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Two months and going strong!!


Kadence is two months old!  In some ways it’s crazy that she’s been here for two months already and in other ways I almost can’t remember life before her – oh wait, maybe that’s the sleep deprivation!  Actually, she is sleeping pretty good through the nights.  Usually, I can count on a 4-6 hour stretch followed by several cat naps before we wake up for the day.  Once (right at her 8 week mark), she slept for EIGHT HOURS straight!  Say what?!  It was glorious. 

Our days consist of the same thing – okay, not really.  Each day, I try to get at least one ‘major’ thing accomplished – whether that be a doctor’s appointment, a grocery run, a visit with a friend, etc.  Clearly my definition of ‘major’ has significantly shifted over the past two months.  Regardless, our days vary and because of that Kadence doesn’t really have a set napping schedule.  Oh well!  She’s a good sleeper on the go now (thank God for answered prayers!  The fight with the car seat was wearing us all out) and she’ll usually grab a few naps throughout the day.  Over the summer we’ll tackle the sleep training perhaps, but for now she is flexible and goes with the flow so I’ll take it!

This past month has been kind of tainted with the crazy amount of pain I’ve been in breast feeding.  Yuck.  I really would rather give birth each day than to go through what we’ve been going through.  Okay, I know, I know – my birth experience with her wasn’t that terrible, but you get what I’m saying.  FINALLY – we got an answer and we’re both on medicine.  Apparently you can get internal duct infections that don’t have ANY external effects.  So, we’re still treating us both with antibiotics and I’m hoping we can move along swimmingly!

Kadence is starting to interact a little bit more – she’ll smile and coo periodically throughout the day.  She’ll follow us around the room and seems particularly inclined towards lights and paintings on the wall.  Hmmm…

I can’t remember exactly what I said in the last post and I’m trying to wrack my brain about what significant things I’d like to remember – but, let’s be honest, at this age things are pretty much the same: eat, sleep, poop, cry, coo, stare, etc.  She continues to be incredibly alert most of the day.  She does seem to get bored easily and prefers to be walking around, moving and shaking!  She’s done pretty well wrapped up in my Moby the past few weeks so I’ve been able to go on walks, do the laundry, and keep track of our diminishing budget as she just hangs out!

Kalyb continues to dote on her and just last night squeezed her and informed her that she’s the best little sister he ever could have hoped for.  Perhaps that’s because she doesn’t talk back and doesn’t argue – I don’t have the heart to let him know that her personality will continue to develop and I believe we will have quite a feisty one on our hands!  She’ll come by it naturally, of course – but I’m hoping she lives up to the ‘best little sister’ award that Kalyb has placed on her.  He’s also really excited he’s been doing well at school so he can teach Kadence how to do that too J  Too sweet! 

Next week, Kadence and I are flying to Phoenix!!  She’ll be able to meet her cousin Charlie and Grandpa Tom – and my mom and Jim (Mimi and Papa) will be there as well.  I can hardly wait!!  We have five weeks to figure out how Kadence will take a bottle.  That’s our big ‘fight’ now.  Oh well! 

She did awesome at her two month check-up and the doctor said that her ability to follow light and engage with people is more at the four month level.  I think the doctor was just happy that Kadence was smiling and cooing at her J  If you missed her stats on facebook, here you go:  22.75” (67th %), 9 lb. 11 oz. (22nd %), and a 15.5” head (68th %)…I think that’s accurate.  Needless to say, she is long and lean with a large head and we wouldn’t have it any other way J

She has been such a blessing to our family.  I love to watch Josiah stare at her, talk to her and sing to her.  So sweet!  Daddy’s and daughters are a beautiful thing J  And it’s great to watch Kalyb take his role of big brother so seriously!  We are all doing well – my mood continues to be dictated by the amount of sleep received the night before and the amount of pain that I’m in due to the infection – but I’m so thankful that the Lord has provided for me to be home during this time with her!  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  Happy two months, Baby Girl!   You are loved and cherished even more than you’ll ever realize.