This page is also more for myself in remembering all of the weddings I have attended and been a part of.  Feel free to add any memories and such!

Ginny and Kingsley*()

Heather and Kilika*()

Jenna and Philip

Lyndsey and Kevin**

Jessica and Peter (aka Sven)***

Elizabeth and Matt ()

Tina and Jason

Jalie and husband

Holland and Travis

Jill and Steven

Drew and Becky***()

Heather and Tom***

Lia and Mike***

JP and Garth

Beth and Michael*

Michelle and Henry

Dan and wife

Sharon (cousin) and husband

Mom and Jim*

Lindsay and Ryan*

Monica and Terry**()

Mistie and Kevin***

(Cassie and Mike)-couldn’t attend because of Mistie’s-also the same day as David and Ashlee’s!

Jenn Boland and Jonathon*** ()

(Megan and Scott) – June 13 – didn’t attend

Sha’Rae and Noah ()

Beth and Michael

Becky and Michael ()

Britney and Hess

Karolyn and Josiah – BRIDE 🙂

Kate and Elvis – no longer eligible to catch bouquets!

Jen and Sam*


Allie and Scott

* Bridesmaid/Witness
** Speaker
*** Greeter/Other Role
() Bouquet Caught


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  1. Don’t forget you caught the bouquet at my wedding! Or should I say you watched it sail over everyone’s head and land in the arms of my step dad (who promptly dropped it to the ground, fearing the impending stampede of ladies). Then you elbowed Lindsay Taylor out the way (she told me about it a few weeks later) and grabbed the bouquet. 🙂

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