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30 for 30



With it being my 30th birthday and all, I thought I should post a list of 30 random things on my mind/about me/etc.  I started one BEFORE I actually turned 30, but somehow between my actual birthday, over 1500 miles and spring break travels it has disappeared…so here we go.  I have 8 minutes left of my lunch break and intend on this being completed by then.  So this could become incredibly random and… well, a little desperate. 

  1. The main reason I want to complete this is to mark it off of my list.  I love lists.  Anybody who knows me knows I love lists.  Friends in high school thought it’d be funny to steal my lists.  It wasn’t.
  2. Speaking of love, I also love data and numbers.  Rumor has it I was compiling data at my 5th birthday party regarding who won what games.
  3. Speaking of games, I also LOVE Boggle.  There is also an app called ‘Scramble with friends’ which simulates Boggle.  Not quite as good as the real thing.  But good.
  4. In the past seven years or so, there have been 9 new boys added to my family.  ALL of them are boys.  Every single one of them!  Gavin, Dizel, Xander, Chase, Drake, Bryce, Xavier, Felix and Kalyb.  Count ‘em.
  5. There are several more babies that are going to be added to my family within the next year – the word’s not out on the sex of any of them.  But we’re hoping for a girl addition for our family at some point.
  6. No, I’m not pregnant.  We would like to be at some point this year, but we’ll see what the Lord’s plan is.  I like my plan, but as it turns out, His plans always beat mine anyways.  Exceedingly abundantly.
  7. I love Tetris.  Had to quit playing it cold turkey a few years ago as it was dominating every thought.  I couldn’t even have a conversation without picturing tetris pieces falling in front of whoever I was speaking with.
  8. I love reading.  My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.  I know, total cheese.  A good, clean escape.
  9. During the other night at counseling (Kalyb has had so much transition in his life, we’re trying to give him some outlets), I overheard Kalyb’s transition.  Counselor was talking about school and Kalyb chimed in, ‘I’ve been waiting for the tooth fairy for SO long.  But Karolyn makes me brush my teeth EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  My teeth are never going to fall out.’  HA!  I about fell out of my chair laughing.
  10. Kalyb is probably the funniest kid I’ve met in my life.  And the thing I like most about not being biologically related to him (he’s my step-son, for those of you wondering) is that I can brag about him unabashedly and not be one of those moms.  So I’ll continue to brag.  And no guarantees I won’t become one of those moms anyways.
  11. Apparently 30 is quite a list.  I’ve struggled through 10, but I’m committed to 30.  I’ll like to look back on this one day.  And, yes, my lunch period has come and gone. I’m extremely competitive.  It’s actually been pretty embarrassing the past two Thanksgivings.  We’ve spent them with my husband’s family and they weren’t full aware of my competitive nature.  They are now.  End of story.
  12. My main goal in my blog is so that I don’t forget things.  It’s primary purpose is to serve me.  And, I’ve consulted it often when wondering what I’ve done at certain times.  Hopefully you’re amused in the process, but if not, that is a-ok.
  13. This was the first year in about ten years that I didn’t write a Christmas letter.  So, if you didn’t get one, that’s why!   I can’t believe it.  It was on my list for months, but when I tried to write it, it just wasn’t flowing.   So I finally forgave myself and just let it go.
  14. I love the randomness in which I met my husband.  What a fun story to pass down generations to come.  I can’t believe that the Lord would work it out for me to have this kind of story to share.
  15. I believe the Lord has given me quite the stories to share – I just need to figure out the when, where, and the who to share them with.  I’ll just be obedient and see where He takes me!
  16. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I like to do our budget.  I calms me.  Usually.  This month I miscalculated some things, so it actually stresses me out a little bit more.  But, I have seen our God provide in miraculous ways and we stand amazed…
  17. Since committing to our GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) journey, we’ve been able to get out of about $34,000 of debt.  When looking at our finances from last year, this is nearly impossible.  We serve a Big God.
  18. No, we don’t have any private jets, homes, or investments to speak of.  We were both unfaithful with our money and now we’re paying the price.  And now I’m passionate about living lives DEBT-FREE!
  19. I wish I lived in a non-stop musical.  Life would be so fun if we just went around singing to each other through excitement, sadness, anger, etc.  I’m pretty sure  my students think I’m crazy.  I do spontaneously burst out in song.  Regularly.
  20. I’ve had a student write an essay on how weird I am.  I chose to take that as a compliment.
  21. I’ve had a book in which the author gave thanks to me (and others…but still).  That was pretty special.  A poem in there was even entitled, ‘how I see Karolyn’.
  22. My coach wrote an inspiring book on losing her Mom and even included me in some of her chapters on loss.
  23. My best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident almost 8 years ago.  I’d like to think that her life and unfortunate death have changed me for the better.  The Lord did quite the work in her life too.  Ask me sometime.  Or I’ll share it with you on her anniversary.
  24. Because of this loss, I am pretty uncommitted to ‘things’.  This can be a little frustrating if you’re my husband and trying to keep things nice and neat and my response is, it’s just a thing.  He’s getting used to it.
  25. I have an amazing husband.  Sometimes I focus on the negative and that gets us to a bad spot.  The reality is there is SO MUCH positive to speak of.  Last week, he came home from his lunch break to give me a neck massage.  He asks how he can help, he ALWAYS takes out the garbage WITHOUT being asked, he doesn’t mind my lists, he’s affirming, loving, growing, strong, etc.  I have a man who fears the Lord and I am BLESSED.
  26. In the last few months, we’ve gotten involved with a home group at church and it has been absolutely amazing.  Most of you know that I usually have quite a few friends in my life, and that has not been the case since moving to Texas.  Now, we’re creating some awesome friendships with some awesome people who love an awesome Jesus!
  27. I LOVE my job.  I can’t think of a morning that I’ve dreaded coming to work.  My kids are amazing and respectful and sweet.  They work hard (for the most part) and inspire me.
  28. I think the ideal way to live is with someone mentoring you and you mentoring someone.  I have neither right now, but I remember a summer I had both and it was a sweet, sweet place. 
  29. I cry at 98% of the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  Most of the time Josiah can’t figure out why I’d even be crying, but whew, that show gets me to the core.  I fondly remember times with Jojo and Homeless in Casa Schneple.
  30. I’ve lived a pretty amazing life.  I’m humbled with all the Lord has done in and through me and am excited to see the next 30 years ahead of me.  May it be marked by grace, compassion, love, humility, gentleness, kindness, and joy.  May I be captivated by my Creator!