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Entering Week 22…Over half way!!


Week 21:

Weight: + 8 (this was a big weight gain month for me – it was with Kadence too! I’ll blame it on Spring Break!)

Waist: +.5” (this part doesn’t make too much sense to me as I can barely button any pants these days! There’s a lot of loose clothing, maternity jeans, skirts, and belly bands going on around here!)

Likes: I don’t have any crazy cravings – although with this pregnancy, bacon, burgers, and pizza have all sounded appetizing most of the time. Sweets aren’t as appealing to me (I still consume some, don’t worry!). I always enjoy a smoothie and have been ordering salads more often just feeling like my body is craving those nutrients.

Dislikes: I’m kind of away from that stage now. With Kadence, I lost my taste for salmon which always sounded good to me – with this one, I feel like I’m losing my taste for chocolate ice cream which was almost always a go-to for me! However, I am very annoyed by the amount of times I have to pee during the day – and especially the night!

On March 13th (when I was exactly 18 weeks), we went in for our gender ultrasound! Josiah came with me (of course) and we made sure to look away when she was in the ‘gender revealing’ area – haha! Josiah was very frustrated not to know right away! The ultrasound tech put the gender ultrasound pictures into a sealed envelope that I passed to EJ that evening. I really liked the excitement of not knowing this time! I also sent EJ home with a pinata, candy, and blue and pink streamers so that she could put in the appropriate color for the gender reveal party we had planned after church on Sunday!

There are three of us due within two weeks of each other at church (Lindsay due 7/30 with their 2nd, Sarah due 8/1 with their 1st, and us due 8/14). Each of them already knew what they were having, but the church didn’t so we decided to have a gender reveal party after church – so much fun! Lindsay’s sister, Ashlee, made corresponding cakes for each of us. Joe and Sarah did theirs first – a GIRL! Hunter and Lindsay cut theirs next – a BOY! Then, it was our turn for breaking the pinata. Ashlee held up my Kindle so that my Mom and Jim could join us on Skype – gotta love technology! Kadence hit the pinata first – but after hearing the word ‘hit’, she promptly handed me the bat and hit the pinata with her hand; too cute! Kalyb was up next, then me, and then we left the destruction for Josiah! We were not surprised when blue confetti and candy came out – YEA! A little brother for Kalyb and Kadence! Obviously, a girl would’ve been convenient with all of the clothes we have, but Kalyb has wanted a little brother so bad, I feel like he deserves one for how great he is with Kadence (even though there will be a 9 year age difference!). The Monday after finding out this is a boy, I went through all of Kadence’s old clothes and made some piles – some for friends, some for donation, and some special ones to keep. Looking forward to building this little one’s wardrobe! We’ve decided on the name Asher Josiah, possibly ‘AJ’. Asher means ‘blessed, happy’ and Josiah means ‘fire of God, God will save’. We are praying all of that over his life!

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I’m definitely starting to show though I’m still in that awkward, ‘is she just gaining weight?’ stage…I’m feeling pretty good and thoroughly enjoying the second trimester! We did a Spring Break roadtrip to Dallas which was so much fun, though there is never enough time. Saturday morning we left to get to Canyon in time to hang out with the cousins there – it’s always such a fun time with Aunt Nichole and Uncle Wayne and it works out perfect that they are the half-way point between the Springs and Dallas! We got in Sunday and met up with our former small group, went to dinner, and went back to the Autreys to socialize some more. Monday, we swam, met up with the Hogans from CFNI, visited with Grandma Kiki, and then met up with some former teammates for dinner. Tuesday, Grandma Kiki took us out to lunch at Red Lobster then we met up with Randy and Mari and cousin Kaiden for some Peter Piper Pizza and FroYo. We decided that evening we were worn out and my hopes for connecting with more people moved to the back burner. We all slept in past 10 on Wednesday, took our time getting ready, and headed to the Dallas zoo for a fun visit (this was Kadence’s first time going to the zoo actually knowing what the animals were so that was fun for her). We met with the Cowans for dinner that night and to meet their new addition, Jaxson. Kadence was thrilled to ‘hold it’ and couldn’t be more about babies! Kalyb was very sweet with him as well. Good practice! Thursday, we stopped back by Grandma Kiki’s for a quick farewell and then we went up to Denton to see Erika and crew then to Krum to see the Estrada crew before retreating in Decatur/Alvord that evening. We had the pleasure of staying at the Bethunes beautiful new home and both kids had a great time playing with their daughter, Haylee. We headed back to the Wells on Friday and got home Saturday afternoon. Although it was a great trip and the kids were both AWESOME travelers, we were ready to get home! I’m really bummed that we missed out on catching up with Monica and Alisha; we’ll just have to plan another visit soon!


Sunday evening, I got a random motivation to switch around the kids rooms in preparation for Asher (a little early for nesting, I think, but oh well!) – I definitely could’ve waited until this summer, but I’m probably more mobile now and a friend brought up a good point that this leaves Kadence with more time to get accustomed for the adjustment even though Asher won’t be joining her in her room for some time. So now we have the Asher side which has the crib and changing table and the Kadence side with her new toddler bed and bookshelf. She thought she might want to sleep in there last night but lasted about 10 seconds before getting up crying, so we moved her back to her crib again. I’m happy keeping her there while she isn’t climbing out and sleeps very well!


Today, I have my last appointment with Miriam before she switches practices and I change to Dr. Wagers. I’ve heard good things about her, but the way that the ob rotation works, there’s only a 1 in 4 chance I’ll actually deliver with her (unless labor starts Monday-Friday, 8-5 as one of the receptionists told me…haha!). We’ve decided to hire a doula to support us in this birth – we are definitely hoping, trusting, and believing that we’ll have a birthing experience similar to with Kadence, but I’d like some extra support! And, if all is going well, she’ll become our photographer as well. She’s also a lactation specialist, so that’s what I’m most looking forward to – Kadence and I had such a challenging and painful time nursing (due to unidentified infection), that I want to be proactive in that not being the case this time!


I’m looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer and want to make a lot of memories with Kalyb and Kadence before Asher joins us. Although I always said, ‘anything but an August baby’, I am excited for one more summer with just the two and not having to care for a newborn yet – it’ll work out perfectly taking most of the first semester off to be home with Asher. So August will just be a busy month for us always – Kalyb’s birthday, our anniversary (interestingly enough, at our last ultrasound, this is the due date that Asher was measuring at), Asher’s birthday, and the start of school!

Crazy to think that we’re half way and I’m sure these last few months will fly by! We’re looking forward to meeting little Asher Josiah in due time J