So part of my 101 list is to meet a new person everyday. I am going to attempt to chronicle this experience by briefly talking about the people I meet throughout this year. We’ll see how long this endeavor lasts!

THROUGH JANUARY!!! YAH!!!!  I’m done.



An employee at Victoria’s Secret who was really helpful and new (2 weeks). I felt bad for her because her boss was a little…well, bossy. But, she handled it well and was really nice.



This man is the director of the Bible College and for some reason gave me a group of CDs today. I felt it was totally a God thing. He came up to give something to our professor and then looked at me and was like, oh yeah, here. I had an incredible experience at college tonight, the Holy Spirit is totally moving.



This guy is CONSTANTLY at 24 hour.  I am not kidding…I go at random hours of the day and night and to two different clubs and I see him 80% of the time.  He seems to also know EVERYONE in the gym.  I was a little offended the first time I talked to him and he mentioned I should be downstairs doing cardio.  Thanks, James.  Then it got to the point where I finally asked him what his name was since I see him around all the time.  He has really bad B.O. though…any polite way to bring this up?


Mr. & Mrs. Acosta



As I was rushing to the LMU vs. USD swimmeet, I was instructed to have the timers I had just bought opened so that the head coach wouldn’t know they had ever been forgotten. To help a dear friend out, I decided to swing by Ralph’s because I could find no sharp tools in my car…and I needed tweezers anyways if I was going to be seen in public.



This was our waiter at CPK. I’m finding myself to go out way too often. That’s unfortunate for the weight loss endeavors. Oh well, Fernando was from Lima, Peru which automatically made me very excited because I was there last year. I shared this all with him, and I think I might have frightened him a little. I need to work on my excitement levels. I think they’re overbearing sometimes.


The Pharmacist

I kind of feel bad I don’t even know his name. He has been my pharmacist for a few years now when I randomly pick up perscriptions. Now that my cousin has married a pharmacist, I have a newfound respect for them. Because, really, pharmacists really aren’t treated like the professionals they are a lot of the time. I really need to learn this guy’s name. Soon.



This was our waitress at Red Robin. My nickname for her was ‘ Sunshine’, but really I was being facetious. She looked like she would rather be walking across hot coals in China than serving us food. She took a break in the middle of our dinner and came back a little more interactive…but still, we’re thinking she needs to look for a new job. We laughed with her about it towards the end. Little did she know she’d be my blog person of the day.



A girl about my age in my Bible College class. I am interested because she seems to be the one who is not very social with the rest of us. During breaks she disappears and she hurries out of class right after it’s over. We’ve talked very briefly, but you know I’m determined to know her story!



Pretty insignificant encounter. He chased me down at 24-hour trying me to get friends and family to sign up. I responded that most of my friends and family were already members and he inquired about those who weren’t. I told him that I don’t have many friends.



We met this morning at the gym after she had broke her glass water bottle, which her husband had dually warned her against. She is also a middle school teacher, but in Hawthorne and has been doing so for four years. She is currently back in school working on becoming a speech pathologist for more autonomy and one on one time with students. She was a cool chick!


Man at Park

This entry, yet again, is stretching the original statutes of this plan. My plan, so I guess it’s okay to alter when needed. I had such an enjoyable morning going to the Farmer’s Market and was so pulled in by the scenic beauty, I opted to run around the park for an hour rather than go to the gym. So off I went! Jogging (and exercising in public) in general is such a unifying thing. It was so fun waving and “hi-ing” to passerbyers. This one older man and I started keeping tallies on each other and would ask how far we had to go, offer encouragement, and just enjoyed exercising amongst this vast array of people. How cool!


DoMo (with the long /o/ sound)

Okay, so this was an interesting scenario. My dad, Patrick, and I had eaten at my sister’s restaurant and then I wanted to take them to Best Buy to see Rock Band in person, because I don’t feel that using words adequately describes what the game is all about. Anyways, we go back to where the games are set up on the TV and there is an Asian lady in a wheelchair watching her two children: one girl and one boy with Down Syndrome. We strike up conversation with the kids who are trying to teach us how to play, etc. I start talking to the mom who, essentially tells me in her broken accent, “Hurry up and get married young. If you wait to late, you only have the leftovers like I did. And if you don’t have kids, they could end up dumb like my son. Even if your husband leaves you, you’ll still have the kids”. Sad conversation. I tried to tell her that her son wasn’t dumb and was actually one of the highest functioning Down’s kids I’d seen and that I hope she loves him nonetheless but I am not sure how much got lost in translation.



Either my hearing is failing me, or this is really his name. I am leaning towards the latter because he referred to himself on several occasions in the third person. Anyways, this man was the main trainer at a training I had today on Behavior Intervention. A highly amusing character, as most are. Definitely a few unresolved issues with his parents or he just depends on those jokes a little too much for comedic effect. Possibly a combination thereof. Either way, he was an engaging speaker and kept us all laughing.



