Monthly Archives: November 2012

Entering my 29th week


Crazy to think that next week, I’ll be 75% of the way through!

Likes: How easy this has been!

Dislikes: Being tired by 7:30pm

Weight: +12 pounds

Waist: +5″






I realize this is not that exciting to most of you out there – don’t worry, in three months, this will be filled with baby pictures instead ;0)  Think of this as more of an online scrapbook than a blog for your viewing pleasure – sorry about that!

I’m still feeling great – but with the 5am wake up calls due to basketball practice, 7pm bedtime is yelling my name!  Thankfully with the time change, Kalyb hasn’t known to put up a fight with his earlier bedtime ;0)  Not too much else has changed – I got to fly to El Paso two weekends ago to spend some time with my Grandma and Dad.  Both of them got to feel her move and Dad felt her with the hiccups, so that was pretty exciting!

My dad tried to get some 6 month pregnancy pics:









Can’t quite believe how quickly time is going!  Obviously, I keep missing weeks because they all go too fast!