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Happy Golden Birthday, Kadence!


In some ways it seems like way longer than two years that we were eagerly awaiting your arrival and in other ways, it seems like just yesterday. As I’ve said many times before, each month from six months on has become my favorite of yours. You are exploring and interacting with the world constantly. You can be so sweet and gentle yet so aggressive and adamant. You are developing more of a voice and have an opinion on just about everything – where we sit, what we do, what Bubba does, what we watch, what we dance to, when you are sleepy, etc. You will still wake up in the mornings and from naps and play contently in your crib. We’ve moved your bookshelf right next to the crib so you’ll just grab a book out and read away – or play with your stuffed animals, or rearrange your blankets, etc. Sometimes you’ll stay in there for over an hour before asking for us to come get you. But you also like to be in the middle of stuff going on – you’ve always been very observant and very intentional. You LOVE music. You’ll dance and sing at church and copy anything your brother is doing. You love Remy and will absolutely love the day that she starts obeying your commands of ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’. You love balls, your pink heart pillow, stuffed animals (the cats are affectionately called ‘she-shes’), watching youtube videos of nursery rhymes, racing (you’ll try to say ‘ready, set, go’ and start running forward), playing outside, babies, jumping, hanging around your brother, animals, and most people (especially Cal Zeb and EJ). Sometimes you will be super outgoing and wave to everyone – even cars passing by. Other times you prefer to stay close to us and just watch. It’s fun watching you grow and explore.

You are talking more and more and repeating just about everything we say. You also have your own little jibberish language that you amuse yourself with and seem very sure that we should know exactly what you’re saying. You’ve started saying ‘scuse me’, ‘tank you’, and ‘amen’ without being prompted which is just about the cutest thing ever. This weekend, you even became very interested in the potty. While I was going to wait until this summer to potty train, you have used the potty every night this week when I get home from work and I let you run around without your diaper on. You want to be like Layla who you get to play with over at ‘Grandma’ Andrea’s and she is already potty trained.

I love getting to know you more the longer you become a part of our lives. You are passionate, curious, loving, strong, and committed. You want to make sure that things get done the way that you think they should be. You will make an incredible big sister and the other day you informed Gammie that you would prefer another brother. You say ‘hi, baby’ and wave to the baby in utero and interact with every baby we come into contact with (usually pretty gently, but very much in their face). You are pretty picky with food – somedays you’ll love certain things and the next day you’ll refuse the same thing. You like cashews, mandarin oranges, yogurt, milk, orange juice, gummies, green beans, guacamole, carrots – and you could survive on just chocolate and cheese if it were up to you. Not bad choices, if I do say so myself.

I’m so thankful for all of the people you have in your life who love and adore you. You and your brother continue to be the biggest fans of each other – you’ll cheer him on, imitate him, jump on him, wrestle with him, and hit him. He absolutely adores you so it’s not surprising that you’d want another brother because of him. Your dad thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread and he’s not far off from the truth. I am amazed by you and love singing with you, cuddling you (although you’ve never been a huge fan for very long), making you laugh, and learning more about you. Thank you for blessing our lives two years ago. We are humbled by the opportunity to be your parents and pray that you stay strong, passionate, and kind. We love you, Kadence Emercyn! Happy, happy GOLDEN birthday!

I always love sharing your birthing story because it was such an incredible experience – I can’t wait until you’re old enough to appreciate that stuff!  So, I probably have another 25 years…

We went to Little Monkey Bizness for your birthday which we will definitely do again – I don’t think you stopped running once and all the kids had a blast!  Your brother was a sweaty beast at the end of it – you were not a fan of the candle on your cupcake, but happily devoured it once we dealt with the flame…

2 years ago at the hospital about 3 hours after you were born

2 years ago at the hospital about 3 hours after you were born

You were not thrilled with the candle that was ON FIRE that we placed on your cupcake.

You were not thrilled with the candle that was ON FIRE that we placed on your cupcake.