1. Get married to a Godly man (preferably taller than me, dark complexion, nice smile, confident leader, outgoing, sense of humor, compassionate, understanding, romantic, athletic, love of children, financially responsible…this list also goes on and on… 😉 )  on 08/09/10
  2. Be a Godly wife, mother, sister, and friend…ONGOING
  3. Have healthy, happy children (at least 3)….1 down, 1 on the way as of 7/8/12
  4. Have my friends and family be very involved in my children’s lives…ONGOING
  5. Have frequent dinner parties with friends
  6. Keep God first and family and friends second…ongoing
  7. Write a book of poetry…needs to be compiled
  8. Be a Christian educator
  9. Learn more about the Bible (stories, history, people, etc.) in Bible College now
  10. Write a ‘What is Love’ book (by asking random people everywhere what their definition of love is)
  13. Share my testimony often
  14. Write an autobiography IN PROCESS
  15. Collect a journal of random people (by continuing to get random people to write in this journal that I have started)
  16. Lead a Bible Study group Small Group leaders at The Oaks
  17. Work alongside my husband in teen and/or inner-city ministry HPC 2010-2011 and ONGOING
  18. Witness someone I know and love come to Christ
  19. Watch my family (mom, dad, sister) come to Christ
  20. Be an administrator
  21. Get my master’s in something Master’s of Special Education
  22. Become a licensed massage therapist (always learn more) SHOULD BE BY SUMMER 2007
  23. Go on another road trip with friends
  24. Set aside a week/long weekend a year to get together with close friends
  25. Save for my retirement so I can retire by 65…in process
  26. Volunteer work consistently
  27. Get a credit card that earns points towards something GOT A CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION CREDIT CARD IN SEPT. 06
  28. Get to my goal weight and maintain it Achieved in 2012 – now pregnant
  29. Be consistent in my workouts HAS BEEN SINCE NEW YEAR’S!
  30. Become a healthy eater WORKING ON IT…
  31. Learn to sing
  32. Learn to dance…thanks to Rock Band, it’s coming along!
  33. Learn to golf
  34. Learn to skateboard
  35. Learn to play an instrument
  36. Take interesting class at community college (such as photography, dancing, etc.) TOOK PILATES IN FALL 2006
  37. Go to some sort of seminary or Bible training institute Starting Jan. ’08
  38. Own my own business
  39. Be a secretary
  40. Read through the entire Bible in a year
  41. Read at least 10 books a year for pleasure ongoing
  42. Read books based on my interests (i.e. urban education, Christian leadership, etc.)
  43. Have what I do and what I say be aligned
  44. Meet a new person everyday
  45. Journal consistently HAS BEEN SINCE SEPT. 06
  46. Find and maintain a balance
  47. Be consistent with my Quiet Times
  48. Desire to follow after the Lord; be sensitive to His prompting
  49. Move often about every 3 years 🙂
  50. Keep in touch with friends
  51. Have a “friends bouquet” at my wedding (choosing 10-15 friends to pick a flower that best represents our relationship and come up one by one at my wedding to create my bouquet)
  52. Have both of my parents walk me down the aisle
  53. Visit family often
  54. Listen to more music, learn more musicians
  55. Learn more about cars
  56. Live in the inner city Oak Cliff 2011-????
  57. Be in a ministry serving the inner city JOINED “NEW SALVATION MINISTRIES” IN JULY 2006
  58. Let my friends know that they are always high on my priority list
  59. Be stress-free
  60. Get out of credit card debt8/08 and again 4/2012 – one last debt remaining
  61. Serve and be more involved in my church
  62. Ask a lot of questions
  63. Meet with my pastor met in August 07
  64. Have deep, meaningful conversations
  65. Give verbal affirmations often
  66. Invest wisely
  67. Build and design my own home
  68. Learn to do water sports and activities (i.e. wakeboarding, surfboarding, jet ski, etc.)
  69. Live without fear
  70. Try something new and exciting every year
  71. Run a marathon did two half marathons
  72. Train for a triathlon would like to train for a half Iron Man
  73. Get involved with MS and breast cancer awareness
  74. Be a godparent to someone’s baby
  75. Have a child without painkillers
  76. Go to Peru with Carolina COMPLETED DEC. 26, 2006-JAN. 5, 2007!
  77. Use and practice my Spanish frequently
  78. Be confident with who I am
  79. Play basketball with my children and grandchildren
  80. Find a balance between being open-minded and too permissive (with teaching, friendships, etc.)
  81. Teach general education English in a functional school NEXT YEAR?
  82. Go back to the inner-city after what I learned in the functional school
  83. Be involved in whatever school I work at
  84. Teach summer school THIS SUMMER 07
  85. Live a very simple and basic life; being in “The Simple Living Network”
  86. Be involved in an overcoming homosexuality ministry
  87. Listen to Joyce Meyer speak
  88. Go to a women’s retreat THIS MAY
  89. Invent something
  90. Play golf with my dad
  91. Go on a hiking trip with my mom
  92. Go on a vacation with just my sister
  93. Do yoga and Pilates
  94. Become flexible
  95. Get up early (almost) everyday WORKING ON IT CURRENTLY!
  96. Get a mentor; be a mentor Hershe Group, Rosalyn
  97. Own a BMW (probably doesn’t go with that #85 idea) NOW CHANGED TO AN INFINITI G35
  98. Go on an annual family vacation with my husband and kids

99. Laugh A LOT always
100. Paint or create something beautiful to have in my home
101. Scrapbook my pictures and memories CURRENTLY WORKING ON IT

*Subject to frequent updates, change, and revision


4 responses »

  1. 33 & 34 – Happy to help, cuz.
    53 – Visit Ventura!!!!!
    62 – Why ask Y?
    77 – Becky’s all over that for ya~!
    90 – You can play golf with your cuz, as well.
    91 – We’re ready for a some hiking out in the Channel Islands with you!
    99 – I can help you out on this one.

    Thanks for a great bowling adventure at Lucky Strike. Glad to be #8 (numero ocho) for the night.

  2. Think you are a prettyy Godly daughter, although not one of goals.
    Lots of others are accomplished. 99 -often waiting to hear 8; once did 35; You do 31 and 32 causing more 99; 38- have I talked to you about Market America – good to accomplish other goals. 62 you have not stopped since you could talk.(good thing) 70 why would you slow down? got lots more photos, for scrap book

    LOVE YOU. let me know Drew’s address, email, phone.

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