Entering Week 13

Picture taken at 12 weeks and 1 day

Picture taken at 12 weeks and 1 day

Week 12:

Weight: +1 (I think I might’ve gained some weight the first few weeks but didn’t weight myself until week 9, so we’ll set that at 0).

Waist: +0 (same as the weight, I’m sure something is going on – but there’s been no change in size the last 3 weeks so we’ll set it at 0).

Likes: fruity stuff, sandwiches, Dr. Pepper, sleep

Dislikes: most food, how tired I am, working full-time first trimester!

Alright – pregnancy Round 2.  It’s almost impossible to compare because they are such different pregnancies.  With Kadence, my first trimester was at home over the summer which was AMAZING.  Read: daily naps/relaxation/etc.  Also, Kalyb was 5 and able to take care of himself for the most part.  This time around, I’m working full-time, getting my Master’s online, and Kadence is a toddler.  Much.  Different.

In going back and reading my blogs from when I was pregnant with Kadence, the main difference is that ice cream always sounded good with her.  Not really the case this time around.  Nothing ever really sounds super good to eat – several times, I’ve wanted pizza and I force myself to eat almonds and some sort of vegetable each day.  I was pretty convinced with Kadence that I could feel her around 13 weeks which my OB denied – until I for sure felt her at 18 weeks and know that is what I was feeling at 13 weeks too.  I do think there are moments that I feel this little one – which would make sense because the baby is already the size of a lime.  I’ll know for sure in a few weeks once the kicks are more pronounced!

The ultrasound was so fun – we had it on January 2nd and everyone was in the room.  The baby was super active and the heart rate was 165.  I randomly remember Kadence’s being 152 around the same time.  Wives’ tale would say this could mean it’s another girl.  However, the craving of more salty things would say this is a boy.  I’ve had SEVERAL dreams about gender – so far, in 3 it’s been a boy and in 4, it’s been a girl.  I really have NO idea one way or the other.  Kadence and Kalyb would both prefer a brother, which would be fun!  However, a girl would also be convenient when considering all the stuff that we have and the room sharing that will happen because we only have three rooms upstairs.  We shall see!

Another neat thing is that I have two friends from church who are also pregnant and we are all due within two weeks of each other!!  It’ll be interesting to see when all of the babies make their debut!  For one, it’s their first, for another it’s their second, and for us, our third kiddo.  What fun!

Things are definitely fitting tighter faster this time around…I am very tired at this point.  Josiah was gone for a week and I’m SO THANKFUL for the help from EJ, Debi, Andrea, and Lynn.  So tiring!

Other than the exhaustion, the nausea is starting to dissipate.  I was never truly sick, just felt the same as I did in my first trimester with Kadence.  We are so excited to be on this journey again!

I went to the second doctor’s appointment on Friday (1/30) and it was frightening!  First, she used the Doppler and couldn’t find the heartbeat which she assured me was okay for this time (but we could easily hear Kadence’s by this point!) so she got out the ultrasound machine.  Still nothing.  She decided to go ahead and do another internal ultrasound to make sure everything was good – and there was the baby; kind of in a position like superman with head forward and butt back so the heart was hidden – but the beat was going strong at 175 bpm.  I’m curious if this will reflect the kind of personality this little one will have!  Kalyb referred to the baby as the ‘newcomer’ this morning and I think that will stick!

After the scare, we were able to get more pictures!  :0)

After the scare, we were able to get more pictures! :0)


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