Sky was our waitress at Marie Callendar’s today…a very pleasant person, very patient, very non-expressive, and just all-around interesting. Her name led to a conversation about how her name was, in fact, Sky Grass (as opposed to Sky Blue that Patrick had as a student with her brother Windy) and her brother is something like Breezy and married to Wendy. Anyways, she is pregnant, due two days before my sister’s birthday (on 4/16 rather than 4/18) and her birthday is my same day…minus two years. Small world.



This encounter leaves me to admit that I stopped at a gas station to buy a nutrageous bar. I have been doing so well with my eating and exercise and was a little bit discouraged by the lack of weight loss this week. But, I’m back on track! Anyways, Charles was the cashier who was immediately taken aback by how tall I am (add another one to the list!) and really wouldn’t drop the issue, “Wow! You are one tall lady!”….”I can’t believe how tall you are!”…”If you don’t mind, how tall are you?” It’s always amusing to see how some people respond. I really don’t feel myself to be that tall. But we all know I live in an alternate world.



This is kind of a stretch seeing as I really met Blessing for the first time last week. Nonetheless, she’s a new addition in my repetroire (sp?) of People I Have Met this month. Blessing is the Pilates instructor for the class I am attempting to attend every Monday night. Of course, the class is packed due to New Year’s Resolutions, but she quickly pointed out it’s not about starting it’s about sticking with it. So join me in this journey of trying to be a more healthy me!


Julie and the Pepperdine Crew

After hearing about some of these people for quite awhile now, I had the opportunity to meet Julie, the coach of Pepperdine that my friend Kristen works for. We met her up at her church, Faithful Christian, in Inglewood. It is actually at the Forum, where the Lakers used to play pre-Staples arena. Talk about an intense experience! I definitely learned a lot and had a great time joining Julie, her family, teammates, and manager for church!



Today at the HerShe mentor/mentee training, I had the privilege of meeting this sweet, sweet lady. She was funny: full of stories, ellaborations, and other details. Many times I was confused as to what exactly the connection was. I was impressed by her ability to accept people’s “constructive criticism” and her desire to be a part of this organization and the lives of the people in it. After a kind of unsettling conversation, I was also happy for her approaching me and encouraging me to stay in Rosalyn’s life despite the concerns right now (see upcoming blog).



Today at the gym I saw this little lady bending over the sink. I’m not sure what she was doing, but I noticed her cane right beside her. Wow, I thought! Talk about persistence. I have a hard enough getting to the gym and I am able-bodied! As I was changing, she was walking by me. And I use the verb ‘walking’ in the broadest sense of the word. She was hobbling, really, and truly struggling with each step. She was unable to make eye contact at first because she was having to concentrate on her steps. After talking to her, I was so encouraged by her. She gets dropped off at the gym everyday by her husband (who then goes to work). She is probably approaching 80 and spends time in the jacuzzi and walking (“although I can’t go too fast”) on the treadmill each day. God bless her!



I kind of feel back about this new encounter since he has been working at our school that last couple of weeks. After one of our security guards was arrested and held on a million dollar bail, it was time to replace him! Enter Finley, the brother of another security guard also known as…yeah, you got it: Finley. They’re brothers. And apparently not in the game of sharing their first names. Oh well! Makes it easier for me to remember, I suppose. He is a nice guy and definitely a threatening presence on campus because he is so tall!


Police Officer(s) I am really not sure if this legitimately counts in people that I have met, since no names were exchanged. However, I didn’t make it out much yesterday due to this encounter so we’ll just leave it as such. So, yesterday, I am heading home from work and getting mad at myself for choosing the exit I chose since traffic was so backed up. Wherever I turn, there are more and more people. And then I see them. The police officers. I assume it is a bad car accident, and finally make the way to my street. Also blocked off by a cop who so graciously informs me that an officer has been shot and the whole neighborhood is on lock-down. Sweet. So I find another entrance and speak to another officer who informs me I can’t get to my house because the K-9 units are out and I would “disturb the air”. One of the three men has been captured, but the other two are on the loose so it could be hours before I can return. I am obviously no longer living in Scottsdale. I went to a friend’s house and returned home after 11, when some streets were still blocked off and the police helicopters were still swarming. Interesting!



Frank was one of the first people I met tonight when I went to my first class at Calvary Chapel Bible College. He was welcoming from the beginning, asking questions and letting me know little tid-bits. Once class started, I was impressed with his knowledge and his confidence in questioning and probing our teacher (also a close runner-up for the “Person I Meet”). I would love to have the kind of knowledge and understanding he has about our Lord and Savior and the Word of God. I’m excited to be learning more!



