In My 11th Week…


Week 10:

likes: cherries
dislikes: food, strong smells
weight: +0
waist: +0

I didn’t feel much different han last week and there’s no fun appointments to report on this week! I’m enjoying being pregnant for the most part. Friends assure me that by the middle of the 2nd trimester, I’ll be able to eat normal again. It’s getting rather expensive trying to find food that I can actually bear to eat! Thankfully, Josiah’s been working a camp where they feed him lunch and dinner so we’ve had a little more freedom in our food budget to accommodate this growing baby. Yogurt & granola and tons of cherries have been consumed this week. I know, mom, I’ve been eating protein too, don’t worry. I haven’t been too sleepy either – which is a good thing considering it’s been a very full week between CDL training (they’re making me drive a school bus for coaching! DANGER! DANGER!), make-up testing, training, and lesson planning. Whew!

I feel unmotivated to do things like clean and cook – but I think I have to blame that on the heat and the summer in general, not on the baby. Although Kalyb & I are quite amusing ourselves blaming everything on the baby. I am much burpier than usual – and now Kalyb is blaming all of his gas on the baby as well. Poor baby!

Josiah’s been working 7:30am-12:00am on the weekdays most of the summer. I can feel his hand ‘on’ the baby when he gets in bed and can hear him murmur some prayers. He’s so excited! We’re all so excited! Apparently, little baby is already the size of a lime which is crazy because he/she was JUST the size of a blueberry! Kalyb refers to the baby as his ‘mini m&m’ – very cute!

That’s about it for now. I’m ten weeks and three days pregnant as I type (so in my 11th week). But, who’s counting? It’s crazy that we’re already 25% of the way done with this part of the journey!


About KarolynK

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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