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Running late, again…


Seeing as we’re less than two weeks away from celebrating Kadence’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, it’s probably time I post the information from her 10 month that I’ve had saved in my email.

This month just gets better and better as well. I’ve probably mentioned that every month from 6 months on has been my favorite. The first three were just a blur and the next three were a little better, but the past six months have been SO MUCH FUN! (I’m not sure if that corresponds with me going back to work…a friend did tell me after I had a baby, I’d want to stay home…although I’d like to work less, I think I’m a better mom while I work. And this role that I have this year has been a good fit. I can leave work at work and it’s not as emotionally draining as working with students can be. Although I still fall short, overall, I think I’m getting better 🙂 )

Last night, Kadence took her first few steps WITH the assistance of her little push toy. She doesn’t seem to be too interested in the whole walking bit…but slowly but surely she’ll get there! I’m thinking by my birthday.

Anyways, enough of that for now: here’s her ten month recap you’ve all been waiting for (oh, yeah, it’s just me, my Mom and Christina that read this :0) )

Oh my goodness! What a FUN month! Three weeks ago, the babysitter put you in your crib in your room and you slept through the night! 12 hours! (I might’ve been up three times ensuring you were still breathing)…and ever since then, you’ve been on a roll! We love looking at the monitor when you wake up. You’ll wait in there for over an hour just playing and exploring (you’re a fan of the tags on stuffed animals and the strings on your bumper).

On November 15th (Lindsay’s birthday), you finally starting crawling forward more than a few scoots (you’d preferred backwards the previous month). You’re loving food more and more – eggs, turkey sausage, peas, green beans, corn and you even ate my spicy chili!

You are just so fun. Grandpa Rudy’s family was here last week and just kept commenting on what a sweet demeanor you have. You went to everyone (except when you were tired, then you just want me. Dad’s ready for the Daddy’s girl phase, which I told him is inevitable and to just be patient). You giggle and laugh and sometimes you’ll turn your head to me smiling and kind of hiding from people.

You explore, you love moving animals (poor Shadow, you attack that thing and she just lets you), you’re pretty cautious (and by cautious, I mean you stopped at the edge of the steps when chasing the cat and I was curious if you’d attempt to go). You LOVE Kalyb. Life is so much better for you when he is around. You had your first fall off the bed. I’m actually surprised it took this long. You had your first bloody nose when you face planted into the kitchen floor. Dad felt really bad because he was right there -but there’s really nothing he could’ve done).

Miss Andrea continues to dote on you everyday and you seem to explore the world with her! We just love that she loves you so well. That makes me leaving for work a little bit easier.

You have been able to stand up holding onto something for the past 6-8 weeks and you’re starting to take little steps around the ottoman. You are inclined to paper and cords. Very healthy options. You sleep through lots of noise – we brought you to Kalyb’s first grade Thanksgiving performance and feast and you were konked the whole time.

If you wake up on your own, you wake up like me – ready to face the world! If you’re woken up by us, you wake up more like your dad – needing some time to process. You are super chatty, which you come by honestly. Last week, I told you ‘no’ when you went to insert your fingers into a socket at Grandma’s and you looked at me, started whimpering, and put your head down on your arms to cry. Oh my goodness!

You continue to be hit or miss with the car seat, but once we start moving, you’re usually pretty good. You love books – and smile and laugh when we read to you.

You’re just so fun! We are praying for a spirit that is full of grace and love and gentleness and boldness and kindness and patience and one that is so inclined to the Lord. It is such a blessing to be your mommy!!