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This month has flown by!!


Kadence Emercyn

I'm one month old!

I’m one month old!

Whew – this month has flown by!  What a great month it’s been with our new little bundle.  It’s fun getting to know her a little more each day – and neat watching a personality develop.  A daily routine has yet to be established – I suppose that’s made more difficult by the fact that our days look so different and we have no routine.  Oh well!  She’ll be a flexible little one, if anything.

The first ten days of nursing, she refused to latch on unless I was standing.  Standing.  Yep, that was fun during the 2am feedings.  Thankfully, that requirement has passed.  She is very verbal when she is hungry or upset.  And really the only thing to consistently upset her has been THE CAR SEAT.  Thankfully, over the past few days, we’ve seemed to have made progress.  She has even slept a few times while driving (isn’t that what babies are supposed to do?!)

For a newborn, I feel like this little girl in incredibly alert.  She follows our movement and spends close to an hour at a time awake just looking around and taking it all in.  She really doesn’t poop much  – but passes plenty of gas which a friend helped me describe as ‘toxic’.  So stinky!!  And one of her poop explosions sent her dad to the bathroom gagging.  We’ll toughen him up in no time…

She is a trooper and just comes along with us wherever we go (like she has a choice in the matter…) but usually while we’re out, she’ll be napping.  She prefers to nap and sleep with her face covered or planted downward into my arm.  Makes me nervous!  She has NOT been one to take to swaddling, but with her lack of sleeping, maybe I should force it.  But, similar to the car seat situation, I think the constraint really bothers her.  Her favorite place to sleep is draped across my lap.  Crazy to think she fits there and I’ll get to tell her one day about that. 

She is a mover and a shaker as are most babies this age – Josiah even asked if I thought something was neurologically wrong with her – they’re just so spastic as it all comes together!  She really is a good baby minus the lap of sleep.  Which makes for a very tired mommy (I had my breakdown the other day – but Josiah took the 1am feeding so I could get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and felt like a new woman!) But even with her lack of sleep,  rarely is she fussy for seemingly no reason.  She loves to be held, loves to be bounced, loves to be moving around.  We will set her in this little chair that vibrates and there she’ll sit. 

The comments we receive most about her are regarding her hair and size.  I’m trying to think of what else I’ll look back on and wish I would’ve recorded.  But I guess that’s it for now.

Kalyb continues to thrive in his role of big brother.  He says she’s the best sister in the world.  I’m not sure how he’s determined that with her only sleeping, crying, pooping, and peeing – but I’m thankful for that determination! 

We are loving life – albeit in a zombie state at most times.  I’m so thankful for this time that I have home with her and wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I love this little girl – her long toes, her cute little belly button, her hair with a mind of its own, her cute little whimper, her sporadic smiles and her love to be held.  Can’t wait to continue to fall more in love with her.