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Almost into my 25 week…


Kalyb’s attempts:

Weeks 22/23 (written 12 hours before officially 24 weeks pregnant):
Weight:+10 pounds according to the doctor’s pre-pregnancy weight and weight now.
Waist: +3.75″ (no, I’m not going to round up yet)
Likes: Mexican food, fruit, hot dogs
Dislikes: getting tired, vegetables, clothes not fitting


Well this week I finally saw Kadence move from the outside – very strange!  I tried to get Josiah to see her too, but I think he had a bad angle.  She’s still moving all around – had a few days where she seemed a little more mellow, but she’s a mover!  Her middle name is still totally up in the air.  I figure we have three months to take care of that.

We did find out we probably won’t be able to move before arrival of Baby D – so we’ll be comfy, cozy in our little two bedroom apartment.  Kalyb is okay with sharing his room (especially since she won’t be spending the night in there) and has graciously already cleared some stuff out.  People have done it with more kids in less space so we figure we will be good to go!

This weekend, we spent several hours at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby registering (if you do check it out online, you’ll notice Kalyb had the scanner for most of it and quite a few toys made their way on that registry!) and already took care of our Walmart registry online.  My mom and sister are having a shower for us out in California around Thanksgiving and my friend Jessica and a few others (sister-in-law, mother-in-laws, etc.) will be having another one out here in December.  My goodness!  These months are sure to fly by between basketball, school, travels and holidays galore!

We’re signed up for a birthing class that begins next month so we’re looking forward to that as well.  We’ll need to get Kalyb signed up for one of those sibling classes that they offer to help with his transition as well: should be quite the change after 6 1/2 years as an only child.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday and was measuring exactly 23 weeks  – exactly where I was.  Josiah just laughs at that stuff and says, ‘of course you are’ mocking my planning ways ;0)  I have been so blessed with this pregnancy and do not take that lightly!  I did have a little sciatic nerve pain the other day but some stretching and massage from the Hubs and we were good to go!

I’m talking often to my sister who’s threatening to pull her baby out herself so she can hold her already (she’s due on 10/23) while I’m praying that Kadence doesn’t choose to come early since the last junior high basketball game is on 2/1 and I surely don’t want to be in any headlines, ‘Coach Delivers Baby on Bus’.  We’ll see what our God has in store for us!

I do like how this pregnancy has been split into nice sections: the first trimester was all at home over the summer, the second has been in volleyball season and the third will be basketball season.  That’s probably the last little bit of order that I’ll have ;0)

I’m just rambling now…one day, I’ll post on something other than being pregnant.  Until then, humor me.

Kalyb would like to add: “I like babies.  That’s all I wanted to say.”