I don’t know if this is actually considered someone I met today, since it was really someone I somewhat know that I ran into. But, still random nonetheless…and seriously why do I even care about the legalities of the matter? I made this challenge up, I can change the rules as I see fit! Anyways, I ran into this girl, a fellow TFA-er, on my way into (and her way out of) Target. Naturally. I don’t think I’ve seen her since our first year of TFA, but she is just as fired up as ever! I might have even inadvertently volunteered to be the “judge” of a public speaking contest she is starting as part of her non-profit she is just getting up and running. I am such an under-achiever compared to some of these people! But how awesome I get to be around them and learn!



At first I was inclined to write about Eric. Eric is a man I met at church tonight who started off the conversation with, “so are you over 6 feet tall? I rarely meet a woman taller than me” and went into basketball, height, etc. I was a little weirded out and amused at the same time. I noticed he was married, so I lost the weirded out feeling and kind of felt bad for having felt weirded out. Amused when I started thinking about how many people I meet this year might be solely because of my height. What a beautiful thing God has blessed me with! However, Linda captured my attention. I noticed her shake the hand of the lone woman sitting in front of her. She seemed a little abrupt with her, asking her if she realized that her blue tooth was in her ear and then ensuring that it was turned off. I watched her engage in a conversation to the woman next to her who was seemingly sharing some intimate things. Then I watched her interract with the lonely girl after the service as well. The girl had been crying. Linda just held her hand and then when the girl went up for prayer, Linda was waiting in the pew with tissues. I introduced myself to Linda before I left.



As I left the gym today at 4pm, I had succumbed the the fact I might not be meeting anyone new today. With the mind-set that I was not going to do anything today, being the last weekend before work and all, I knew the gym was my only chance to meet someone. But, with my face in a book, I was hardly approachable at the gym. So I started wondering if my goal of meeting a new person each and every day was, in fact, a little too ambitious. Maybe I should change my goal to weekdays only. It seems more plausible. Once I got back home, I was going to spend time with my new computer. To my surprise, my brand new computer was malfunctioning. This high-pitched, irritating, and incesent noise led to an hour and forty minute conversation with Habibul (of Dell). No exaggerations here. Poor guy put up with my tears (literally. He tried to console me by saying an 86 year-old woman was able to do what he was asking me to last week. And that was supposed to make me feel better?), my frustration, my short remarks (I will choose not to put examples here), and even led to a conversation about how he lived in SoCal and worked just down the road from here years ago. Before the 105 freeway. Anyways, it ended with us both thanking each other for our patience. And with me apologizing for being short and moody. And us laughing. They’re sending me a new computer in two days. Thanks Habibul. (I made sure to check the spelling with him twice).



I wonder if it’s a problem that two of the four people this week have been characters. Oh well! So Beetlejuice approached me yesterday while at Universal Studios. It was funny being around Trisha who was able to see how much my height draws stares and comments. I watched a 20/20 yesterday on a guy born without legs who essentially travels via skateboard. Anyways, he traveled the world shooting pictures (inconspicuously) of people staring at him….32,000 shots! I thought that would be a cool thing to try for people staring at me and my height. Although, it has opened the door for many conversations so I am definitely not complaining!



I am getting a little nervous about this undertaking. Meeting a new person everyday is proving to be more challenging than originally thought! So, the person I met today was Spiderman. He was a street performer in Hollywood. He was impressed that I was taller than him: “Wow, look at you! You’re taller than Spiderman!” Now that I think of it, it could have been Superman. Regardless….



Meet George. He was our waiter at the Cheesecake Factory last night. Quite an intersting character; a real piece of work, if you will. Slightly neurotic, kind of endearing, and very much a man in his own (drug-induced?) world. Not quite as meaningful as the encounter with Carolyn, but more amusing. He was driving himself crazy running throughout his section, responding to my “Hi, George” with “I wish I were….”, and spoke to us in a women’s voice, with a cat’s meow, and even barked at us at the conclusion of our dining experience. Would love to know what he was on.



I met Carolyn and her two teenage boys at 24 hour today. It started in a conversation about how women have less upper body strength than men (really I think we were both envious of watching her boys do pull-ups with ease and this made us feel better). Then our conversation progressed into how we need to be “citizens of the world” and there’s so many educated Americans who are so close-minded which led to the war, etc. etc. She is a nurse that has done what she can to ensure that her kids get the worldly experience to make them better people. When I was about to leave I asked her name, and it was only then we realized we shared the same name! Which, of course, led to further conversation; but, we’ll leave it at that!


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  1. You’re worried that your goal may be too ambitious…and therefore not feasible?

    You can take the girl out of TFA, but you can’t take TFA out of the girl.

    [and by take out of TFA, I of course mean complete your commitment and become an alum, but _take_ just fits so much better :)]

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