Kalyb turns 9!!


Kalyb turned 9!!! We are now about three weeks after his actual birthday, but it’s been a little busy around here as to be expected J I always try to write the kids an email on their birthday so I can remember what this age was like – and so they can know what it was like for us. So here we go!

Dear Kalyb –

Wow! You are rocking this year already! You seem to have matured so much this summer and we were so impressed by you. You had such a great summer – you listened well (overall), worked hard (overall), and you’re really starting to understand the value of ‘taking initiative’ in things. You had VERY few breakdowns around school work that we did throughout the summer. You had VERY few days where you would be a little short/stubborn with us. Instead, you are really starting to understand what a model you are for your sister and others around you. You continue to be kind and gentle with Kadence, though you are both starting to have your strong wills shine through even in this relationship. You are learning more about give and take in friendships and relationships and because of it, you have more kids your age really wanting to hang out with you. You are making more friends – you’ve always had a very black and white expectation of what a friendship should look like, and not everyone lived up to that expectation which left you feeling disappointed and left out many times. That’s hard to watch as a parent – but we’ve worked hard to model good friendships and expectations and you’re starting to implement some of those strategies. You have become an avid reader and that makes this teacher heart happy. We would often find you in your bedroom long after your summer bedtime reading away (particularly Berenstein Bears and Ninjago). Your sense of humor and sarcasm continues to sharpen – you’re learning the appropriate delivery and regularly have people laughing at you, particularly adults who really understand your sense of humor. You are extremely intelligent – and that is reflected on your ‘big’ tests at school, but not so much in your school work (as you often ‘don’t feel like doing the work’ – I’m not quite sure why you think you can decide what you should or should not do as a 9 year old, so that’s something that we’ve been working on). That was always very frustrating for me last year – knowing how smart you were but seeing you not do the work expected to prove what you know. However; you have started out 3rd grade with a bang – you come home each day excitedly sharing about all that you did and learned and who you played with at recess. You’ve done your work and done it well. You are so proud of yourself, and so are we! You definitely know how to push people’s buttons, so sometimes it’s hard to hear about rules you haven’t followed or things you haven’t done out of what seems to just be outright defiance (you are starting to feel more remorse about this and are turning things around sooner) – I’m hopeful that you’ll continue to grow and mature and really understand the importance of being a blessing and making people’s lives easier as much as it’s up to you. Around the house, you really excel at this. 99% of the time you do what’s asked of you and even more. I’ve noticed that a lot lately – you see things that need to be done and you do it. I so appreciate that about you. I know a lot falls on your shoulders being the oldest, and you are patiently awaiting the day that more is expected of your siblings, but you are truly being patient and understanding in this. I love getting to know you more as the days go by and you discover more about yourself too. You are so aware of others, hate hurting your sister (if she starts crying due to something you’ve accidentally done, you’ll run to your room crying), are very sensitive, smart, and understanding. I’m excited to watch the Lord hone your leadership skills – you have such a clear understanding of right and wrong (which makes it hard to understand why you’d purposefully do the wrong thing, but we’re working that out). You really did a great job in the church play again this summer (you stole the show in the Christmas performance when you had to take over for the lead character who got sick with just a few hours’ notice). I love watching you on stage and hope that’s something you continue with. You and Dad had a good time with Tae Kwon Do together, although we’ve had to take a break with all of our summer activities (and the addition of Asher). Kalyb, thank you for who you are and how you help me grow as a person and a parent. You continue to teach me so much about myself – strengths I didn’t know I had, and weaknesses that I’m working on improving. I appreciate your grace and forgiveness and love. You are a strong, independent, cautious, gracious, loving, and opinionated little boy and I couldn’t be more pleased to be such a part of your life. We love, love, love you and pray that the Lord allows you to live a healthy, happy, long life that honors Him (this is my constant prayer for you 3) – and for you, that you would be known for your cheerful and obedient nature. I love seeing you laugh and smile and enjoy life! Happy 9th birthday, Kalyb Isaiah – I can’t believe you’ll be TWO handfuls next year!


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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Karolyn (as you probably know) and I live in San Diego with my amazing Husband. I've been teaching Special Education for the bast six years and LOVE it! I am loving life and just trying to figure out if I'm doing what it is that God is wanting me to do....always a process! Thanks for sharing in this journey with me though, I really do appreciate it.

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