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weekend recap


Please note this might be another one of those blogs that is much more entertaining for me than you! But, with a memory like mine, I need to remember all of this somehow!

So, once again, I try to keep my weekends as full as possible so I don’t feel like I’ve had any resemblance of a break and then get to return to work Monday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. 🙂 People had suspected that maybe once I got married, things would slow down. And for the record, I had this sneaking suspicion as well. However, this has proven not to be the case. Whatsoever. While my traveling and jet-setting ways might have slowed down tremendously, I still find myself leading an incredible fun-filled and jam-packed life. My husband is a wonderful companion :0)

Friday night, I came home from school and barely walked in the door before succumbing to a thirty minute power nap. Just what I needed before hanging out with the hubs and being joined by Ruth and Jen later that evening to do some wedding planning stuff for Jen and Sam – only a few days away now! Around 11pm, Bekah came down from Orange County to stay the night since she had a volleyball tournament in Mission Beach on Saturday. It was nice to get to catch up with her for a little bit! We realized it has been two months since we’ve even seen each other – and that was at the wedding, so there wasn’t really any deep conversations going on with 200 other people around! Oh well!

Saturday morning, I was up early to continue with preparations for the San Diego Bachelorette Party! My husband made me breakfast and I was out the door. Came back a few hours later to dip my cake balls and Maria came over to do some stuff online. At 1pm, Josiah and I both headed out in our respective directions – he went up to Oceanside and I headed downtown. The weather really cooperated with those of us joining the bachelorette festivities during the day. We lounged near the pool and quickly relocated up to the 5th floor as we followed the sun. We enjoyed laughter, food, and conversation with Jen – the bride-to-be – , Jamie, Ruth, Rachel, Shanon, and Lucy. Around 5, we headed end to get ready. And by get ready, you better believe we were really getting ready. Complete with tube socks, chucks, head bands, arm bands, black shirts and pink shorts! We were headed to the ROLLER DERBY! Unfortunately, we weren’t actually participating, we solely went as spectators and Maria, Mistie and Amy joined us there. Talk about some entertainment! It brought us all back to the viewing of the movie ‘Whip It’ or whatever it’s called. Mistie and Jamie did some great work and got Jen out on the rink at half time in order to compete with the Junior Roller Derby group. Even though she hadn’t run in a year, her adrenaline kicked in and she looked like a pro out there! I even saw some elbow throwing going on!

After wrapping up at the Derby, we headed home for some cake and snacks before making our way downtown to a place where my sister’s friend works. And, boy did she get us the hook-up! They were on the look out for a group of girls dressed up in roller derby garb (very classy for a night out on the town, if we do say so ourselves) and immediately found us in line to bring us straight in. We got downstairs where the DJ announced our arrival and we had a great time on the dance floor. For about thirty minutes. It was pushing midnight and we’re all getting a little older and decided it was best to call it a night and walk home. So that we did!

I woke up early Sunday morning to meet Kristen for coffee. She was in town recruiting and although we couldn’t host her at our home the night before due to previous aforementioned engagements, we had a lovely time chatting over our water at Starbucks. I just love that girl! She’s a great one for this words of affirmation love receiver’s soul. We hadn’t had the chance to catch up lately either, so it was a breath of fresh air. I headed back to the house to take a quick cat nap and then make some monkey bread preparations. I took a shower and got ready and left the girls house around 11am with them all set up to enjoy breakfast. A very happy bachelorette party indeed! Can’t wait for the upcoming wedding festivities this weekend!

I rendezvoused with my husband in Oceanside where we met my college teammate Jill and her husband Rob for lunch! We had our hearts set on sushi, but that restaurant chooses not to be open during the lunch hours on weekends. Something I do not understand. I should start a petition really. Anyways, we ended up down the street and enjoyed some sandwiches and pizza. And Jill and I did not miss a beat! It was fun catching up on the last – oh my goodness, has it been five years?! – of our lives (she’s had three kids in the meantime). Maybe we’ll end up living closer again one day and get to see each other more than once every five years! It was fun reliving our ‘glory days’ and talking about where everyone is these days. After wrapping up lunch there, Josiah and I headed back to his parents’ house where his brother Mark and his family were in town. We caught up with the family and I played a pretty intense game with their 6 year old son, Giuseppi. I kept taking some much needed breaks. It was humid out there!

I headed back early to prepare our home for the Team Israel prayer meeting I was hosting that night for a friend of mine that is heading to Israel to be a long-term missionary! God is doing some powerful things in and through her life and it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of it! We had an awesome time listening to what the Lord has done over the past few months and spent some time in prayer before ending the evening around 8pm.

The hubs got home not much after that and greeted me with a new sweater and a super cute card. Those cards he gets – he sure does know the way to my heart  We had a great time in conversation and hanging out that evening. I truly am blessed.

So, I’ve just worn myself out again by reliving this weekend. Sure am looking forward to Columbus day next Monday for a much-needed time to rest after the wedding celebration on Saturday! I’m off to go run some errands for the bride before meeting up with the youth pastor, his wife, and the youth group team to pray for and get prepared for the remainder of the school year. FUN STUFF!!!


