April and for that reason, were really able to make the most out of the last few months we had him.

We sure did fill up those days and weekends! From the moment he arrived, there was something going on (surprise, surprise, I know). The first week, Deja was here with us as it was her spring break. Kalyb requested that she become his sister since he didn’t have one 🙂 The next weekend was Easter and it was up to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Jim’s house. The following weekend was a pre-planned girls weekend for me – so Kalyb got to meet and greet my whole Casa Camden crew! And I spent the night away, but at 8am was up and ready to get home to my Hubs and my Kalyb! The next weekend was Mother’s Day – so down came the Grandparents and off to Balboa park we went. In the middle of May, I had a Rest & Renewal women’s retreat – so Kalyb got to spend the weekend with G&G as I drove up to Ojai for some time alone with the Lord. We were reaching our half way point with Kalyb and my heart was growing more and more entwined with him and I was devastated thinking about today. The Lord touched my heart. Comforted me. Gave me what I needed as I sat in His presence. The next weekend, my Dad aka ‘Grandpa Tom’ came over to visit and we were able to rendezvous with Rudy and his family as well. So that weekend was full of beach, movies, and Chuck E. Cheese. Then, Gramps had to go back to ‘where he belonged’ – but it wasn’t long until the next weekend! For Memorial Day, Steph and Kristen came down and had a sleep-over in Kalyb’s room. With all the other activity, I’m blanking out on what we actually did that weekend (help me out, Steph and KD!). It was fun nonetheless! The next weekend, my ‘Lindsay Star’ came into town and we had a great time catching up, learning swim lessons in the tub (Kalyb’s now showering!!), and hanging out with the little man. The following weekend was our first ‘down weekend’ and G&G came back into town for dinner and a walk around the lake them back to the house for ice cream and wine (don’t worry, Kalyb didn’t partake in that!). Finally, it was the end of school which also meant that Josiah’s mom was in town, it was Josiah’s birthday, and Father’s day! WHEW! We had a fun time celebrating with Josiah’s family and friends at the park on Saturday, the 18th. For Father’s Day, we were up in OC where my mom cooked and spoiled the boys and we all got to relax before our vacation began! Then, from June 20th – June 27th, we were on the road! 1300 miles to be exact! We stopped in LA to pick up Deja then we were off to SLO for time with cousins, then up to San Fran for an AMAZING week with my INCREDIBLE sister aka Best Aunt ever! We had a blast frolicking throughout the city and Kalyb did a great job entertaining, amusing, and impressing everyone. Becca was even asked who the cherub of a child was?! Saturday, it was back through SLO where we got to hang out with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ken before stopping in OC for time with more cousins and G&G. WHEW! Needless to say, Kalyb slept past 10 the next morning (I was up early to head to work summer school….who needs sleep, right?!)

 Our last week was full of more family time – G&G took us out to dinner in Oceanside on Tuesday. Josiah had Friday and Saturday off – so we spent Friday at the zoo and Saturday around the house and at the park with Matt aka ‘Sunshine’ and Erica. At 8, it was off to the airport to pick up Maggie (Kalyb’s mom) – it was our first meeting in person and we had a good time. I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy with all my lists, opinions, and suggestions – but she’s so polite she says she appreciates it. Maybe she’ll learn to ask me to keep my mouth quiet 😉 Bless her heart, she’d been traveling for over 48 hours and came to our house for about 8 hours before it was back to the airport on Sunday morning for them to hit the road. They’ll be at her mom’s house for the next few weeks before heading back to Germany. We’ll figure out next year’s summer visit as the time gets closer, and in the meantime, I’ll remain thankful for Skype!

To say I’m heartbroken would be an understatement. But, I guess that’s a good thing – shows how much I love that little one? But, oh my, the pain. Thankfully, I had several major breakdowns by myself throughout the week so I was able to maintain my composure while his mom was here and when he left. The night before she got here, I cried as I tucked Kalyb in and he just held my neck and rocked me and said, ‘Don’t cry, Karolyn, ‘cause when you cry it feels like I’m crying’. That kid is so compassionate, it’s incredible. Naturally, I’m crying right now as I write this. But, I’m so thankful. Thankful for that 11 weeks. So thankful we have a forgiving and restorative God who, despite my husband’s and my own past, would choose to bless us as He has. It’s absolutely humbling. With everything that He has done in and through our lives, it has to be sin that I would ever doubt or question. So, we continue to covet your prayers as we transition to life without a little almost 5-year old filling our time, taking our energy, teaching our hearts, and making us laugh. We feel so covered and are so incredibly grateful for the people who came and took in Kalyb as part of their family too.

He is an incredible little boy and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Even if it’s not day-in and day-out for this season, I’ll continue to praise our God for allowing us to have this time. As much as I wished it would not end, Kalyb is where he needs to be – in his mom’s arms. He told me last week, ‘Karolyn, I can’t stay forever – my mom needs me too. When I gotta go, I just gotta go!’ Oh my. Wise beyond his 4 years and 11 months (1 month from today is his birthday!). Trusting God to comfort us as we mourn the loss of him in this apartment – and thankful for our upcoming move to distract us! Back to packing…