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In My 12th Week…




Please forgive this HUGE picture of me – I can’t figure out how to make it smaller and it’s getting late and I’m tired…

Week 11:

Likes: food again!, cheese, berries

Dislikes: burping, hiccups

Weight: +1 pound

Waist: +0.5


I suppose it’s inevitable that a baby bump will indeed start to show at some point.  And that point is quickly approaching!  Clothes still fit fine – but the pooch is forming!  It’s pretty surreal to keep up with the pregnancy apps on how quickly the baby develops.

I’m only 1.5 weeks away from being finished with the first trimester.  Pretty crazy to already be 1/3 of the way there, but it really worked out perfectly with me getting to spend the summer at home (I use the term ‘at home’ loosely) not working too much.  It’s been nice!  Crazy that next Monday (a little over a week from now) I’ll be back at work!  WHEW!

This week was good – Deja was in town from Los Angeles to hang out for a week as a little celebration of her high school graduation.  We stayed busy around here!  (Details to follow…)  She was a great help and I ALWAYS enjoy having her around.  Nausea is almost gone – food is beginning to sound appetizing yet again.  Although still in limited amounts.  No weird cravings.  

On Wednesday, we got to go to the doctor to hear the heart beat – it was me, Kalyb, Deja, and Alisha in there as the doctor searched around for the little beat.  It’s still just absolutely miraculous that God creates babies this way.  Blows my mind!  The heart was beating away and I sent the audio recording to some family and friends and, of course, the Hubs got to hear via audio message since he was working camp this week (LAST WEEK!).  It was actually my first time meeting the actual doctor – I’ve only met with the nurse practitioner and REALLY like her so was very relieved when I also REALLY liked my doctor who will be delivering the baby.  He’s on board with our birthing plan and very passionate and excited about what he does – even after thirty years!

We’re hoping to find out the gender in September.  People who know us know that we are both really wanting a girl while Kalyb desperately wants a little brother.  So either way, someone around here is going to be very happy!  We’re just blessed that God has entrusted us to be parents to another little baby.  Life will be changing quite a bit over the next six months!!  I’m thinking next summer will look MUCH different than this summer!  

No appointments for another month and Kalyb and I are off to Detroit for a family visit tomorrow.  Josiah will stay home to recuperate from this crazy summer of YFN.  🙂  Then, back to work I’ll go with Kalyb heading to school two weeks after that and Josiah the week after that.  Quite a summer it has been!



In My 11th Week…


Week 10:

likes: cherries
dislikes: food, strong smells
weight: +0
waist: +0

I didn’t feel much different han last week and there’s no fun appointments to report on this week! I’m enjoying being pregnant for the most part. Friends assure me that by the middle of the 2nd trimester, I’ll be able to eat normal again. It’s getting rather expensive trying to find food that I can actually bear to eat! Thankfully, Josiah’s been working a camp where they feed him lunch and dinner so we’ve had a little more freedom in our food budget to accommodate this growing baby. Yogurt & granola and tons of cherries have been consumed this week. I know, mom, I’ve been eating protein too, don’t worry. I haven’t been too sleepy either – which is a good thing considering it’s been a very full week between CDL training (they’re making me drive a school bus for coaching! DANGER! DANGER!), make-up testing, training, and lesson planning. Whew!

I feel unmotivated to do things like clean and cook – but I think I have to blame that on the heat and the summer in general, not on the baby. Although Kalyb & I are quite amusing ourselves blaming everything on the baby. I am much burpier than usual – and now Kalyb is blaming all of his gas on the baby as well. Poor baby!

Josiah’s been working 7:30am-12:00am on the weekdays most of the summer. I can feel his hand ‘on’ the baby when he gets in bed and can hear him murmur some prayers. He’s so excited! We’re all so excited! Apparently, little baby is already the size of a lime which is crazy because he/she was JUST the size of a blueberry! Kalyb refers to the baby as his ‘mini m&m’ – very cute!

That’s about it for now. I’m ten weeks and three days pregnant as I type (so in my 11th week). But, who’s counting? It’s crazy that we’re already 25% of the way done with this part of the journey!

Pregnancy Journey: Week 10


I’m going to copy my friend, Jo Luehmann, who has been tracking her pregnancy (now in week 36, I believe).  I got the go ahead and here we are!  I’m in my tenth week of pregnancy which means I’m technically over nine weeks pregnant (similar to someone who just celebrated a birthday – they just turned ’30’ but they are entering their 31st year of life). 


Week 9

Weight 0 Pounds
Waist 0 Inches
Cravings: nothing
Dislikes: everything
Even though I think I’ve already gained about 2 pounds, I’m going to enter my starting weight at ‘0’ because we all know I weigh WAY more than that, and I don’t want to frighten you too much with the actual number 😉  Similar to my waist – although, I am still fitting in all of my jeans without a problem whatsoever, I do feel that you can see a little pooch already which is a little disheartening.  I feel like one should get pregnant and immediately enter into the ‘cute’ pregnancy phase – past the phase where you just feel fat and before the phase where you feel gigantic.  Anyways, not the case.
This week was good – we got to see the first ultrasound.  Baby was moving all over the place and the head is large, as to be expected.  I was relieved to hear that, at this point, the head should take up 1/2 of the body.  Phew.  Although, I’m certain we’ll still have a child with a large head if genetics have anything to do with this 😉
My only complaint is that nothing EVER sounds good to eat.  EVER.  I know I need to eat, so I do.  But, ugh!  This is a problem and slightly frustrating for one who LOVES to eat.  Ice cream is usually always a ‘go’.  And I have had a few lunches or dinners that constituted just of ice cream.  Don’t judge me.  I always thought I’d be a healthy pregnant lady.  Not the case.  I haven’t been sick – praise the Lord – but I feel a little nauseated most of the time.  Also frustrating for someone who rarely feels under the weather. 
I haven’t been too tired – although it is summer, so naps are bound to happen.  I love that the first trimester is while I’m off of work!  Just fabulous!  Josiah and Kalyb have been a really big help and we were all thrilled to see Baby D on the monitor.  In a few weeks, we’ll actually hear the heartbeat when we go back to the doctor. 
I typically have a hard time viewing these and determining what is what – but, I think all that goes without saying.  Clearly a little gummy bear baby forming in there!  SO SURREAL!!
Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,          The fruit of the womb is a reward.