Wedding Weekend!!


Whew! We’re finally starting to recover from the wedding festivities that began a week ago! And, the whole weekend was ABSOLUTELY perfect – SO MUCH FUN! I’m currently printing out some pictures of the wedding to fill up the ten million picture frames we have and the Hubby is still sleeping! Anyways, I just wanted to recap our weekend for y’all…

My dad came into town to help run errands (Sprouts, Costco, etc.) and help me finish last minute details. So grateful for his help with EVERYTHING!!

Picked up Natalie at 9:45 in San Diego (her birthday!) then started the trek up to Los Angeles where we picked up a few of my former students (Donnie and Kendrick) before heading to LAX to pick up Erin from Montana! Then began the journey from you know where (considering we were driving in LA on a Friday afternoon). 3 1/2 hours later, we arrived back to San Diego where my Little Sis, Alisha had arrived from Texas.

Got stuff together and then headed to Horizon Park Chapel (my church) where Gabe and Joanna so graciously opened up the cafe and we had an ‘Open Mic Night’ which turned out absolutely fabulous! People shared stories, sang songs, laughed, and even cried a little bit. Fun to get to spend time with the people we love before all the craziness of the wedding!

After staying up til 2:30am finishing almost everything I needed to finish, it was nice to sleep in a little bit. We had a beach day on Saturday out at Mission Beach and people joined us for sandwiches, drinks, relaxation, and some games! It was an absolutely perfect beach day and we couldn’t have ordered better weather!

We loaded up and Josiah and I had Saturday night set aside for time with family. We met his Dad and Mari for dinner at Outback and then walked the mall where we were entertained by Josiah riding the mechanical bull and him and his dad going in these giant bubbles. Hilarious! We were supposed to meet my dad’s family at the hotel for some games, but things tend to take a little bit longer than expected. Mom and Jim met us there and then we decided to head to Seaport Village to meet up with the Haskin/Erickson/Ortiz clan where they were enjoying a 9pm dinner! Had some dessert and wine and got some time to mingle 🙂

We hosted a pool party at Casa Camden where people got to come and enjoy the fabulous weather once again! Sam hooked us up and grilled all the burgers and we all enjoyed them! Had a great time hanging out with family and friends!

At 4pm, Rehearsal Dinner was supposed to begin….however, the place we were going to have it was full of two other families – one of which was about to host a DJ’s concert and another of which had three jump houses set up. Not the most relaxing or enjoyable of settings when we’re trying to give speeches and such. Quick thinking to the rescue! I ended up running to the deli down the street that was closing in 8 minutes. The employee allowed me to make a quick phone call to the owner where we were able to secure the use of his amazing patio for Rehearsal Dinner! This worked out absolutely perfect because we were able to do actual Rehearsal in the place we were getting married! The entire evening worked out just perfect – with 70 people in attendance!! Sunday night was full of girls and games at Casa Camden!

The day began with a massage for me and my mom from Mistie! A great way to start a wedding day, if I do say so myself! After getting massages, I made breakfast for the girls (or so I thought, most of them were so busy running around taking care of everything it ended up being a breakfast to go!). My morning was so relaxing. I felt a little strange just hanging out on my wedding day, but I was so calm and I was constantly reminded how this day was all about Jesus. After clean up, I went to join my mom and sister to get my make-up done and my new friend Tara came with to take pictures! Afterwards, it was off to the hair place! Sure, pictures were supposed to start at 2pm, but hair wasn’t even done by then! Haha! I guess many pictures can’t be taken without me that day anyway! Sister and I showed up fashionably late and got dressed. The room was full of music, perfume, make up, girls, mirrors, and LOVE! Beyond what I ever could have imagined (I’m smiling just thinking about it)…

After getting ready, we did round one of photos with myself and family and such. Afterwards, I went into hiding so Josiah could take some pictures as well. Then, it was time! I’m kinda bummed I missed part of my wedding (the part where everyone enters – the groomsmen, my groom, pastor, bridesmaids, and flowergirls…but from what I hear, it was all really cute). My mom, dad, and I pulled up in a 1951 Rolls Royce (a surprise for my man) where they walked me down the aisle. I then had my Flower Friends create my bouquet and then we had a great ceremony. Lots of laughter, lots of affection, lots of words of wisdom. And sealed with a kiss and lots of cheers!!

Picture time afterwards and then it was time for the PARTY! The reception was absolutely wonderful. The food was delicious, the decorations were perfect, the ambiance was incredible, the dancing was fun and all the traditional things were great. It probably could have lasted another hour everyone was having so much fun, but it was time for us to go! My husband enlisted the help of some friends to set up a hotel room for us and it was off to the Dana we went! It was an incredible day all together. I’m not one to have pictured and dreamed about my wedding day my whole life…but I cannot imagine it any better than it was. Seriously. I stand in awe…

We had people from all over: Conneticut, Montana, Texas, Michigan, Northern Cali, SoCal, Arizona, New York, Florida, etc.

