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6 months…


Alright!  We’ve made it half a year – in some ways, it seems so much shorter and in other ways, I can hardly remember our family before little Miss joined us!

On K’s 6 month ‘birthday’, it was actually our first time to leave her overnight.  Lynn and Rudy watched her (for what ended up being two nights due to a delayed arrival of Kalyb and Maggie) and she did GREAT!  And we had an AMAZING, rejuventating, lovely time hanging out at the Omni Interlocken Resort & Spa outside of Denver.  Absolutely perfect!  A great way to celebrate our 3 year anniversary (a week early).

Anways…enough about us, back to her.  She continues to grow and change and melt our hearts.  She was 26″ and 15.6 pounds at 6 months – I’ll have to confirm those stats and percentiles, but I think it’s getting to 75% for height and 60% for weight. 

She is grabbing, putting things in her month, and engaging with her surroundings SO much!  She continues to rock her 0-3 month clothes, but we’re about to move on!

She is starting to laugh a lot more – mostly at Kalyb :0)  We had a fun visit with Grandpa and Great-Grandma Haskin in the middle of July (that should also be its own blog post…) and Kadence was so sweet with Grandma!  Made my heart happy to see.  It was also Grandma’s first time meeting Kalyb and he was just precious – playing cards with her, chatting away, and being the typical awesome traveler that he is!  Kadence chose to follow suit – minus a 12 minute stint on our drive to El Paso where you might have thought someone was trying to saw off her limbs.  Not the case.  Apparently she just needed a break, because immediately upon being unstrapped, she was as happy as a lark!

Let’s see- what else.  Nursing has continued to be an extremely painful experience so after a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided to start to wean.  It hurts my heart but was my pediatrician reminded me, there are other ways to be a good mom.  Nights are MUCH more enjoyable now that I’m not up for hours in excruciating pain.  She still isn’t sleeping great, but so it goes.  At least we can rotate bottle duty!

She likes a lot of stimulation before bed – moving and bouncing and loving and moving and moving.  Did I mention moving?  She continues to be extremely ACTIVE. 

She absolutely LOVES her big brother.  He was gone for a few weeks with his mom and she was immediately enamored with him again once he got back.  SO CUTE, those two!

She loves making eye contact and smirking.  She’s getting closer to sitting on her own, though has done a few face plants.  Ooops!  She likes grabbing her toes, playing with objects, and is starting to learn that her thumbs move as well (we were a little concerned about how she’d learn to text with her nonexistent use of thumbs…seems like she’ll be good to go after all!)

She continues to get lots of attention for her red hair and dimples; she really does get cuter by every ounce that she gains!  She is extrememly verbal – lots of chatter incessantly.  I suppose she comes by that naturally!

In unrelated baby news, we’ve found the house we want to raise our family in!  There are a few more details to sort out, but we should be closing by 9/13!  YAHOO!  Praise the Lord!  We’ve continued to feel His blessing, provision and guidance since arriving here and it’s great to be walking in obedience to His will!  Such a freeing place to be!  We LOVE our church family and have been incredibly blessed with how many of our students LOVE to babysit and have blessed us by spending time with our kiddos! 

It’s so fun watching the two of these grow; so humbling to be parenting these two.  And we are constantly aware of just how much we need His patience, direction, love and forgiveness!  This parenting stuff is crazy!  What a blessed journey we’re on!


A little late…


Now that I’m beginning to work on her 6 month blog, it’s probably time that I post her 4 and 5 month overviews….

4 months

I feel bad I’m running a few weeks behind on the updates.  There are several reasons for this – the main one being the WHIRLWIND of the past few months with our relatively quickly-decided move to Colorado Springs (details on that to follow!).

Additionally, if I were to have written a little summary at her 4 month ‘birthday’, it might not have been the nicest thing ever as she decided to revert back to waking up every 2-3 hours.  All night long.  Every night.  For 6 weeks.  When I googled it, it appeared there might be a growth spurt so I felt that I needed to nurse her each time she woke up.  Then I think she got used to it! 

She did great at her four month appointment and definitely had started to grow LOTS!  She was 13 lb 12 oz, 24.75 inches long and her head was 16.75 inches.  She was in the 45% for weight and 60% for height – moving on up!

I returned to work for two weeks during her 3rd month and it was a welcome two weeks.  We found an awesome daycare down the street from our house in Dallas and they were so sweet with her despite her feistiness with a bottle.  Ugh.  The battle of the bottle.  No. Fun.  By the last day, the one lady that hadn’t been able to get her to take a bottle finally experienced victory.  Hard-earned victory!  And of course, she preferred being at a particular angle, with a particular nipple (the NINTH we tried – and the daycare worker finally left work and bought the ones her son had taken…the Gerber replacement nipples aka the cheapest ones!), and at a certain temperature.  No, we’re not high maintenance at all around here.

At her four month appointment, she wasn’t hoisting herself up on her arms as much as the doctor would like, so more tummy time has been in order.  Her neck is super strong and her legs are super strong.  And during this month, she finally started consistently smiling and engaging; so sweet!  Makes the sleepless nights almost worth it.

Kadence Emercyn turned 4 months while visiting Mimi and Papa in California (another blog post on that to follow as well) – so FUN to spend some time with them! 

