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17 Weeks Today…


Since I’m officially 17 weeks today (and entering into my 18th week – a few weeks away from half way there!), I decided it’s about that time again…where are these weeks going?!?  This picture is from 16.5 weeks pregnant – it was really early and I’d just showered and we had a busy day – so this is the best you’ll get!!


Likes: sandwiches (I know, I know – moderation or cooked)

Dislikes: not much other than annoying noises seem to grate on my nerves a little more

Waist: +1.5

Weight: +0 (probably because I walk around so much during the day – and I’m sure we’ll catch up here pretty soon!)


Week 16 and 17:

These weeks have been super busy so it all kind of runs together.  Because of the busyness and lack of significant baby bump, sometimes it’s easy to even forget I’m pregnant!  But, then, every now and then, I feel a tiny little flutter that definitely isn’t gas and feels like a little internal twitch.  Supposedly within the next few weeks, I’ll be feeling this little person every day.  How exciting!!

We have our appointment set up for Saturday, Sept. 8th to figure out what is growing inside of me.  We had been hoping for a girl (except Kalyb who is very verbal about his desire for a brother to ‘box with’), but lately Josiah and I are kind of leaning towards a boy.  Of course, we’re just praying for a happy, healthy little baby!  Can’t wait to see the pictures in a few weeks – we’re doing some 3D and 4D stuff too – it’s fun to keep up with the ‘What to Expect’ app and pray for whatever is developing that week.  So surreal how quickly this little being forms! 

I think that’s about it for now – no weird cravings, no abnormal fatique, no aches or pains – to God be the glory! 


Evening Recap


Sitting… at our ‘kitchen’ table looking at what a mess we have going on in our family room!

Drinking…nothing, until it came time to type this and I felt like I needed something.  So, milk it was.

Wondering…how everything that I need to complete next week will be completed: LearnZillion, lesson plans, work, volleyball try-outs, Becca’s shower, etc.

Preparing…for round two with Life School!!  Excited to get this year underway!

Enjoying…just sitting.  I tend to do that a lot these days. 

Anticipating…a potential hang out tonight with former teammates!  Yes, please!  We’ll see how late I can make it…

Reading…lots of memos and IEPs and lesson plans.  Thrilling undertakings, I know.

Dreading…how full this week is going to be. 

Thinking…I’m ready for it to be September so we can figure out what kind of child is forming inside of me 🙂

Remembering…a list of things that need to be completed.

Deciding…that despite my list of ‘things to do’, I’m going to choose to be present where I am and to be used by God in this crazy week.

Copying…this blog entry from a previous post so I can see what’s going on with YOU! 

In my 15th week…


Week 12/13/14: (picture from 13.5)

likes: most food yet again!
dislikes: working 14 hour days
weight: +0.5
waist: +1.5

I’m not sure how three weeks have flown by…but they have!  Between a week vacation in Michigan with Kalyb in tow and getting to visit family and heading back to work on July 30th, the days are getting shorter!!  Thankfully, I’ve been feeling great and really not even too tired.  I’m back to being able to eat whatever sounds good.  Thank goodness!  That was getting expensive!

I got my first comment today on a baby bump 🙂  It was one of the high school volleyball players and she wanted to know how far along I am and mentioned she could see the bump forming.  Josiah has also finally given in and admitted little baby is forming a bump!  I’m still fitting into all of my clothes and plan to for awhile 🙂  As of today, I’m 14 weeks!!  Crazy to think there’s only 26 weeks to go…We’re headed back to the dr. again next week to hear the heartbeat.  Josiah will be able to come this time – YAH!

Baby is about the size of an orange (though, with our sizes, we’ll guess the size of a grapefruit)…I can’t believe the baby is already swallowing, curling toes, and peeing.  That last part kind of grosses me out.  Not much else to report on.  We’re just chugging along over here and enjoying the time together!  Tomorrow will be our two year anniversary.  Also amazing to think of how much life has changed in the last two years – BLESSED!!

Happy Birthday, Kalyb!!


Kalyb, today is your 6th birthday.  I’ve now been blessed to have known you for almost 2 1/2 years.  The first few months via shy interactions on Skype, then finally in person, and now through most of your kindergarten year.

My, how you have changed!  From picking you up in the St. Louis airport last April where we received many sympathetic stares and had quite the struggle with your four-year-old strong-willed self!  Now, into a boy that other parents have been overheard making comments about, ‘that’s how you should respect adults.’  ‘Did you hear him?  What a well-behaved little boy’.  Melts my heart.

Not that you don’t have your moments.  You are your father’s child, after all.  And with that comes a strong sense of justice and righteousness.  You desire to be heard and can be quite committed to your decisions, even when the consequences don’t fare well.  But, you’re learning.  You’re understanding consequences – both good and bad.  You desire to be obedient and to have people like you.

We’ve joined you in a flag football league where they focus on character.  This way we can build the social aspect of teamwork.  You had some troubles in p.e. this year when you didn’t always win, as you had expected in your mind.  Disappointment is difficult for you.  You feel strongly and deeply.  The good thing with this is that we never have to guess how you feel about something!

You are incredibly compassionate and concerned.  You’re tender with little babies and gentle with toddlers.  You like to be the leader but expect others to listen to your way immediately, so sometimes you encounter challenges.  You are so excited to become a big brother and are very verbal about your desire for a younger brother.  You scream at the little baby through my tummy and ask the baby lots of questions.  It’s quite precious!

You are extremely curious and overly locquacious.  Your vocabulary and comprehension skills never cease to amaze me.  You’re putting up a fight with writing – but oh my goodness, how you’ve improved!  You’re reading now.  You’re persevering.  You’re learning to do things even when you don’t feel like it.  Sometimes, more gracefully than others.  You’re great at investing in others – always asking your mom how her day is and trying to engage with others.

For as social as you can be, you also need your alone time in order to fill up. There are many times you’re running around and playing with others, but there are other times when you’re quite content to just be by yourself.  At this age, you’re getting along better with girls than with boys as there’s not as much of a power struggle.  It’s fun watching you engage and explore.

You have such a tender heard for the Lord and it’s humbling to be a part of it.  We pray for a life marked by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Our prayer for you is that The LORD would bless you and keep you; that the LORD would make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; and that the LORD would turn his face toward you and give you peace.  You and I created a painting with this on it and hung it above your bed.  I pray for a spirit that listens intently and is obedient quickly.  For a hunger and thirst for the Lord that doesn’t get side-tracked by the things of this world.

You want to be a preacher, a pilot, and a policeman.  You really wish that we still lived in San Diego.  You could watch movies all day, if we let you.  Almost nightly you ask a ‘random question of the night’ calling us out of bed to ask us something random about frogs swimming, waves crashing, or the purpose of lava.  Nerf guns are still a favorite – as are peanut butter & banana sandwiches, nutella, anything chocolate, and mac & cheese.  Your favorite color is red and you love superheroes.  You’re 100% boy and we couldn’t be more proud of you!  Happy 6th birthday, Kalyb Isaiah Dicken!  We love you!