We felt so incredibly loved and blessed. Words can’t quite describe (although I attempted here)…

A quote that resonates (from This Momentary Marriage by Piper)
“Welcome one another…for the glory of God. That is God’s word for your marriage. Thank him for it; thank him for leading you thus far; ask him to establish your marriage, to confirm it, sanctify it, and preserve it. So your marriage will be for the praise of his glory.”

The question that remains….
How clear and well-focused is the portrait of Jesus that our marriage is displaying?

Weekend Festivities


And things just keep getting better!! Josiah had plans on coming in town this weekend to do some wedding prep stuff before he moved back in the middle of June….however, before getting on his boat, his boss called him in and asked if he would be interested in leaving a month early with some severance pay so that they can hire and train new cooks before summer camp! YES PLEASE!! I’ll take him back on the mainland!!

So, he was supposed to get in Wednesday evening into Dana Point, but the weather was questionable and they canceled all boats except for one to Long Beach. I hustled and got out of town – and made it up there with NO traffic! We swang by Jamie’s house in the LBC to pick up a bag she had left and had a great time chatting with her dad who we absolutely love! Then, it was back down to Oceanside to meet his parents and grandparents for dinner! We made it there in no time and had a WONDERFUL time at Jolly Roger’s by the fire eating good food and enjoying great company. Went home to enjoy dessert to celebrate our engagement and Grandpa Cerullo and Carol’s 2nd wedding anniversary! Sat around the table and played the ‘UnGame’ which basically just leaves room for conversation – I sat there amazed that this is my new family. With my hubs-to-be on my side and new in-laws and grandparent-in-laws (is there a term for this?!)…all who absolutely love the Lord and are absolutely precious!! I drove home smiling the whole way 🙂

Thursday I went to work and then headed out to meet up with Josiah at his friends’ house in Escondido. It was awesome getting to meet and hang out with Bree, Luke and their baby Logan in person! I’ve heard all about them and it was nice to put a face with a name. We enjoyed some intense time of UNO, lots of laugh, and we got to hear one of Luke’s new songs. Fabulous!! Then, Josiah and I headed off to get some couple time! We grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the movies – Clash of the Titans it was (which is ironic because I remember seeing a trailer and thinking, it’s a good thing Josiah doesn’t live here right now or I’d be in that movie….); however, I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it was just the company I got to sit next to – but the movie was also decent.

Friday we got up and were ready to knock out some wedding errands! We putzed around in Oceanside and then headed down to San Diego to go to the mall to register. Well, this lasted all of about an hour before we were overwhelmed, over it, and hungry! So we opted to take a lunch break and decided heading over to USD to watch the end of swim practice in the sun (and one of Jamie’s swimmer’s worked with Josiah last year on the island…small world, big God!) sounded much more enticing than finishing our registry! So, on we went! We got to see Sarah and then enjoyed some WONDERFUL time on the BOUNCY trampoline that the divers use for practice. It was quite dangerous, but thoroughly enjoyable! We spent Friday evening taking engagement pictures out at the Harbor and hanging out downtown with our friend, Jo, who is our wedding photographer! It was a blast! Although a little awkward to be on the receiving end of pictures all the time…might be surprising to hear me say that, but it was!

Saturday morning, Josiah headed back over for round 2! We picked up Jo and headed to La Jolla Cove – Josiah’s idea – and it was PERFECT! I can’t wait to see how all of those pictures turn out! After dropping Jo back off, we headed up to Oceanside to go to church at Healing Streams and it was INCREDIBLE. We all got to share our sides of the ‘first encounter’ and we were incredibly blessed to have the church pray for us. Josiah got to teach, his grandpa spoke about his trip to Africa, and another member, Matt, blessed us with some words as well. A very blessed evening up there….I continue to stand in awe. After meeting lots of new faces and mingling, we headed to Cold Stone and to rent a movie, ‘Gamers’. Don’t watch it. We’d heard the warnings, but wanted to decide ourselves. Should have taken heed to what was spoken.

Sunday, we headed down to church at Horizon Park Chapel so he could meet the youth group. Afterwards, it was up to pick up my mom in Solana Beach and meet his mom for lunch in Del Mar. We had a LOVELY time at Milton’s and then headed over to the Bridal Expo. Josiah was such a trooper, and despite verbal complaints, we have photographic evidence he enjoyed himself as well. So nice to have the love, support, and encouragement of the moms on this journey! Once we wrapped things up there, it was off to Dana Point – or so we thought! Lynn accidentally locked her keys in the car, but thankfully my car was parked about a mile down the street so we were able to awkwardly solicit a ride and jam in the back of a Neon and had a sweet couple drop us off at my car so we could get Josiah to the boat in time!

He headed out at 5…and it’s so exciting to think that he’ll be back so soon so we can start doing all the daily stuff together!! Be praying for this time of transition…for Josiah – that the Lord would provide the right job and the right place to live for now. And, for us, that we would continue to be transformed into His image as a couple!!