5 months


This was a BUSY month!  She finally started to sporadically and inconsistently roll over when placed on her tummy.  She is smiling A LOT and loving being interacted with.  At. All. Times.  Josiah was initially a little offended that I said we didn’t have a chill baby, but after moving in with his parents in Colorado Springs and getting the insight of his mom as well, it became undeniable that we have a high-maintenance child.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  But a very take-all-your-energy thing!  She still wasn’t sleeping very well – so we started letting her cry a little bit more in attempts to self soothe.  And some nights that worked and other nights it didn’t.   Hit or miss around here!

She turned five months while her cousins were visiting from Amarillo in addition to Desi being here from Georgia and us getting to go spend a few days with  Jen & Cindy in Longmont (yet another blog post that needs to be written…now you can see why updates have been relatively nonexistent.  So much fun stuff going on!)

She was getting A LOT fussier at night this month.  Thankfully, only two nights of inconsolable crying for about 45 minutes.  So sad.  I don’t think she’s teething, I think it’s one of those ‘wonder week’ situations or just a response to all of the change that we’ve had.

We spent the middle of this month moving out to Colorado Springs.  Kalyb and Kadence were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE on our trek out here!  We did a 7 hour day the first day (with limited tears!) and a 6 hour day the second day…not bad at all!  We made the trek with our kittens in tow, and they did fine as well!  I was so impressed with our kids though.  Kalyb is so sweet and interactive with Kadence; it just melts my heart.  I really hope she is as sweet with him as he is with her.  Josiah continues to be the best, doting Daddy ever and is totally enamored with her.

She’s adjusted relatively well to being out here in C/S but still struggles with consistent, long stretches of sleep.  Lynn and Rudy have been so helpful and have watched the kids so much this month allowing us to really get involved with meeting people at church.

I’m trying to think of other random things I’ll want to remember – the sleepless nights I’ll be thankful to forget!  She was in her newborn clothes until 12 weeks and in her newborn diapers for 10 weeks!  She flew through her size 1 and 2 diapers in the next few weeks and starting at about 4.5 months switched into size 3 diapers, though is still rocking her 0-3 month clothes due to how skinny she is.  She could wear longer pants, but they look cute as capris for the summer :0)

She is definitely starting to grab more – at hair, dogs, faces, stuff, etc.  We had so much fun hanging out with Desi, Jen and Cindy who just loved on her!  There’s a lot more fresh in my mind but it’s more for her 6 month post, so I’ll wait until then!

She continues to be a blessing to our family and despite the zombie-like state I’ve been surviving in the past few months, I’m so thankful for her life and her health.  We love that little girl SO much!

7 years and couting…


Dear Kalyb,

You turned 7 a week ago.  What a full-of-life 7 year old you are!  You continue to be passionate, opinionated, a mixture of shy/outgoing, and emotional.  It is not hard to guess how you’re feeling – we know when you’re mad, happy, excited, anxious, upset, sad, thrilled, etc.  You just wear it all on your sleeves!  And, at times it can be frustrating for us – but, as it stands, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I like that we don’t have to guess.  I just have to remind myself that you emoting is your way of communicating!

You wrapped up your first experience of 1st grade in a school district and at a school where the teachers totally adored you and that couldn’t have made me happier.  Oak Cliff probably wasn’t the best fit for you, so I’m thankful we had the opportunity for you to go somewhere where people saw what we see in you – a curious, compassionate, sweet and lovely little boy trying to make sense of everything.

If things don’t make sense to you, you make sure to let us know.  ‘That doesn’t make sense’ often leaves your mouth!  You constantly ask ‘why’ – and at times, it can drive us crazy, the reality is, you are so interactive with your environment.  You want to know!  You like figuring things out.  You enjoy putting things together.

You continue to have a very strong sense of right and wrong.  Justice.  You are an absolutely incredible big brother, even more so than we thought you would be.  You love entertaining her,  making her laugh, and speaking ‘baby’ to her.  When you talked with her on skype, your whole demeanor and language changed as you cooed over your ‘squishy little Marshmallow’.  Be still my heart! 

You are in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight.  You continue to pick at your nails and pull string all. the. time.  I constantly find wads of string around your seat in the car, in the bathroom, by your bed, etc.  You silly little guy!  We’re trying to work that one out.

You are a joy to be around a majority of the time – at other times, you are very aware of your need for some alone time to rejuvenate.  I’m always impressed by how self-aware

you are. We often get comments about how wise you are beyond your years, about your incredible ability to ask questions, and what a gentleman you are – holding doors for the ladies! You have an amazing sense of humor – you’re already sarcastic and silly and love giving people a taste of their own medicine. You love guns, swords, weapons, and all things boy. You aren’t much a fan of surprises – which is why I was surprised you were convinced you wanted a surprise ‘pie in your face’ on your birthday. Which your dad happily gave you and your surprise birthday party (that you also planned, shocking to me – I asked what you wanted and you said, ‘not a superhero party like last year…a surprise party!’ and continued to list all of the details…). Needless to say, you weren’t thrilled with that pie in the face. Though, later that night tried to convince us that you had ‘fooled us all’ with your tears, anger and frustration. You turned it around quickly though and enjoyed your party!

You continue to be sensitive to things of the Lord – you remember stories, names, details. You ask incredible questions and ask that I add them to your ‘list of things to ask Jesus when you get to Heaven.’ You are a natural learner, a great reader, and so curious. We are so thankful for the young boy you are becoming, though parenting you constantly reminds us of our need for the Lord! And this is a good thing! We love you, Kalyb Isaiah Dicken. Happy 7th birthday!