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My 200th post – and her 3rd month


Ok, well technically she doesn’t turn 3 months old until tomorrow, so I might wait until then (May 2nd) to post so I can add her pictures as well.  But since I have her napping right now, I decided I better take advantage of this time!

And, no, she’s not napping in her room.  She’s napping in the Moby attached to me.  Not the most convenient thing in the world, but I can’t take the incessant crying just yet.  I know, I know; I’m ruining her.  Thankfully she naps well with other people!  She stayed with Jessica last week while I accompanied Kalyb on a field trip – and although she continues to refuse to eat out of a bottle, she did nap while over there.  And, yesterday, she stayed with Mari and napped there as well.  Just fine.  On the bed.  Alone.  Then I try to get her to nap while we’re at home and she just isn’t having it.  She’ll nap when we’re on the road or if I’m holding her, but not independently when Mom is around.  We’ll get this all worked out this summer, I promise! 

Anyways, I’m also convinced she knew that I’d be writing this blog and wanted to be on her best behavior for her 3 month post.  Because for the last 4 weeks, her nighttime sleeping has been less than ideal, but not terrible.  She’d sleep for a good 3-4 hour chunk, nurse, and then sleep another 2 hours.  Still not what I’d prefer, but manageable for the most part.  And then – the last four nights?  A good little sleeper!  Saturday night was 9 hours, Sunday night was 8 hours, and the last two nights have been about 6 hours straight.  Keep ’em coming, baby girl!

Yesterday, I spent the day running around and was ready to pass out by 8pm.  Unfortunately, she doesn’ t get the “mommy’s exhuasted” memo and still stays up until her usual 9:30pm.  Oh well!

We continue to have not much of a set schedule which works out well for our busy days – but I’m thinking some sort of routine would be helpful.  I go back and forth between how strict I want to be with a routine, but figure once she’s in daycare, she’ll kind of be forced into somewhat of a routine and that will be helpful.  I return to work on May 10th for two weeks, so she’ll start then. 

I’ve continued to enjoy this time off with her!  We went to Arizona at the beginning of the month and she was the perfect little baby on the plane both ways.  It’s funny because people totally avoid eye contact until you land and then gush about how great your baby is once safely back on the ground! Haha! We had an awesome time getting to see Grandpa Tom, Aunt Becca, Jeremy, cousin Charlie, Mimi & Papa, etc.  And Lindsay and Lyndsey even had a little “Sip & See” so old high school friends could meet baby girl – and there were tons of babies/toddlers all around!  SO FUN!!  My dad didn’t believe she didn’t like naps and cried because most of the time there she was napping well and not fussy – but it’s helpful when there are more hands around to love on her :0)

She is beginning to coo and interact a lot more.  Lots of little noises and smiles – too cute!  She continues to bless us beyond belief and we just love getting to know her!  I always tell Josiah, I just can’t wait to know her more!  She’s an awesome little baby and we all just adore her :0)