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9 months…


Crazy to think Kadence has now been ‘out’ longer than she was ‘in’!  Now that she’s almost ten months old (and we’ve had LOTS of firsts) – it’s probably about time to post what I wrote about a month ago…

Well here we are with Kadence almost turning 9 months old and no blog since her 6 month.  What a bust!  Oh well – we’ve been busy, busy around here – and these have probably been the three months that we’ve seen the most change.  She seriously gets cuter and cuter with every ounce that she gains!  She’s grown SO much and I can’t wait for her 9 month appointment to see her percentiles (note to self: schedule appointment).  She started sitting up independently about a week and a half after her 6 month milestone.  She can sit forever!  She’s watched Kalyb’s entire soccer games sitting by herself.  Also, I forgot to note that she developed her first freckle/mole somewhere between her 5 and 6 month mark – right on the middle of her thigh.  I’m sure the first of many!  She’s talking nonstop – and we’re convinced that sometimes she knows what she’s saying.  Ok, not really – but those babbles are sure starting to sound like real words!  (Her babysitter said last week she was saying ‘tickle, tickle, tickle’ incessantly.)


She absolutely ADORES Kalyb.  He can make her laugh and giggle and coo all the time.  He continues to take his role of big brother VERY seriously.  And everywhere we go people notice this!  They’re really starting to develop a bond and I just love getting to watch them love each other.  So special. 


She’s grabbing EVERYTHING.  But much prefers phones.  She also love crinkling on paper (which has slowed down due to the near choking she had a few weeks ago on the way to drop my mom off at the airport where she recovered a big wad of paper that came from who knows where). 


She’s still not sleeping through the night.  But I have to take some responsibility for that.  She’s still in our room – typically starting out in her pack ‘n’ play but then moving to our bed after her first feeding.  We tried her room one night in attempts to have her cry a little bit to realize she could fall back to sleep – but I became too worried she would wake up Kalyb, so went and got her anyway.  We’ve thought about having her sleep in the basement (it’s finished and I have a video monitor, so no worries!) for a few days to let her figure out that she can put herself back to sleep, but with working throughout the day, I have the guilty working mom complex and still feel like I need to spend anytime with her that I can.  I’ll get sick of it soon enough, I’m sure!  Until then, here we are!  Plus, we kind of like having her there with us now that she’s more social.  She’s getting really cuddly and lovey and it’s precious.  Ok, she also takes up a lot of space since she is LONG and chooses to sleep horizontally.  Little stinker!


She’s in size 4 diapers now, though she practically swims in them.  She still can fit in 3’s, but 4’s just seem roomier.  Don’t want her getting any muffin top complex anytime soon!  She stayed in her 0-3 month clothes throughout the entire summer, switched to 3-6 month stuff in the past few months and due to the cold weather requiring LENGTH (which she has a lot of), we’re needing to move more to the 9/12 month clothes.  I knew she’d blow through a size at some point, and 6-9 seems to be it.  She still would fit it if it were okay for her to be wearing capris.  However, 30 degrees requires a little bit more coverage! 


She continues to get comments everywhere we go on her red hair.  LOVE IT!  She’s starting to play with her hair and ear more as she gets tired; so cute!  She’s ROLLING everywhere and just these past two weeks has started consistently lifting herself up on her arms and rocking her back legs.  Crawling probably isn’t too far away.  Maybe she’ll put a show on for people next weekend in Phoenix!  We’re heading there for Charlie’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!


She’s becoming a much more chill baby – as long as there is a lot going on.  She LOVES her Johnny Jump-up.  She LOVES being held – not necessarily cuddled, but in someone’s arms.  She continues to be very aware of her environment and extremely responsive.  She LOVES our cat Shadow, who also loves her.  She is NOT a fan of baby food and after many failed attempts, I decided to stop trying for now.  However, she’s getting increasingly interested in our food.  So, I now bring green beans, carrots, etc. with us so that when we eat, she can have some food in front of her and she seems to be enjoying that (also corn, french fries, and baby cheerio snack things).  I think it’s more of a texture thing with the baby food.  Who knows!  She’s clearly not struggling weight wise though!  She’s becoming more and more ticklish – particularly her neck and armpits.  The only time she really gets fussy is at night and even that is hit or miss.  She goes to bed between 8-9 each night. 


I think that about sums it up!  She is so fun to get to know!  I LOVE watching her personaility develop!  She’s such an incredible blessing to our family that we do not take for granted!